The Presidential Election, 2000 will go down in history as one that made more nonsense than sense. Further reflection, on a serious note it will make each of us fully realize the power of voting. Every single vote counts. What is really important is that every single vote matters!

Some 500 years ago the Iroquois Confederacy was formed. The Iroquois form of government and constitution had a very strong influence on the form of government devised by the framers of the younger United States government and constitution. They were the fore runners of present day Democracy and they have a process that works today!

Most of us understand the importance and the process of the popular vote. As of today the victor is Al Gore. On the other hand many do not fully understand the process and meaning of the Electoral College. It has yet to be determined if George W. Bush has the majority of the Electoral votes.

The Electoral history goes hand in hand with owing land, representing those that the landlords thought only they could represent. On further reflection the Electoral College furthers the interests of the two main parties. The Democrats and the Republicans.

At one time, only those who were male and white could vote. Later white women could vote. As time went by African Americans and Native Americans could vote. Today, most of us take our voting rights for granted. The latest election shows less than fifty per cent of the total population voting. Our present population is about 270 million!

Going back to the Iroquois Confederacy at each council meeting each nation was represented by an agreed number of male representatives. The representatives were chosen by the female clan leaders. The number of representatives did not affect any important decision. Each nation had only one vote and unanimity was the main goal and objective! The Iroquois Confederacy is still active, and the Iroquois Constitution created 500 hundred years ago still works!

The Senecas, the Onondagas, the Mohawks, the Cayugas, the Oneidas, and the Tuscaroras all belong to the Iroquois Confederacy. As I mentioned before all the clans were and are led by women.

It is a paradox that hundreds of years after our founding fathers wrote the Constitution and put in place a process of Election, the very process is being examined today. The Electoral College some say is and should be the main stay of any election. The Constitution is the law. The Electoral College and its process has been challenged over 700 times!

Most of us agree that the popular vote should stand its ground and the victor elected. How ever we also know that the Electoral College has the backing of the Constitution. One wonders if the Founding Fathers did not do this on purpose! Our mischievous Founding Fathers!

The process of voting and the ballots used differ from State to State. Perhaps, we should streamline our ballots. Make it easier for everyone to vote easier especially our Senior Citizens.

I voted Absentee and had to filled out a rather large package of forms. I take my voting rather seriously and was totally amazed at the amount of reading I had to do to fully understand all the issues I was voting on. How time consuming this process was but worth every minute!

Here is San Francisco we used the Eagle Voting System. There was NO punching holes but rather connecting arrows. A better system and full proof if one joins all the arrows correctly. Punching holes is a faulty process! If the holes are not punched clearing a hole the process can reflect a negative result.

The Butterfly Ballot as used in Florida had its holes next to the candidate misaligned. Perhaps, it is time, this time for the butterfly ballot to fly and disappear!

The present debacle will go to court. Only the highest judicial court in the State of Florida will be able to decide the Presidential Election, 2000.

The United States has become the laughing stock of the world. Previously, we sent delegates and representative to monitor the elections of other countries. Today, we are caught in a limbo. Perhaps it is time to bury the Electoral College! Perhaps it is time to find a new process! Perhaps we should settle down and agree that the popular vote indeed makes sense!

The Electoral College gives power to smaller States. The Electoral College can contain problems in smaller states. The Electoral College can play a role today but how are we going to deal with a problem that we dealt with 112 years ago but has created a major problem today!

Americans always like to win and winners are our heroes! Some times there are no winners. It would be nice if both the candidates took turns and led our Nation! If the best from both parities contributed their talents to the Nation. It would be nice to see a resolution to the present debacle!

There is no doubt that cyber space played an important in the 2000 Elections. There is no doubt that the people have and will have their say. People are meeting all over the United States to speak out and rightly so.

The lesson we all should learn is that every vote matters!

I hope the media learns once and for all that it did not do a good job. Time and time again the media projected false results prematurely. May be it is time, that only certified votes should be declared to the public.

As I said this matter will go to court. I hope the final result is accepted. It is important that this great nation have a leader and an administration in place. The business of this Nation has to go on. The people should not suffer. Our economy and other key factors are at stake!