All over the world youth, young adults, women and men are doubting about our ordinary actions; what we say and how we say it and to whom we say.

Without BIG BROTHER listening, recording, and failing to comprehend fully; that WE THE PEOPLE have NOT approved what the dark side is doing behind our backs,.

Without our permission and have forever tarnishing our Constitution and the good faith we have put in the United States Government. With intent and without cause spying on our own citizens.

The last four Presidents all living is fully responsible for planting the seeds of deceit; failing to bring about to the fore good faith communications among all Nations.

Provoking people and Nations; and then blaming everyone; accept our sordid actions, using drones and killing innocent people.

Looking with disdain on some Nations like Iraq that we used like a dirty rag and then chose to cast away.

The same with Afghanistan, the same with many others Nations that we used like the Banana Republics and more.

Recently, it was brought to our attention that the United States spent over $500 BILLION on our recent wars.

The recent wars that were not warranted in Iraq; we went looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction and found none. Today, Iraq is worse off and no one pays attention to the harm done to the people and the thousands of United States soldiers adversely impacted.

The many families of our Veterans and their friends who wonder; what is happening to our Nation?

In the Interim we have forgotten the year 2008 and the economic spiraling of our economy. Millions of seniors and others lost their savings, some at high as 80% of their hard earned savings.

No one from our U.S. Government reached out to those that lost there savings. To this day one people are suffering for the simple reason we trusted too many crooks who must NOT be trusted in the banking and large financial institutions.

Our population of about 320 million in the United States of America could have used the $500 Billion we wasted on our wars and no one is taking responsibility for it.

There is too much talk by the Congress and in the Senate; we lack leadership and more ethics, morals, and standards.

Not long ago we shut our Government and wasted $24 Billion. It will take us 10 years to pay this debt; and nobody really cares.

So what is happening to our Government? Who is really aiding our people who pay the taxes, work hard, have values, pray to God but now do not trust our Government?

Our Nation will never be the same.

Congress both Democrats and Republicans have failed all decent Americans.

God fearing Americans and the time have come for a drastic change. Term limits must be initiated and those unfit booted out.

It is the same with our Senate we need term limits. These good for nothing Senators have pissed off the people; all of them from both parties.

Recently they fully realized the harm they have done to the Nation by their stupid actions; the world is laughing at us; Washington DC and the Congress and more the Senate have lost their mind.

Closer to home here in San Francisco, we have two one a Congressperson and the other a Senator and both of them must fade away. Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein one worse than the other both have done more harm than good.

Our youth find it difficult to comprehend what is happening with our adults.

It is becoming much more difficult for our youth and young adult to go to college much less pay for college.

We have some college students who have graduated but they cannot get a job; more a full time job.

Suicides are on the increases and the Government must releases this figure daily; we not weekly. That combined with the Veterans and pay attention more to what is happen at home.

At home we need services given more to those that need services.

A lot could have been been with the BILLIONS spent on the recent wars and the drones. There is more that can be done by helping and communicating; less by spreading disdain and attacking without provocation.

Humans should not live in fear and human should not be intimidated especially those that work hard and have served our Nation.

This is happening all the time; the dark side is secretive and has now been told by our Federal Courts to back off. The is not a surprise to many of us who know better; the devil will always lose and so will the dark side. Karma.

The last three Presidents have with intent planted seeds of discord and recently when Germany told our Nation the United States that spying on Germans has tarnished our relationship.

This one singular blow will take years to amend but no one that practices decency will forget.

Of course those steeped in evil ways and drowning in the cesspool of their own creation; working for the dark side; will never, ever comprehend. Evil begets evil and you do not betray our friends.

No one gave any agency in our Government the "carte blanche" orders to spy on our citizens; but this has been done.

The same with millions of decent citizens from other Nations and God alone knows whom.

We cannot speak freely to our relatives abroad; all because some demonic so-called "experts" think, they know what they are doing. Monitoring our calls. Time will tell.

The world is becoming hostile thanks to the actions of our Government and someone in leadership does not full comprehend that some entities cannot have it their way; without standards, without vetted polices, without transparency and especially without accountability.

The old days of spying are over as soon as I post this article thousands of agents all over the world will pour over it. Some will find that there are some issues that reveal other issues.

Others will deem fit that this article should be black listed; mostly in those countries where dictators do not want their citizens to be given freedom.

Here is the United States in minutes large servers will analyze the data, collect the empirical data, save it as large files and have access to it; perhaps never look at it.

Our Nation the United States of America; We the People are still the most admired country in the world; not because of our eroding United States government; but because of the American People; decent everyday American standing our decent everyday values. Aho.

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