This world is a better place today more then it ever was yesterday because of the sharing of information and the caring of one another.

We in the United States proclaim that we are a Superpower but the narrow definition of Superpower does us in the United States no good when one exchanges ideas with people of good faith all over the world.

The consensus worldwide is that the present White House talks too much and has created a division of people and a division of politics. The consequences of this blatant attitude of defiance have come to haunt us all over the world. At home most people do not agree with the White House.

There is no Superpower in the sense that one Power can do as it pleases.

The most important element that defies the notion of Superpower is manpower and if that is used as a measure - the Nation of China rules supreme. If one used a measure such as being neutral then Switzerland can lay back and laugh at all the mistakes we have and are making in Iraq.

The power to strike back to kill and destroy, as a method to get what one wants has been relegated to the back burner by civilization because history tells us - it does not work. War and killing others without just cause has never worked and will never work.

Today one can denote a lesser meaning of Superpower if the Nation concerned has the ability to bring many Nations together to work on world common issues such as sharing intelligence and security. The United States made a big mistake to go it alone in Iraq. The United States defied the French, the Germans, and other European Nations. For decades to come we will lick our wounds.

Again and again we have stated on this web site that we should NOT become the policemen of the world. Our duty following the constitution is to better the lives of every person in our Nation and is like manner spread the love all over the world. If only we could read and follow the words inscribed at the feet of the statue of Liberty.

If this Nation is great and enjoys what it enjoys - it is because of the First People of this Nation. They were here before Columbus set foot. As long as we do not do justice to the First People all over the United States - we will not have done justice and healed the open wounds and the cries that have not been heeded.

I have been to Iraq and I have been to Afghanistan. We chose to go to Afghanistan and had a cause. To date we have not adhered to the Mission Objective in Afghanistan. We chose to desert Afghanistan and go to Iraq. Now we want to spread that hate into Iran. When will this madness stop.

The days of politics of division are over. We have been blessed because we looted the bounty given to us by the First People of this Great Nation. Even our constitution has taken a large portion in good measure from the rulings and organization of the Six Nations. Our Founding Father respected the Six Nations and it is only fair that we respect all of the First People and honor them by giving them the rights that are spelled out in the Federal Register where all tribes are recognized.

In the politics of division we have harmed innocent children and killed innocent men, children, and women all over the world. It is wrong to permit the elderly, the children, and millions here in the United States to suffer from lack of food, health services, education, basic means and waste a billion dollars a week overseas in Iraq. That money should be spent in our own backyard.

It is time we cut our loses and bring back our service men and women home. Let the likes of Halliburton and Cheney manage the state of affairs created by the White House which defied all logic and common sense to attack a Nation like Iraq without provocation. Now, the White House can have the oil and also the wrath of the people of Iraq for years to come.

It is time we shed the politics of division and learn to share and bring people together. It is time to shed our pompousness and learn the strength that humility and common sense brings to the table of peace and harmony.

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