We must not forget the era of the DEPRESSION and what happen to millions of innocent people who live in shacks, and under very hostile conditions. They say history repeats itself and that time is now for those that are poor, live pay check to pay check, and have some ability to put a STOP to the blatant discrimination and GREED of the filthy rich.

If you truly look at the world today, we are going back to the days of feudalism and we see this in Ireland, in Portugal, in Spain, France, soon to be Italy and without any notice Germany. In the meantime Greece stares us in the face and their country has gone down the drain and into the cesspool of Greece's own creation of lack of fiduciary responsibilities.

We cannot blame Greece totally, the big banks Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, the other European banks and all over the places like vultures prey on those that cannot afford and intimidating the decent, hard working citizen of Greece.

For decades we built good homes and raised our standard of living but all that in going down quickly. Millions of homes in foreclosures all over this Nation and closer to home in areas like Tracy, Stockton, and Sacramento thousands of homes in foreclosure and what is more boarded up for over three and four years.

Now, we see this closer in our backyard, hundreds of homes in the Bayview Hunters Point and soon thousands and then reality will hit those that are asleep in San Francisco. In the rest of San Francisco over sixty percent rent but in the Bayview Hunters Point over sixty percent are home owners. Mostly minority and these homes are now in foreclosure and people are in fear and many have fled - fearful of what will happen to them and the shame they think they have brought to their family.

The John Steward oblivious and blind to the plight of the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood is build a Gated Community; some nine hundred units mostly to accommodate those that can afford $700,000 and $800,000 units and calls them affordable. Such are the ploys and machinations of the filthy rich and devious.

In the interim $10 million dollar condominiums are planned opposite the Ferry Build and by the tennis courts, close to the Golden Gate Apartments. Filthy Rich developers that once build the Embarcadero High Rise Buildings are plotting to defy the San Francisco Planning Standards, the wisdom of the people of San Francisco, Proposition M of yester years; and using their clout to build condominiums - on the high end costing $10 million per condominium and the low end $2.5 million. We know that in such dire times those that can dabble with such amounts are the filthy rich who live devoid of any sympathy for the poor and those that need help to survive and cannot put bread and butter on the table.

Once these same culprits wanted to destroy the San Bruno Mountains and fill the Bay by Highway 101 and closer to Executive Park, by the State Park near Candlestick Stadium. The people of San Francisco said NO and this sordid development and its even egregious plan were shut down forever.

Occupy San Francisco is a symbol of what is happening today and points to the time when Hooverville, the Civil Rights Movement, the camping by the United Nations Plaza by the AIDS Movement from 1985 to 1995 in San Francisco, other Movements including our Stop Lennar Action Movement in recent times ˆ defied that Filthy Rich and silenced the forces of evil.

Occupy San Francisco is one of the better Occupy Movements and this is mainly because those that love San Francisco have worked hard behind the scenes not for fame and to be know but to support and work with the Mayor of San Francisco, first Interim and now Mayor Ed Lee, the Chief of Police Gregory Suhr, the San Francisco Health Department Barbara Garcia, and others Mohammed Nuru and decent leaders too many to mention.

We must create rules of engagement as only we in San Francisco can and not permit VIOLENCE to rule the day; but rather seek in our hearts and reach out to the majority and take our policy making, our actions, and our steadfast commitment to a better place; so far we have made some progress but we can do better.

The right way of doing things will never, ever come from the filthy rich, the Big Developers, the consultants, former corrupt politicians, the Pacific Heights Mafia; I can assure you of this - they all challenged me before and lost on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The so called representatives are all in the One Percent Camp they are their spouses Rich Blum and his wife Diane Feinstein, Paul Pelosi and his wife Nancy Pelosi, the Getty's, the Fishers, the Shorenstein's, the Fongs, Willie L. Brown Jr., and his minions who are now ready to raise money at $500 a plate if not $1000 plate to carry out their GREED. We are monitoring all the activities and the plotting to build sky scrapers in Innez Street by the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. Strange bed fellow corrupt to the core and they could be Irish.

God has been good to San Francisco and I know this. All this land you see belongs to the Ohlone. The Big Developers know this; the City and County of San Francisco knows this; yet only Road, one monument, one significant site has been named after the Ohlone in San Francisco more the Muwekma Ohlone. Why?

Thieves never want to admit any guilt. Not when all the land that was pristine was stolen. Ask those so called owners - if they have the papers and they point to; stolen properties and maps that were forged and endorsed by even bigger thieves. Thieves are greedy and the signs of the times point to this disease that will bring this Nation down and with the diseases; those that foster greed will suffer the most. We pray there may be no revolution, no riots that cannot be controlled, no bloodshed and more but that time in at our door.

The Chinese in San Francisco were once detested; plans were made to burn down China Town; history has recorded this. For years no one gave any credence to the building of the Railway in California by the Chinese, the shrimp industry, the many laundry facilities, the many restaurants, and so on. The Chinese were detested. Others mainly minorities stood by the Chinese and the stories are many and personal.

Today, we must stand by the poor and those that were cheated by sub-prime loans, derivatives, lies and promises that have created a great divide. The One Percent controls it all and wants more. Today they lie, using the Main Media and evil people such as the Koch Brothers and their minions in the Bay Area to spread even more lies and tarnish the name of those that have taken a stand for what is right.

My fight for the poor and right has been a long one and a good one. Over the years those that now hold important positions know exactly where I come from and the zero tolerance I have for corruption. I have seen it all and have seen before my eyes; how blood money can buy influence and tarnish that which is good and wholesome.

Most of the San Francisco Supervisors are corrupt and those leading this pool of sordidness; Carmen Chu and Malia Cohen, spineless and they think we know it not. There are a few that want the lime light and think we the people have not notice the behaviors more like the chameleon - changing colors and camouflaging to avoid being detected.

Mayor Ed Lee must make up his mind and be a good leader shunning the advice of the corrupt those that put him in up to do their bidding. We know what is happening, the fund raising, the behind the door meetings, the many fiscal transactions many dubious in nature, and what we see, we do not like.

I did not hear that Mayor Ed Lee would embrace a plan and policies detrimental to the people of San Francisco. I met him soon after he accepted the position of Interim Mayor, and I have met him after that and looked him in the eye and told him the truth.

San Franciscans will not accept any Mayor that panders to the rich and those Big Developers that want it all and do not facilitate the good and spread goodwill. San Francisco is named after San Francis of Assisi who embraced humility. However, let me state very clearly once again just in case someone is fast asleep; this land belongs to the Ohlone all of it; the Ohlone favor the poor and those that are compassionate and kind. The Ohlone do not favor the rich and the corrupt. Aho.

We do not want another - Hooverville.

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