The Earth is but a speck in the universe. However this speck has beings that are intelligent. We humans have evolved over thousands of years and today are posed to seriously consider if we have lived well on our planet Earth.

All over the world, governments are seriously considering waste management, pollution, reforestation, and a host of other important issues to improve the living conditions of humans all over the world.

Earth Day is that one auspicious day set aside to renew and re enforce our commitment to respect Mother Earth, as did the Native Americans, and traditional tribes all over the world. Earth Day should be every day. It is fitting that we not pollute and that we not waste.

Materialism breeds greed and greed fosters waste. Again and again all over the world because of greed forests have disappeared, rivers and lakes are polluted, the atmosphere saturated with toxic smoke, landfills polluted with toxic material, an endless list of toxicity that destroys the ecological balance of our Earth.

We are here on this earth for a limited time and all of us human beings have just one chance to live a full life and make sense of our existence. The least we can do is respect Mother Earth.

It is important that we take care of our Earth and leave it a better place for those that will live on this Earth long after we have left it.

Earth Day, April 24, 1999 was a day of great rejoicing at the Presidio of San Francisco. About 3000 people attended the celebration and most every one went home with a renewed faith to treat Mother Earth with respect.

Shane Eagleton brought out the great whale, the elephant, the tortoise, and a host of other living animals. Those that saw it liked it and many admired the whale and the other animals for hours. What a great artist!

The music was great and the people all enjoyed themselves.

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