We all live on this Earth just once and while we have that pleasure we are duty bound to treat this singular privilege with great RESPECT. All over the world the indigenous people be they in Africa, in the Arctic, Australia, in the Himalayas - respect for the land, water and air is utmost to their very being.

April 22 on every year is set aside as Earth Day. Here in North America we will encourage recycling and cleaning up our rivers and beaches that most of us generously pollute. We are a population that loves wasting - just one trip to any land fill would educate us - tons of plastics and other wood and paper products - some of which could be reused but we prefer to have the best of everything and have it new.

Here in California and in San Francisco we aim to recycle and send as little to the land fill. We aim to set our goals so high that in a couple of years we aim at recycling 75% of all the material we collect. Right now we are just about 50% and this is not good enough.

The philosophy of waste is tied to materialism and GREED. If only we could learn from those who lived and respected MOTHER EARTH for thousands of years - the First People of this land the Native Americans.

Earth Day is celebrated once a year but we should practice the habit of reuse and recycling each and every day of our life. It is right and just to not waste and be mindful of our sojourn on this Earth.

If we use less paper that would save thousands of trees. If we conserve wood products that would allow more trees to breathe and help the environment. We only we could be prudent and not pollute our Bay and rivers with pollutants - the fish and other plants would breathe a sigh of relief. We only we stopped polluting the air with diesel and other toxins many would not suffer from respiratory diseases and cancer. We only we did what was right and just - we would all live a life compatible with Mother Earth. If only.

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