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The San Francisco Transportation Authority working with certain Federal and State Agencies wants to build a brand new bridge by Brisbane behind Candlestick Park over the waterways hooking up heavy polluting traffic to Cargo Way very near 3rd Street.

From Cargo this proposed heavy traffic would cross the proposed moveable inter-modal Illinois Bridge by Amador Street and criss-cross the whole City and County of San Francisco.

The brand new bridge by Candlestick Park will cost over 400 million dollars and the proposed inter-modal Illinois Bridge will cost over 10 million dollars. The powers to be think nothing about the constituents who live near the proposed bridges - with absolutely NO input the SFTA and other State and Federal transportation authorities think it normal they can create avenues of pollution that kill innocent children.

I appeared before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors when the plans of the huge 400 million-dollar bridge were on the table. The Supervisors present did not know too much in detail about the proposed bridge. The Mayor's Office did not appreciate the dictatorial stance taken by the Director of the SFTA. This man talks the talks but does not walk the walk.

I challenge the Director of the SFTA to hold a single Public Meeting at ground zero, which is the Southeast Sector of the City and County of San Francisco - Bayview Hunters Point and Visitation Valley. I challenge this chameleon of a person to look the constituents in the eye and explain to them his devious plans.

The SFTA is an agency that requires detail security. I would say time for the Federal Agents to step in and monitor the fiscal state of affairs. The SFTA is not well represented by a diverse population that is San Francisco. Many of those who earn high salaries do not even live in San Francisco. No wonder they do not give a rat ass when it comes to pollution and the condescending manner they react to the constituents of San Francisco.

Supervisor Sophie Maxwell would do well to remember that the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee has NO jurisdiction over Visitation Valley. No jurisdiction over the Naval Shipyard at Hunters Point. The BVHP Project Area Committee is an old fashioned lethargic body that does not have a Project Document in place. The BVHP has been working with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and has done great injustice to the Bayview Hunters Point Community.

Over the year the BVHP PAC has failed to produce a "blithe report". Thousands of dollars were squandered. Today, the BVHP PAC has jurisdiction over ZIP CODE 94124 and does a very poor job. The BVHP PAC has done little in the past 5 years.

The Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley and Potrero Hill are in need of leadership with VISION. Today, we do not have such leadership. The economic state of affairs in the Southeast Sector is pathetic. Killings galore. No public safety and health. Pollution every where. Riots in our schools. Our Supervisor is not detail orientated and has a long way to go. She is NOT political savvy.

It is criminal that new bridges are being built without any input from the community. Our leaders should represent the community and not the other way around. They should not be on the take.

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