This web site has been at the fore front in exposing adverse actions and "crooks" that have been operating the Presidio of San Francisco. It is imperative that the "Trust Bill" should be revisited and that concrete language be incorporated into the Trust Bill. The new language should address fiscal and operational accountability linked to the Presidio of San Francisco. An important issue that should be put in place is the role of the UNION representing the Trust employees so that the UNION can bargain with management for the good of the majority.

This web site has stated many times that when the Army occupied the Presidio of San Francisco - most everything was in order. An important factor that one could see was the exercise of transparency in day to day activities. There was fair play and there was accountability.

Many are fooling themselves when they presuppose that with James Meadows being fired that all is well. James Meadows is the tip of the iceberg - all those who supported his policies with intent should go. Go to Colorado where crooks can do as they please. Bruce Anderson and his family, Steve Hood and his entourage, other Coloradians should have NO part in the day to day operations of the Presidio of San Francisco.

The Trust work force is NOT happy. Since, the inception of the Trust operating the Presidio the rank and file of the Trust employees and the Union leaders who represent them work in fear. Imagine going to work every single day with fear in one's heart. This is uncalled for.

Right now the Trust has appointed Deputy Directors from the City and County of San Francisco Planning Department, another from the San Francisco Port Authority Real Estate division, others. The Trust plans to carry on the devious blue prints laid by James Meadows. They may soon hire a Director who is all smiles to the public but who will carry on the blue print of James Meadows more meticulously than Meadows did himself. We

are monitoring the situation. The National Park Service had a golden opportunity to lead -but they did not. The NPS was instrumental in spending over 10 million dollars on the Letterman Hospital. Today the Letterman Hospital is being torn down to make way for a corrupt deal with the Lucas Digital Center.

Doyle Drive will soon be torn down and the new Doyle Drive will be brought down to ground level. Caltrans and the Trust with the cooperation of the City and County of San Francisco is trying to pull a fast one and hood wink the public.

The new Doyle Drive will affected directly the archaeological sacred sites of the Muwekma Ohlone. It will affect the residents who live in the Marina. It will in the short term devastate the traffic all over the Presidio of San Francisco. The millions of cars that once enjoyed breezing through the Doyle Drive corridor will all invade the roads of the Presidio on their way to work and home. Time will tell.

The United States Park Police has a role to play. Their operation is safe guarded in the Trust Bill. The U.S. Park Police are assured 3 million dollars plus to operate. No entity has evaluated the U.S. Park Police in a long time. The morale of the U.S. Park Police is deplorable so much so that they have a 60 per cent turn over. Some of the best Police Officers have left and others bid their time. The leadership stinks to high heaven.

Right now the U.S. Park Police is doing a poor job handling the day to day crime activities at the Presidio. Their Communication System is totally faulty - the first system was ripe with deficiencies Motorola took them for a ride. The second supposed to be better system by Viking also stinks. The Officers have to deal with poor Communications and with very poor Management.

May be the time has come to ask - do we need the U.S. Park Police at the Presidio of San Francisco? They have assured their presence by incorporating language in the Trust Bill - the language should be removed and general language incorporated to embrace a wider policing and not necessarily giving the U.S. Park Police monopoly. Right now they are doing a poor job - not so much the Police Officers who belong to the Police Union but the Police ranking Management.

The Presidio of San Francisco is a National Park. The Public should have a better say. It is time to ask for an audit that justifies millions. Right now millions in surplus are floating at the Trust most of it from exorbitant rents. Most of the Presidio housing has been paid for several times over. The Trust is charging rents 300 to 400 percent over and above what the Army charged. The service given to the tenants is deplorable.

San Franciscans who have a link with the Presidio have not been given an opportunity to work at the Presidio. How ever the Trust sees no injustice when it pumps all of its raw sewage all the way to Bayview. It is time the Presidio build its own Sewage Plant and pump the treated secondary effluents into the Pacific Ocean. Also, all the storm water that runs into the same pipes that carry the raw sewage all the way to Bayview.

There are over 600 Buffalo Soldiers at the Presidio resting in the Veterans Administration Cemetery. These Buffalo Soldiers have not been given the respect well deserved - time will tell.

Come April, 2002 the Muwekma Ohlone will be able without any difficulty to sit down and talk to the National Park Service and the Trust as partners. There are important issues that both the Trust and the NPS have ignored. Time will tell.

This web site visited by thousands has provided the required information to make a difference. It has not been easy to a stand and follow through. We fight for the Buffalo Soldiers. We fight for the First People of the Bay Area. We fight for the employees at the Presidio. We fight against injustice. We will monitor the NPS and the Trust.

We have taken a stand and so far we are doing A - OK!