Bayview Hunters Point has been hit of a myriad of huge projects with NO real benefits in terms of jobs for the community. None of the projects have an Environmental Impact Study that incorporates Quality of Life Issues that have the constituents as Stakeholders.

We have a MUNI Lightrail, which is a $600 million plus project that has offered just 50 jobs or so. We have the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, which has done a lot of sewer pipe replacement as part as of the $1.6 billion dollar bond measure to fix the aging sewer and clean water system. This project has NOT offered the community one single job.

The SFPUC continues to push for 4 Combustible Turbines with flimsy reasons why they should be placed in the Southeast Sector. This attitude from SFPUC should be stopped and the organization evaluated and perhaps it is time they come under the City and County of San Francisco's Water Department.

City Planning has NOT produced a sensible and detailed Environmental Impact Study (EIS) linked to the transit corridors in the Bayview Hunters Point. It has NOT produced an EIR or EIS to address the Housing Element. Crooks who have ties with Developers keep building so-called Affordable Housing Units in the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

The paradox is that these cheap quality units have a lease that the tenant can exercise for some years but they cannot own the units. Also, a Queen Bed does not fit in any of the rooms. Developers have been using crooked pastors to carry out these types of programs adversely impacting the constituents who live in the Bayview Hunters area.

We have powerful agents who are exercising corruption to push various projects affecting the constituents who are exploited while others from far off places come and make huge sums of money.

We have an inept District 10 Supervisor who cannot understand simple infrastructure issues and has worked against the community and looked the other way while MUNI and SFPUC have harmed the community by their projects.

It is time that the Human Rights Commission is investigated and put on notice. The HRC has willfully permitted crooks to get huge projects in the Bayview Hunters Point. Much like it allowed at the San Francisco Airport. Behind these projects Mayor Brown has given his blessing and contractors like Kurt Mitchell are benefiting from the corruption.

We have a Raw Sewage Treatment Plant at Phelps in the Bayview. This Raw Sewage Plant takes more then 80% of the City's raw sewage and all the sewage from Daly City, Colma, Burlingame and Brisbane. It takes all the sewage from Mission Bay. It even takes all the raw sewage from the Presidio of San Francisco, which is a Federal Entity. This is a shame. All the secondary effluents are pumped into the Bay.

It is a shame that under Mayor Brown so much corruption has festered and allowed going on without any concrete investigation and enforcement.

At Hunters Point the Mayor has chosen Lennar BVHP LLC to go ahead with building over 1600 housing units and an African Market. The latest statistics show that the Asians are gaining in strength and that the African American are leaving and forced to leave in huge numbers. Willie Brown who is African American has done next to nothing for his sisters and brothers who are African Americans.

It is time we replace the present District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell who is a huge failure. She has played second fiddle to the crooks and sold out the community.

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