At all the major international environmental conferences held the world over - the United States has failed in its obligation to halt the pollution of the air, land, and water.

Again and again the U.S has been adamant and run away from signing international agreements - be it in Brazil, South Africa or Japan. At some of the conferences the U.S. has walked away accompanied by boos from most countries that have signed the agreements to curtail pollution be it in the air, land, or water.

It is a fact that the U.S. is the major contributor towards global warming. The Bush administration does not want to hear this and has not cooperated with those educated environmentalists who have proved their point with clear empirical data.

The power plants using coal, the various gases used in our cooling systems, the millions of diesel vehicles that spew toxins in the air, here in San Francisco and all over the Nation, the two old power plants using fossil fuel - the list goes on and on - all contribute to global warming.

Recent maps show certain areas in the San Francisco area as one of the worst polluted areas in the world. When we added radiological elements to the equation - the Hunters Point Shipyard leads the way. Our Mayor with the corrupt San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and Marcia Rosen - want to build 1600 units in the middle of Chernobyl at Hunters Point. Has Mayor Gavin Newsom read the Final Historical Radiological Document just released by the U.S. Navy? Go figure!

The 3rd Street corridor is well known for millions of vehicles spewing toxins into the air. The single most contributing factor that pollutes the Bayview - the standing Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment which contributes the worst toxins and pathogens and is the responsibility of Mayor Gavin Newsom and Jared Blumenfeld, the Director of San Francisco Environment - both talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Dead animals and fat residue from various restaurants make it to the Darlin Factory. The Darlin facility is situated at Pier 92 and is the second most standing polluting facility in the City. I am sure Jared and Mayor Newsom do not know this. Time they go to the facility and take a good sniff! Find out why this facility contributes to global warming?

City officials can talk the talk and formulate general policies. It is the duty of our City and County of San Francisco to enforce certain standards. It is here that the City fails and fails miserably.

The San Francisco Environment is famous for telling others how to do this and do that. It is an organization that feeds off grants and has mostly Whites who earn huge salaries and leaches off constituents who need help most.

Years ago our City of San Francisco with all the educated environmentalist put it out there for everyone to hear, read, and assimilate - that global warming would affect our City sooner then later. No one cared - I wrote several articles.

We in the City of San Francisco are blessed and have natural air conditioning, which the San Francisco fog provides.

This fact alone saves the City billions of dollars. Minus the fog we would have air conditioners running round the clock.

Of course only the filthy rich who never ever consider sustainable principles, have no consideration for global warming, waste clean Hetch Hetchy water flushing their toilets, tap into our grid system without any consideration - it is such folks that Mayor Gavin Newsom and SFE should work with.

300 years ago all this land we call San Francisco belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone. It was stolen from them. Greedy developers have and continue to build thousands of living units and office spaces. All this generates toxins and speeds global warming. Does the City care?

Where is City Planning on a Housing Element document that is current and based on empirical data? Does City Planning have a Transport Document linked to its mantra that ours is Transit First City? Why are City Planners giving so much of their time to developers and less to City Constituents? What does City Planning think about Global Warming?

We are lucky and blessed that we have some forests within a few miles from any city neighborhoods - at McLaren Park, Golden Gate Park, and the Presidio of San Francisco. These forests and the thousands of trees in the various neighborhoods help clean the air. How ever sufficient care does not go into watering and maintaining our trees.

Our forests are old and in the Golden Gate Park over 80 percent of the trees in the next 5 years will have to come down. Where is the City on this? Do we have sufficient gardeners? Why are we firing them? Why are we hurting those who help us the most?

Global warming will be here sooner if we only talk the talk and do not walk the walk. One of the worst organizations to implement global warming is the San Francisco Environment and the puppets that sit on the San Francisco Commission.

I have attended some of the SFE Commission meetings and far from helping our City they do much harm. Off the bat one notices their pompous attitude and lack of organization. Not once have they started the meetings on time. This says it all.

The Precautionary Principle has been embraced by the City and County of San Francisco but nothing much has been done about implementing this ordinance. Our children are taken to toxic hot spots like Pier 98 which is Heron Head Park which comes under the jurisdiction of Monique Meyer the Director of the SF Port Authority and on one cares.

We continue to build thousands of units and yet we try to address global warming. The filthy rich continue to flush their toilets using pure Hetch Hetchy water. The filthy rich continue to build in our City and live outside in the suburbs.

The filthy rich continue to make money in our City and live outside and put it down. Thousands drive their cars into our City to work and earn good salaries, pollute our air and leave for their homes outside the City.

Such folks should be taxed a poll tax and the money used to help address health issues in the neighborhoods. Our children are dying and Mayor Newsom and Jared Blumenfeld two White Boys think nothing of it. They think it is fine to sit at a round table conference with Richard Leakey and generalize about the environment. That is not how it works. We have no real actions on any front to back slowing global warming in the City and County of San Francisco. This is a crying shame.

The pollution levels in the Bayview Hunters Point borders that of the worst polluted hot spots anywhere in the civilized world. I challenge the City officials, the Mayor, Jared to study the empirical data and not feel ashamed of themselves. Who do you think you are bluffing? Who do you think will be misled by your unholy aspirations to talk the talk and not walk the walk? May be the Bill Lee the City Administrator should talk to these two naïve White Boys who have it all-wrong.

In June of 2005 the Mayors of the World will be visiting San Francisco. The World Environment Week in the City by the Bay - San Francisco. The Mayor and Jared better tell the truth and give the Mayors a tour of the Southeast Sector.

Between now and then you two have the responsibility to see that our youth and children are not adversely impacted from pollution. The two power plants in the City are shut down. The 3 proposed Combustible Turbines be sold. The diesel traffic on 3rd Street curtailed. The Darlin Plant shut down on Port Property that is against the Burton Act - it serves no Maritime Uses. The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant shut down and moved to Pacific Heights. It is the single most stationery site emitting thousands of tons of toxins and pathogens into the air. This is a fact and I challenge the Mayor and Jared Blumenfeld to prove me wrong. This is a City Facility!

Global warming will be here sooner then later in San Francisco.

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