From the early 1880's to the mid 1970's the Hunter Point Area and the Bayview have had their share of heavy industrial industries. Heavy Industries bring with them a lot of toxins and pollution. Added to the equation all the power plants including the most toxic power plant the Hunters Point plant have adversely impacted the health of thousands of constituents living the in the area.

All the freeways that carry the heaviest vehicular traffic are in the area. As if that was not enough the Raw Sewage Plant sits right in the middle of the residential area - very near the Southeast Community Facility which was built as a mitigation factor to appease the community. This Raw Sewage Plant takes 80% of the City's sewage and all the raw sewage from Daly City, Brisbane, Burlingame and god knows which other area. Over 80 million gallons of secondary effluents are pumped into the Islais Creek - in this age and time such an action is totally uncalled for.

One has just to stand by 3rd Street and watch the vehicular traffic. Especially the diesel trucks. We all know that diesel toxins cause 70% of the cancer and what is more untold harm to infants and children. Just add the toxins from the Server Farms and one has a time bomb waiting to explode.

NO study has been conducted to see how these various toxins combine and adversely impact human beings. In the Southeast sector the toxins and static from the power plants, the stench and pollution from the Raw Sewage Plant, the diesel toxins from the thousands of trucks, the asbestos and other dust pollutants - combine with other toxic factors to make a very poisonous recipe.

The City Planning Department does not want to address the above factors. They say that is not what they are supposed to do. The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency does not want to deal with the reality of the toxic environment.

The Mayor's Office for Economic Development gives its tacit blessing to develop anything within the region without a second thought about the environment.

Any sane person or entity would first study the environment. Study the aging infrastructure. The Raw Sewage Plant is already burdened so what does City Planning, Redevelopment Agency, the Mayor, the Mayor's Economic Development Agency do - they knowingly burden the aging infrastructure - deliberately, contribute to the toxins in the Southeast Area - which is Bayview and Hunters Point.

To make things even more deadly we have the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. In its hey day over 13,000 worked at the Shipyard. It has been over 25 years since it has been shut down. The Naval Shipyard has been declared a site worthy to be put on the Super Fund List. Only the worst toxic sites are put on the Super Fund List.

Today on the Shipyard there are hundreds of hot spots. Hundreds of pockets of deadly methane gas. Building 850 has methane gas trapped below the basement. A time bomb waiting to explode.

All over the Hunters Point Shipyard there are traces of radiation. Most people know that the Shipyard built many ships during World War 11. But few know about the submarines that were serviced at the Naval Shipyard. Much of the radioactive materials used to fuel the submarines were disposed off - here, there, and everywhere on the Shipyard.

Even today there are many buildings so polluted by radiation that they stand as witnesses to the doings when human beings did not think much about "precaution" and caused untold damage to the future.

Thousands of years ago all of the land in the Bay Area and that includes the Hunters Point Area belonged to the Ohlone. The land was stolen and the land polluted. A price was put on the head of the First People. Even in 1945 one could collect $10 dollars for the scalp of an Indian. Shame on those who were so greedy that they paid NO respect to human life.

All the hills around Hunters Point and the Bayview have Shellmounds. Shellmounds are Sacred Burial Grounds. When the First People were here they respected the land and they did not pollute. At that time there were hundreds of acres of wet land, marshland, clean creeks and rivers.

At one time there was a thriving fish industry at Hunters Point. So much Herring that fishing boats came from all over and established a fishing industry. Lots of other fish - the herring is no more and with their demise the demise of so many other species. All in the name of Economic Development.

Even today no one really cares about the Bayview Hill and McClaren Park some of the last vestiges of open space. No one cares about Islais Creek and the little open space that is the last frontier.

The San Francisco Port Authority, the City and County of San Francisco, Mayor Willie Brown, crooks like Cattelus Corporation, Bode, Lone Star, Henson, RMC, and a host of other companies involved with the Concrete and related industry - keep polluting the Southeast Sector without any WatchDog monitoring their actives.

The City Planning Department now wants to penetrate with its STUPIDITY and attack the last frontier. The last vestiges of the Industrial Zones are now under attack - the Planning Department wants to use the land for other uses. businesses once made hay when they were riding the wave - and all in the name of Economic Development. This industry hurt constituents all over the City including the Southeast Sector - today their stupidity has adversely harmed thousands. The dot.comers had the blessings of the City Planning Department - our City Planning Department with Green and Ghosh are a shame and a disgrace to sound planning and Economic Development.

Our Supervisor Sophie Maxwell thinks she is on top of most of the development. What I see very clearly that she plays second fiddle to City Planning and the Redevelopment Agency. The Project Area Committee (PAC) has done nothing to help neither the area nor the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point.

Again and again poor planning has adversely impacted the constituents of the Southeast area - the Bayview Hunters Point. The PAC should have had their development plans in place - they are so lethargic, so unorganized that one needs the patience of "JOB" to sit through their long winding meetings - most of the talk full of hot air.

The two local newspapers the San Francisco Bayview and the Reporter do not tackle Economic Development issues in detail. Most of their articles zero in on sensational news. These two newspapers have yet to do some sound investigative reporting on Economic Development. I challenge the two papers to do an investigative report on the PAC. This body has not helped the community residing in the Bayview Hunters Point. The PAC has not lived up to the expectation of Alex Pitcher, Espanola Jackson and a few other community leaders who are alive and bemoan what is happening with the PAC and the Redevelopment Agency.

It is paramount that we address the aging infrastructure in the Southeast Sector. It is important that the diesel traffic be diverted away from the 3rd Street corridor. It is vital that the proposed Illinois Bridge NOT be built. It is time that Cattelus and other developers be mandated to build the Cross Town Tunnel to take the Raw Sewage to the Pacific Ocean where it can be diffused - better.

It is time that the NAVY, the San Francisco PUC, San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, MUNI, and other developers who have adversely impacted the constituents of the Southeast Sector be fined and that the Mitigation Fines - be used to help the infants, children, and adults who suffer from Asthma and other chronic lung diseases and cancer.

Economic Development in the Bayview Hunters Point should be Fair and Equitable. There are some crooks that are selling their community and they have been in place for too long. I have just touched the tip of the iceberg,

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