Willie Brown the Mayor of San Francisco is a lame duck mayor on his way out. Willie has let down thousands of African Americans especially those living at Hunters Point in housing under the jurisdiction of the Housing Authority. The residents have been given notices to leave and plans are afloat to bring in Big Developers to destroy what is there and build Market Rate Units for those who are rich. Enjoy the best views of the City.

We have around 18 sites and each site has many public housing units that are slated to be torn down. There is a war going on behind the scene to get rid of poor people and send them anywhere - it really does not matter to the Mayor who once took refuge in San Francisco after leaving a poor town in Texas.

The world will tell you that Willie is about himself and has linked himself with the Lennar Corporation who have a track record of building poor housing on toxic sites all over the Nation. Lennar has a poor track record in Florida, a worse one in New Mexico and the worst one in Sacramento.

Some weeks ago some of us came across a Request for Qualification to build houses at Hunters Point on land that has some of the best views of the City and County of San Francisco. Some of us who read the document and read between the lines fully understood that this idea was planned for years. Developers have been lined up and what is even true deals have been struck with Private Developers and among them Lennar to come in, demolish, and build on City Land which was once given to the City by the Navy.

Prior to that the Navy took the land over by Eminent Domain. When the Navy left promises were made that the housing would be given to the community especially those who worked at Hunters Point for the Navy.

Much before that the land was stolen from the Ohlone the First People of San Francisco. Of course Willie does not know that - he has no idea about the First People. He fails to understand why he came to San Francisco in the first place. He does have a good idea of his mistresses and many of them one even running for City office. The sky is the limit when it comes to corruption and this man who should have never come to San Francisco.

Hunters Point Housing which comes under the San Francisco Housing Authority has a very bad track record. Millions of dollars have been found missing. At one time the Public Housing had a plan to train Housing Managers to run the Public Housing so that those living in the area had a greater say. The Housing Authority never maintained Hunters Point Public Housing.

Over the years the Housing Authority became so corrupt that it blatantly defied all laws and authority, so much so that the Public Housing and most of its tenants were adversely affected. There was a time if one paid money under the table you could reside where you wanted. Many were involved not only in taking bribes but selling gun and drugs. Those in City Hall looked the other way. The paradox is and was, Black on Black violence.

There was a time when one could pay money for Section 8 Housing and get one. Section 8 Housing allows one to get as much as $1800 from the Federal Government for rent. A simple way of looking at this system the tenant gets 80% of the rent paid by the Federal Government.

The system works if there is Accountability and Transparency but if crooks such as those in the Housing Authority with connections in City Hall play a role - the name of our City is tarnished and that is what Mayor Willie Brown and his cronies have done. Under his watch people managing Section 8 have gone to jail. Under his watch the Housing Director has been fired for corruption. Under his watch millions of dollars were denied the Housing Authority and the Housing Authority was Black Listed.

It is amazing after doing some investigative reporting to find out how the City is allowing Lennar to work behind the scene to build housing. Lennar BVHP LLC has been working hard greasing as many palms as possible to build 1600 housing units on Parcel A at Hunters Point.

Most of us know that land is toxic and has not been cleaned up to standards. Besides Lennar has to deal with a old toxic polluting plant which is just a few hundred yards away facing Parcel A.

Lennar is out there to make money with crooks whom the Mayor has at his back and call who once worked at Treasure Island, the SF Port, and now work for Lennar BVHP LLC. An example that comes to mind is Larry Florin. The Mayor has placed Lemon and Blout two of his cronies who worked for the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and placed them at SF Redevelopment Agency to work on the Parcel A development and help Lennar. All this cost millions of dollars. Our Board of Supervisors knows about this kinky plan but does not have the guts to call in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The latest tactic our Mayor is using is Faith Based organizations. The Bayview has about 60 churches. Some of the Ministers have never attended a single day of Theological Schooling. Some of them have mastered the art of stealing money from the poor to build and amass wealth for themselves.

Willie is trying to apply a divide and rule method using the Faith Based Organization to play a vital role and be part of a devious plan to build housing all over the Bayview and that included Hunters Point where now we have Public Housing. Willie is working hard behind the scene to get Lennar come up with the funding to create all sorts of phony deals to make money on the backs of the poor and those who need of help.

High powered lawyers, developers, and crooked Minister working from PHONY churches have all been lined up. The devil is at play all in the name of fake goodness, greed, and money that the fake ministers hope will make them rich. As far as I know Jesus never ever came to work with corrupt developers who will do anything for a fast buck.

Come January 8 a lot of us will be happy. Good riddance of very bad rubbish. A man called Willie has single handily done his Black sisters and brothers in - what would have taken the White man a decade during his 8 years as Mayor of San Francisco.

No wonder they kicked him from Sacramento. What Willie did from day one is give Special Interests a play - if you could come up with the right money then you could play the game.

The Bayview has been hard hit with MUNI Lightrail, which is a $600 million plus project. Each and every contractor is beholden to Willie Brown among them Kurt Mitchell. All the community got was 30 jobs. 80% of the businesses along 3rd Street have folded and the rest want to close shop. Willie has fostered redlining and has driven his brothers and sisters to despair. Daily there are killings, shootings - the selling of drugs and worse.

Marcia Rosen who heads the SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) and before that worked for the Mayor Office of Economic Development has failed to help the residents of Bayview. The Bayview Project Area Committee has failed to serve the people and since it is paid by the SFRA it is at its mercy. Hopefully all that will change when we have a new Mayor. The many cronies and thugs that are beholden to the Mayor of San Francisco are busy preparing to jump ship. The pity is that they are all known crooks and it is just a matter of months before they will flee but they will be brought to book. Each and every one of them.

It is a shame and this City of San Francisco named after San Francis Assisi has permitted CROOKS to manage our City. Somewhere along the line we crossed the line. Willie has no compassion for the poor, he has no compassion for his own kind, and he has tremendous love for money and a false pride that will tarnish his name. Thousands are waiting for the day he leaves office and he should NOT be allowed to come to this City anymore.

There is this last ditch effort by the CROOKS and we should all be vigilant. We are watching Lennar BVHP LLC. LLC stands for limited liability.

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