1701 Cesar Chavez.


At 1701 Cesar Chavez there are several piles of toxic dirt containing several known contaminants. A trained eye sees mercury and lead contaminants written all over the place.

There are plans on February 3, 2003 and following that whole week to bury the contaminants - right on the site. There are plans to asphalt about 1, 160 square yards right on Cesar Chavez.

This toxic pile of dirt has been sitting there for years. It has never been covered. The right thing to do is remove the dirt and ship it to a legal toxic dump. This costs money. So, the next best thing that the authorities come up with is burying the toxic soil.

Once buried the toxic soil will prohibit any access to the site. It will be a restricted site forever. In the mean time the toxic soil can seep deep down and contaminate the watershed. It will contaminate the whole area with the superficial asphalt cap as a showpiece.

If this were Pacific Heights or the Marina - there would be a hue and cry. Here in the Bayview Hunters Point a few of us know about it - Espanola Jackson knows about it.

A Public Notice says some 500 cubic yards of contaminated soil will be moved and graded at 1901 Cesar Chavez - in actuality the site is 1701 Cesar Chavez.

The public notice reached most neighbors on Saturday, February 1, 2003. The work on the site begins Monday, February 3, 2003. How about that.

Does the City and County of San Francisco know about this site? Has the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) know about this Workplan? You bet they do.

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