Colorado means red river. At the Presidio of San Francisco, four so-called prominent members who belong to the Trust Board, the Executive Officer of the Trust and his cronies have established themselves and are out to ruin the Presidio. They want to paint the Presidio of San Francisco, RED, Colorado style.

Nancy Pelosi, George Miller, Barbara Boxer and their ardent supporters are today at a loss as to what happened to their dream plan. Daily the rape of the Presidio of San Francisco goes on, under the supervision of racist correctional officers, who operate and manage the employees of the Trust, much like one would at a State Prison.

Again and again the Trust chants the mantra "the Presidio should be self-sufficient by the year 2013". The Trust thinks they can fool all the people all the time. Well, they are in for a very big surprise. Already, a couple of months ago they were audited and reprimanded as to the way the Trust wasted taxpayers money on travel. Recently, again the Trust was warned about wasting money on unnecessary operations. It is just a matter of time before they will be told to cease all operations and have their funding cut off.

At this time certain members of Congress are debating seriously to stop funding all appropriations to the Trust. Again and again reports have reached Washington that the Trust is corrupt and will be detrimental to the Presidio of San Francisco in the long run. Congress has found this out the hard way.

In the past couple of months staff members very close to the Executive Officer of the Trust have left. It would be fair to state that they were fired. Also, that they were totally stressed. Either one obeys the dictatorial commands of the man in charge or out the door you go!

Amongst, the many who no longer work for the Trust are the former Public Relations Officer I knew as Erika, the Executive Officer's personal secretary, and two important staff members who managed the Real Estate office.

Need one say more.

The Bay Area is noted as an area that funds the coffers of the Democratic Party. Most of the contributors to the Democratic Party do not appreciate the Public Relations meted out to them by the Trust. The Trust has the habit of never returning telephone calls. You could be a Senator and never be called back. Now imagine if you are a ordinary citizen!

Under pressure the Trust will meet you and talk to you and never commit themselves to anything practical. Mention a time frame and they say they will get to you or that they will consider the issue at hand. They make you play the waiting game until you give up.

In the Trust back yard there is much decent. Employees are pitted against one another. Immature and inexperienced employees mostly from Colorado are put in charge. Again and again experienced employees are at the mercy of those who supervise them and the supervisors really do not know the issue or project at hand.

A case in point, the Trust has spent thousands of dollars trying to fix some playgrounds. Blue prints are first laid out and the employees told to execute the plan. Again and again the plans are changed at the whims and fancy of inexperienced supervisors hailing from Colorado. Playgrounds that once had operational irrigation systems for years, now do not work with just installed new irrigation systems. To undo the mess will cost thousands of dollars.

It is common knowledge that mandated rules and regulations laid down by the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) are flaunted. So are the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Presidio Fire Department has some Fire Inspectors attached to it who initially supervised some of the operations that came under the jurisdiction of the Trust. Again and again the

Fire Inspectors are at a loss when corrections that were pointed out to the Trust were totally ignored.

There are several working areas which operate under the jurisdiction of the Trust, without fire sprinklers and without ADA ramps. This is against the law.

Also, many of the working areas do not follow OSHA standards. Minimal trained and training is given to employees working for the Trust who should be familiar with OSHA laws and regulations.

Two identical employees doing the same work, and working for the Trust receive two different salaries. If you are from Colorado you will get a higher salary. If you are a person of color, count on getting a lower salary. Those employees close to the Trust are told to reply when asked, that they negotiated their salaries. Others, who receive smaller salaries are reminded that they did not negotiate their salaries.

Employees who have worked for the Army and National Park Service (NPS) are carefully monitored. Here and there many NPS employees do as they are told and are fearful that they make lose their jobs. Many former NPS employees now working for the Trust wish they had stayed with the NPS.

The Colorado Deja Vu is here to stay as long as the Colorado leaders have their way. It is a shame that the gang of four has sold the Presidio of San Francisco to a bunch of inept and corrupt Coloradians.