It is a shame that after all these years the Presidio of San Francisco has been infested with some parasites from Colorado who have inflicted untold damage to so many innocent, hard working employees who have been working for the Trust.

Recent reports have put out a number of 62 persons who have been terminated. But the figure is higher. How ever since there is NO TRANSPARENCY no one ever knows how the Trust operates. These corrupt WHITES think they can do as they please. It is a shame that the White House allows these vermin to carry out the destruction of the Presidio of San Francisco at Tax Payers' expense.

This site has been the only site from the inception to call the Managers of the Trust - crooks. Not a very polite way to address anyone but in this case very deserving. The likes of James Meadows, Bruce Anderson, Steve Hood, Terry Carpenter - others, should NOT have been allowed to work at the Presidio at all. No back ground checks were conducted when they were hired. The Presidio is all the more poorer because the Trust Board did not take their jobs seriously.

Nancy Pelosi has had her say from the start and she has done nothing to stop the rape of the Presidio.

Now, she is doing nothing to help the workers who have been laid off and terminated. She should help eradicate those elements in the Trust Management who do not deserve to remain at the Presidio. They should leave at once and without any severance pay and benefits.

It is a slap on the face of all fair minded citizens of the United States when crooks are given a severance pay and on top of that thousands of tax payers money as bonuses. Where is the fair play? Why do we allow crooks to get bonuses? A case in point the over $250,000 paid to James Meadows!

There have been some Trust employees all qualified and well educated. Some having many years of experience. One of them Charles Minister. These few employees were selected to be terminated because they spoke up and pointed out some chronic problems that were put in place by inept and corrupt Trust Managers. Most of them from Colorado and Mare Island!

Many Trust employees are looking forward to a Class Action against the Trust. Most of the issues point to unlawful and adverse actions meted out to Trust employees.

We wish the innocent, hard working Trust employees the best. This site will continue to monitor and report all adverse actions and unfair practices against any one - especially those who work at the Presidio of San Francisco.

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