Donald Aitken.


We in San Francisco will conclude the Solar Power 2004 conference presented by the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA). Next year the conference will be held in Washington DC. Some of us were given the opportunity to learn, meet and talk with the experts on Solar Power. I hope that we learn to educate ourselves so that we can push the idea and the practical aspects of Solar so that Mother Earth can be spared the pollution of the years gone by. I hope we do not embrace corruption.

It was a pleasure listening to Nobel Laureate Walter Kohn - followed by Alan Heeger another Nobel Laureate. Joel Rogers who laid it straight on behalf of environmentalists and union jobs. Mary Shields from BP Solar North America and Donald Aitken who has been a key note speaker all over the world. Jan Schori did well on behalf of Sacramento Municipal Utilities District. There are too many to mention - how ever what is good - we who are open minded got an opportunity to hear, talk and discuss the best ideas with the best minds.

In San Francisco we have a $100 million solar bond that we the constituents should see is used well. We have to be very cautious of San Francisco Environment, as their track record has been dismal. With the departure of Edward Smeloff from San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) all the crooks are poised to use the Solar bond money and if they have PowerLight in mind - they have it all wrong.

There are many good companies Sharp, Spire, Renewable Technologies Incorporated, BP Solar, United Solar Ovonic and many others too many to mention are ready to help us. We surely need the best minds and they are not found at San Francisco Environment who are steeped in corruption. At this very moment the San Francisco Controller Office is conducting some eye opening investigations - all very baffling to those who have some sense of ethics. We still have some decency in San Francisco. We must all remember the all of San Francisco and the Bay Area belonged to the Ohlone. Once all of this land was pristine. Then came the strangers and see what we have done with all of the pollution and CO2. Add to that mercury, lead, PCBs, pathogens and that is what we have in plenty in the Southeast Sector that is the Bayview Hunters Point. Our children are dying and no one is speaking up.

Richard B. Williams was the only Black journalist who had no clue about people of color or the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. He knows more and will in the future. Charly Bray who works for Sun Light & Power got to have a nice dialog with me on the happenings in the Bayview and Hunters Point. Others all experts and all compassionate.

Fred H. Schwartz who works for the SFPUC announced about 1600 homes on Parcel A in the middle of Chernobyl. He has plans to put solar on them. We cannot address any Quality of Life Issues unless we have a clean up that is equivalent to Residential Standards.

Also, the complete shut down of Hunters Point Power plant and Mirant. Schwartz lives in the Marin Headlands he makes his money in the San Francisco but takes his heart back to Whip Cream County - the Marin Headlands. He has worked with Native Americans but learned next to nothing.

Lennar BVHP LLC will not be able to do much not with Lynne Brown and his recent Administrative Complaint filed under Title VI the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Shame on Amy Brownell of the Department of Public Health. Marcia Rosen of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) who have played a role in the deaths of infants - adversely impacting the health and safety of thousands.

Shame on Sophie Maxwell and sell outs like Olin Webb and Karen Pierce. Why is Arc Ecology getting thousands in grants and where is the money going? May I ask the same of Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ)? Where is the City Controller and where is the Accountability and Transparency? Did you know that San Francisco Environment backed the above Community Based Organizations and now wants more Solar money to do the same?

San Francisco can and should address Solar Projects without PowerLight, SFE, Jared Blumenfield, Peter who thinks he is the Solar Czar and works for SFE. Do not misjudge the power of the people we can and will shut you down if you are not fair. We need lots of clean sunshine, lots of Solar, tons of good stuff. We do not need corruption.

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Sharing ideas at the Moscone.

Over 1200 attend Solar 2004 in San Francisco.

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