Much before the strangers set foot on the Presidio of San Francisco the Ohlone roamed the land freely. This was much before the Russians visited and traded in furs. The Spanish who came with religion but they also brought with them plague and venereal diseases that decimated the Tribes of the land. The Mexicans screwed up and sold California for some little money but left names like Modesto, San Francisco, Santa Cruz - the Presidio of San Francisco.

Frankly speaking George Lucas has NO business at the Presidio of San Francisco building any huge complex like the Letterman Digital Arts Center which given the name is a contradiction in terms.

Thousands of military families and other civilians remember the Letterman Hospital. Too many have very fond memories of the hospital.

As one entered from the Lombard Gate that hospital stood as a symbol for what was good. In a couple of years there will be a complex but for sure it will NOT stand for any good.

Soon the big hole that now sits on the former site of the hospital will be filled and those that perpetuate GREED desire to build a complex to make money. Once again good has been replaced with EVIL. The partners in crime the Presidio Trust and at its head a man called Toby.

The one thousand five hundred parking garage - most of it underground will be filled with toxins from fumes emitting from the vehicles that will be used by the over 2500 employees who wish to work in this den of make belief and fake dreams. Even as the project in the making grows like a snake with multiple heads - much of what remains and is not tainted will be crushed and replaced with evil in the name of progress. The dotcom phase of progress has taken a spiral for the worse but at the Presidio some still think digital progress has a future. Lucas Digital may try to save face but in doing so it will bring disgrace.

This is neither American Graffiti nor some imaginary Star Wars movie. This is about land that should not be polluted. What this project will do is pollute the land, the air, the waters - the environment!

George Lucas learned his major lesson when shooting his film in London in 1976. He knew he was a hard worker but he could not take the orders from those that wanted to control him. He after all was born in a small town of Modesto and has always loved San Francisco. His work in Los Angles in other places kept him down. One can say that perhaps when he planted his seeds at the Skywalker Ranch in Marin County he found some little solace. Now he wants to expand to the Presidio of San Francisco but he will not find solace. He will not find solace because he is GREEDY and does not have the best interest of the land, which is a National Park.

Nowhere in the Presidio's General Management Plan nor Environmental Impact Study is there room for a 1500 underground garage. Nowhere is there room for 2500 employees involved in film making and make belief which comes no where near to the mission objective of the National Park - which is Preservation and Protection of what is there in the Park.

James Meadows has gone after fleecing the taxpayer of millions. Meadows has left a long shadow by signing contracts with the Lucas Company. Lucas has NOT followed the process and has failed to disclose in a timely manner key elements related to its fiscal state, operations, and short and long term commitments. In short this Letterman Digital Arts Center deal does not do the Park any justice.

There are just a few of us diehards who will speak up on matters linked to the Presidio of San Francisco and the constituents who we consider close and having the best interests of the Presidio of San Francisco. We do not include Nancy Pelosi on that list nor that conniving Toby who heads the Trust Board. It was fun watching that weasel Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom, join Lucas with Nancy and Toby at the breaking ground ceremony. One could not have put a worse bunch of crooks on any land to plant a seed full of corruption and evil. As you plant so shall you reap!

In the early 1990s we predicted that the Presidio Trust was created to commercialize the Presidio of San Francisco. When Lucas and his project is complete that prophecy will have come true. From that point the sky will be the limit and what is a Park will become a playground - much like Disney Land.

George Lucas and his companies cater to a select few much like the National Rifle Association caters to its members. To date Lucas has not uttered a word about the Ohlone - he does not know much about real history. Lucas lives in a dream world and provides morphine for those who want it in his fake movies. He does not know his own roots.

The Letterman Digital Arts Center is a bad project that will produce very bad memories. It does not matter if this project cost 300 million dollars or 500 million dollars - it is a seed that is evil in design.

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