There was a time when James Meadows the Presidio Trust Director was blamed for anything and everything. Right now with his departure things are even worse.

There is a group of CROOKS who will do anything lie, deceive, plot, connive, accept bribes, anything to fulfill the aspirations of some who DO NOT have the interests of the Presidio of San Francisco. Destroy the aspirations and those constituents who would like to have easy access with little or no COMMERCIALIZATION of the Presidio of San Francisco.

The world knows that no where in the genuine 1994 General Management Plan is there place of a large complex like Lucas Digital Center. More so the 1500 parking spaces underground. Lucas would do well to remain at the Sky Walker Ranch. If at all he was interested in building his complex he could have chosen Mission Bay or Hunters Point. That fake illusion maker has no place at the Presidio of San Francisco.

The present Presidio Trust Planning Team is a joke. Members of the Presidio Trust Planning Team declared before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that they had NO PLAN to build any hotels, motels by Crissy Field. The fact is that they do. They LIED.

Even as they plan to build housing by 15th Avenue where now stands the formerUnited States Public Health Hospital - which was incorporated into the Presidio of San Francisco by special legislation. The Trust cannot be Trusted. It should never be trusted.

The Trust has been using the MANTRA that it should be self-sufficient by the year 2013. The Trust has been fleecing thousands of tenants and brings in millions through the Stewart Housing Company. Even as rents have been falling in the City and County of San Francisco - the housing at the Presidio commands high rents. Of late many having been leaving the Presidio they just cannot pay the high rents.

The City and County of San Francisco would be wise to charge the Presidio Trust higher fees for the raw sewage present and future. May be Lucas Digital Center should build a state of art - Sewage Treatment Plant. Pump the sewage he generates to the Sky Walker Ranch.

The City and County of San Francisco would be wise to charge the Presidio Trust for all the drinking water at a premium price - the Trust is loaded and has millions that it has wasted and continues to waste.

The Presidio Trust should pay for MUNI public transportation. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was instrumental is getting the Presidio Trust - on million dollars to beef up their inept Transportation Team. To date we do not have Bus Shelters on the Presidio of San Francisco. We have shuttle buses that mostly ply without any passengers.

The Presidio Trust and the Upper Management of the United Park Police has destroyed the Safety and Protection of all constituents that prevailed when the United Stated Army had jurisdiction over the Presidio of San Francisco. We have too many crimes on the Presidio and what is more the U.S. Park Police is demoralized with over a sixty per cent turn over - due to inept Police Management.

The Presidio of San Francisco was never envisaged to be COMMERCIALIZED. The Presidio Trust has done just that.

Recently the Presidio Trust laid off hundreds of workers. It protected the interest of crooks like James Meadows giving him a $280,000 bonus and signed an agreement, which allows no one to prosecute James Meadows. Crooks like Steve Hood, Terry Carpenter, and soon Bruce Anderson will be let go. Yet, daily hard working Presidio Trust employees have to suffer from discrimination and inept supervisors mostly red necks who have no business working at the Presidio of San Francisco.

The mantra is we have to be self-sufficient. Well, right now there are a number of Trust employees paying little or NO rent. Trust Board Members like Amy Meyer and Mary Murphy live on the Presidio of San Francisco with perks. Other management continues to have orgies with as much as 20 cars parked outside their homes at nights.

You would think the Castro has something to offer - well, some of the Presidio Trust Management - have more to offer. What a shame.

Most of you think James Meadows was bad. Well there is worse and worst! Talking about James Meadows he lives at Fillmore and Sacramento - chills out with some that I know. The man has the balls to stick around and shaft those who shafted him.

The National Park Service is no saint. They screwed things up and wasted millions too. Over 8 million dollars on the Letterman Hospital - which is now torn down. The Crissy Field Project is a joke and they will never be permitted to expand. Today the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service are bitter enemies - dog eat dog!

Doyle Drive will be torn down and from the designs that I have seen most of what one sees above will go underground. Plans are afloat to build tunnels from the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Richardson Street. The Presidio Trust wants to build hotels, motel, may be even brothels - they want to be self-sufficient by 2013! The Presidio Trust wants NO HIGHWAY by their hotels - that entire traffic better be out of sight.

In the meantime there is NOT one single building on the Presidio of San Francisco that is sustainable. None of their windows save energy. The windows have to meet historical guidelines and old windows like the draft! The Presidio Trust talks the talk but does not walk the walk.

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