Patricia Martel and Edward Smeloff have once again done the constituents of San Francisco - injustice. On the issue of the 4 Combustible Turbines (CT) with all the past, fake Public Meetings the more informed, educated constituents were very clear - we do not want the 4 CTs anywhere in the Southeast Sector. I hope that message has registered once and for all.

Willie L. Brown Jr. the most corrupt lame duck Mayor is on his way out. It was interesting to hear the Mayor agree with many of his crooked pals that after he leaves office: " I will be occupied defending Pimps and Prostitutes" the Mayor announced on Channel 4 - now there is a " thug Mayor ". This is a disgrace to San Francisco - the City named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

It is this corrupt Mayor who appointed Pat Martel and Edward Smelloff. These two are not from San Francisco and these two do not have the interests of San Franciscans.

Some decision has been made to place the 4 CTs somewhere near the San Francisco airport. Well, I hope the people from the Peninsula fight the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).

As I have said many times the SFPUC has screwed our clean and wastewater projects. Has messed up the Hetch Hetchy project and especially the electrical supply from Hetch Hetchy. Corrupt SFPUC with no experience what so ever have made stupid decisions and wasted millions of dollars - hard earned taxpayers money.

If the SFPUC thinks they can build and control a GRID in the Southeast Sector they are mistaken. In my opinion the SFPUC should be brought under the Water Department - the key officials now running SFPUC brought before the court and sent to jail. Yes, that is what they deserve for lying to the people. Wasting millions of taxpayers money.

Experts all agree for example it will NOT take $1.6 billion to fix the clean and wastewater infrastructure. More like 800 million. Tell me where will the extra money go? The SFPUC spends more then $400 million today on its staff and operations. The SFPUC should be cut in half and phased out over 3 years. The whole operation sans the staff turned over to the Water Department.

Qualified Engineers and Managers should operate the Water Department. Those rednecks that have an affinity to place a noose here there and everywhere should be brought before the courts. Pat Martel has allowed this nonsense and so has the BLACK Willie L. Brown - he forgot too soon the little town in Texas where lynching was as common as the weekend barbecue picnic. Minola.

There is no way the SFPUC can manage any GRID. This ploy is created to bring Pacific Gas and Electricity to the table. PG&E will never ever subject themselves to the stupidity of SFPUC. PG&E have been in the business close to 90 years and they are not about to turn over their expertise to some clowns from SFPUC.

Sophie Maxwell the inept, ignorant, and arrogant Supervisor from District 10 who is a big sell out has been in bed with SFPUC. Sophie thinks she can fool all the people all of the time - on this one she will pay a heavy price. Some constituents are planing on her recall and the sooner they do it the better.

Only well informed, educated, professionals should run the SFPUC. Time to stop the SFPUC Crooks who are at it again.

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