The Grand Jury Report stated clearly the salient and pertinent points and at the hearing on October 27, 2011 in Room 263 - and could not go into the details and explain clearly the fifty page report. However, given the circumstance and the many agenda items at the meeting - the Grand Jury did a very good job.

The Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA), the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA), some other lackeys of that do not like to tell the truth were there to rile, lie, and cause confusion of thought and mind. In the end the majority heard the truth from the grassroots advocates that did a good job.

The MTA screwed up on its First Phase linked to the Third Street Light Rail and future Central Subway project. The Third Street Light Rail project started at 4th and King and ends in the middle of nowhere in Visitation Valley. Over $700 million were spent and years after the opening of the Third Street Light Rail in 2007 - we who use it have problems linked to scheduling, safety, dirty platforms, assaults, graffiti and a host of other ongoing - problems.

When the Third Street Light Rail was opened amidst a lot of fun fare Nancy Pelosi, Willie L. Brown Jr., Sophie Maxwell, Nathaniel Ford the former MTA Director, a host of Poverty Pimp Pastors, and many local sell outs all decked out under the large white tent - praised the project and promised us the Public Transit Riders the world - what really happened and happens - it that daily we all get, shafted. Over $150,000 was spent for T Light Rail extravaganza.

When the Third Street Light Rail opened for service in 2007 - it was not unusual to wait for one hour and forty five minutes. Today, every 25 minutes is the norm and occasionally half an hour. On occasion one hour.

The old MUNI bus line ran every ten minutes without fail - from City College to Pier 39 at Fisherman Wharf. You took one bus and you got to your destination on time. Not so with the Third Street Light Rail. You have to get down and take another bus - if you want to go to Fisherman Wharf or nearby to California Street.

If the Third Street Light Rail stops for some reason and cannot proceed the riders have to figure out what to do. I have seen this pandemonium reign again and again. Chinese riders sit down and do not know what to do - there is no one to help them. So now; the Chinese speaking riders take the 8X, 9L, 9, 8BX they like it because at least on these buses the announcement made are in Chinese. And if something happens since ninety percent of the riders are Chinese they feel at home - there is no pandemonium.

The First Phase of this supposedly well planned debacle named the Central Subway is full of loopholes. The project started with a projected figure of $900 million and now has risen to $1.6 billion. The MTA and the SFCTA have made a fool of themselves. The put all their faith in the present Democratic Party and Poke Barrel money - now, they are sitting on a time bomb and the Republican are going to can the "idiots" - typical when the process is driven by Political Mules and the community and more astute grassroots advocates are shunned.

Those SF Board of Supervisors (SF BOS) who are for the Central Subway are in it because of Big Developers who have promised to fill in their campaign coffers. Carmen Chu, David Chu, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim - others who are misinformed and usually jump on the bandwagon when their ass and palms are greased. These are the same so called Representatives that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Corrupt politicians that do not have the respect of the astute and educated constituents that pay their taxes and also pay the salaries of these SF BOS, scumbags - that should be representing but end up pandering - shafting anyone they get in the bargain and more the constituents they must represent.

In recent months we have had several Grand Jury adjudications on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Park Merced, the Ethics Commission, now the Central Subway and there have been more. The SF Board of Supervisors seems to be nonchalant, glued and continues their corrupt ways. Again and again; the SF Board of Supervisors does a disservice to the constituents of San Francisco.

The first two agenda items at the meeting took so long that I left.

Here are some photographs from the SF Government and Oversight Committee:


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