The local United Nations body in San Francisco and the San Francisco Environment a City and County Department is heading the various events leading to the World Environment Week to be held in San Francisco June, 2005.

It is important that the various City Departments talk to one another and include the San Francisco Port Authority and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to work on some simple and direct reading material to focus on sustainable projects. Other key environmental issues too.

The San Francisco Port Authority has been addressing the Cruise Terminal and the progressive changes it wants there. Fore most among the issue - pollution from the Cruise ships in the air and water.

It wants to provide electricity on shore so that the Cruise Ships do not burn fossil fuel and pollute the air and add to the pollution generated daily by the Mirant and the Hunters Point power plant.

Hundreds of Mayors will be coming from all over the world and the United States. The Mayors should be taken to visit the Darlin Plant and the other plants around Pier 70, 80, 92, 94, and 96.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission should give the Mayors a tour of the Phelps Raw Treatment Plant and explain to the Mayors why the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant continues to be the single most polluting stationery facility in a residential area. Let them spend a day at the plant have lunch and other workshops. It is be a first and an eye-opener. They will remember the day for the rest of their lives.

The SFPUC has it bragging rights when it comes to the Solar Projects both at the Moscone West Center and the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant that may be in operation come June 2005. Good for SFPUC. We ought to explain to the Mayors of the world why so many infants die in the Bayview Hunters Point. Also how we give millions of dollars to Arc Ecology and Literacy for Environmental Justice two White headed organization that prey on the poor and community of color.

Explain to the Mayors the role of San Francisco Department of Health and the role Doctors Rajiv Bathia and Mich Katz play in helping our infants who are dying. Other who are adversely impacted by the pollution. The Mayors can take the real lessons home.

The Mayor's office of Economy Development and the Mayor's Office of Community Development are headed by Jessie Blout and Dwayne Jones both young men who have no clue about the details of the World Environment Week. They are young and could learn a lesson or two.

It is paramount that Michael Cohen sit with these two young Turks and joined by Michael Farrar and educate them on the wide issues that our City and County of San Francisco faces. We talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. We cannot showcase anything if we cannot do it right.

Our City has the worst pollution in the Bayview and the City is doing nothing about it. So-called environmental organizations that get millions of dollars such as Arc Ecology, LEJ, and Bayview Advocates that are fleecing the poor constituents daily. This is an insult and I hope the City Controller Ed Harrington does something about it on a war footing.

Olin Webb a cronie of Sophie Maxwell and Karen Piece who purports to work for the San Francisco Health Department but has her claws every where is on the take?

The Mayors should be taken to Yosemite Slough and the area around it and shown the pollution, the trash and the high volume of toxins dumped every day. The Mayors should be show photographs when most of Bayview was wetland and how landfill has created land that now is the last frontier. The last industrial zone that has played a leading role in the history of the City and County of San Francisco for the last 80 years by producing so much in the war efforts and more. The Mayors should be given a tour of the Phelps Raw Sewage Pump and told that the sewage from the Presidio of San Francisco and the Marina comes all the way to the Bayview. That 80% of the City's Sewage and that from South San Francisco, Colma, Daly City, Brisbane all come to the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant. That over one and half million gallons of secondary effluents daily are flushed by Pier 80.

Jared Blumenfeld who wants to show the Mayors around better give the Mayors the best the City has to offer. He would do injustice if he did not tell the truth and reveal that in the last 3 years he has been pandering to crooks like LEJ, Arc Ecology, and the Bayview Advocates. The last case even by paying the rent of their office.

The Mayors should be taken to Hunters Point and told about the radiological experiments. Better still they should be given a copy of the Final Historical Radiological Document which has just been released by the Navy. Our City has SFE and the Mayor Office trying to deceive the Public at Large but putting dog and pony shows when it comes to Hunters Point.

The Mayors must be told that the City is for 1600 housing units being built on Parcel A surrounded by the worst pollution - much of it radiological. Much like Chernobyl. And do not forget to give Lennar BVHP LLC a plug. Mention can be made of Florida and Sacramento. Lennar loves buildings homes on toxic dumps.

The Mayors should be taken into some Public Housing and shown the boarded homes - thousands of them in the Visitation Valley and Hunters Point. Lack of extra curricula facilities for the youth.

The Mayors should be told about the Forest Management Plan for Golden Gate that does not exists. The performance of the Recreation and Park and how our great Parks and Recreation Facilities are going down hill. The millions that have been wasted by Recreation and Park and the previous Director who was fired. How Rec and Park tried giving LEJ a piece of prime land at McLaren Park. That would be really cool. San Francisco Environment will be first to show case Norcal Waste System but really Norcal Waste System has worked very hard to achieve its goals on its own. It has done well with the composting program balancing the green waste that is found and generated in plenty in the countryside. The City has more concrete to offer.

Its fleet of vehicles run on clean fuel - Compressed Natural Gas and other alternative fuels that have earned Norcal Waste System kudos from many an Environmental Organization.

Norcal Waste System has done well for itself without any help from San Francisco Environment, a City Department that is an organization that panders to those it can leach.

Pacific Gas and Electric can boast about the power plants one which it controls and the other which it sold that have been instrumental in killing thousands over the years. The City has not played an important role in the Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line proceedings. I have attended all of them and have never seen the City in attendance. It would be nice to explain to the City Mayors and Richard Leakey how the organizers of World Environment Week really understand and have been proactive on the Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line Proceedings.

Geoffrey Brown the California Public Utilities Commissioner publicly admonished the SF Mayor's Office and Sophie Maxwell the District 10 Supervisor as being nonchalant when it came to Energy Issues and San Francisco. He was right on target.

It is time in the next two months the various City Departments headed by SFPUC put a brochure together and in simple terms state the obvious and bring solutions to the attention of the constituents of the Bayarea and the world. Let us not bring the Mayor into our backyards and give them a dog and pony show. That is typical of those who are not educated and preposterous. It would be nice to remind the Mayor that once this land belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone and that is was stolen from them. That all that we see today in San Francisco was nice and clean 300 years ago. There were rivers and clean wetlands. That Arc Ecology, LEJ, and Bayview Advocates have never ever stood for the First People and know next nothing about restoring wetlands. They are in for the money.

It is also so funny to hear and read how Whites pollute and then pretend to clean rivers, lakes and wetlands.

Let the Mayors and the visitors learn about the good, the bad and the ugly. Let us tell them how we screwed things but offer solutions. We cannot do that at the last moment - we have to think and come out with the right answers by having a frank dialog.

Mayor Gavin Newsom get on the ball and whip those Turks who are dreamers. Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

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