Clean Energy certainly has a role in San Francisco. Helping us formulate this equation are the assets San Francisco has with our clean hydroelectric energy from Hetch Hetchy. In has been years now that San Francisco could easily have taken the lead - the money was there but the leadership, City leaders had no clear blue print and do not have now.

Tom Ammiano has no clear sense of Clean Energy and has done nothing in District 9. He put his faith in Paul Finn who has a vague theory that benefits certain group mostly Whites and spins in the direction of such entities such as PowerLight.

It is true that by April 2005 the City and County of San Francisco should have a contract in place and sit down with California Public Utilities Commission and other policy makers and have a plan in place. We have known this for years and have stated it by presenting a Load Forecast and so on. However no one is doing anything. Much less LAFCO and SFPUC.

Millions of dollars set aside to conserve energy in the past have been misused and the lead City Agency misusing this money San Francisco Environment (SFE). SFE has on purpose initiated programs that tried to benefit downtown businesses instead of homeowners in the Bayview. Now it wants millions to be under the Mayor's Office so that it can once again waste money. It did it with the $13.3 million mitigation money of 2000. SFE spends over 57% in Administrative Operations.

Lynne Brown, Maurice Campbell, Francisco Da Costa, Espanola Jackson and a few others that are not on the take have tried our best to point to SFE the right direction. Again and again SFE has used gimmicks to waste money set aside to conserve energy and address renewables. The Bayview Hunters Point today and for 60 years has been adversely affected by old toxic spewing power plants. LAFCO has wasted money paying R.W. Beck consultants trying to figure out how best to work with Pacific Gas and Electric and to figure out the operations of PG&E. PG&E has no desire what so ever to work with the City and County of San Francisco. San Francisco has no money to address any concrete conservation and has been lagging behind - talking the talk but not walking the walk.

The City and County wants to control energy issues when it lacks transparency and accountability and has an over 100 million deficit. San Francisco has used dirty tricks to back stab Mirant and has treated PG&E differently. Both operate dirty polluting power plants.

Tom Ammiano never once attended any high level meeting with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the California Energy Commission (CEC), California Independent Systems Operator (CAISO), San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) or for that matter any Public Meeting held in connection with the Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line. He is like a puppy listening to Paul Finn and other White advocates that have a hidden agenda. Most of them do not live in San Francisco nor do they pay taxes in San Francisco.

The dirty power plants have adversely affected people of color. Again and again when people of color go before LAFCO or approach the Board of Supervisors, SFPUC - no one pays attention. I requested LAFCO on four occasions to have a panel discussion with local advocates presenting their views. To date nothing much has been done by LAFCO. LAFCO is racists and Tom Ammiano and Paul Finn and others like Barbara George that know that they do not live in the Bayview Hunters Point. They brag that they have the interests of the community but their heart desires are closer home to deep pockets and selfishness.

The same can be said of the Sierra Club and other Whites who have done nothing to save lives that have been adversely affected by over 60 years of pollution. To add further insult SFPUC with Tom Ammiano, LAFCO, the Sierra Club, SPUR, and other White Racists see nothing wrong placing three Combustible Turbines in the Southeast Sector. The dumb, inept, ignorant team of Susan Leal and Barbara Hale just announced that they have transferred some MUNI property and are all set out to place the 3 CTS in the Southeast. These CTs use fossil fuel and what is more pollute. The cooling system use secondary effluents and secondary effluents have very harmful pathogens - half-treated sewage. Tom Ammiano, Susan Leal, SPUR, and the other Racists think nothing wrong with this equation. LAFCO is a joke and has been a joke for a long time - wasting over $300,000 every single year.

Right now the entity that controls the transmission lines controls everything. Today with the planned Jefferson-Martin Transmission line in place - the proposed transmission lines from Mirant to Hunters Point and from Hunter Point to Mission Sub-Station - PGE will be a force to be reckoned.

SFPUC and the City and County of San Francisco have cheated the constituents of San Francisco with the $100 million Solar Bond Measure. To date the only entity that has made millions is PowerLight. No one ever mentions that PowerLight won all the 3 contracts so far linked to the largest Solar Projects - Moscone West, Phelps Raw Sewage Plant in the Southeast and Pier 96 on SF Port Authority property.

I have not seen anyone from LAFCO attend the Solar Conference that was held in San Francisco. Never heard nor saw the aged senile Tom Ammiano address any energy issue. I did not see Barbara George present a paper, Paul Finn or the Sierra Club. I hear these Whites talk the talk but they cannot walk the walk.

300 years ago all that one saw in the Bay Area and San Francisco was pristine. Then came the types like Tom Ammiano and other Whites and destroyed everything. Now these fools want to fix the problem with no timelines, no accountability, no transparency, no blue print, no real idea about energy issues. We are not in a comedy club in the Castro.

It is high time that we have a real sense of how much energy leaks simply because of faulty transmission lines and bottlenecks. Of course the Whites that purport to know everything have never ever studied the empirical data relevant to this important electrical engineering. It is high time we help small businesses - thousands of them by helping them buy new energy efficient tools and equipment. We should address light energy fixtures on a war footing and help residential and homeowners and not down town where SFE wasted millions. Of course the White Jerks so called Energy Gurus never ever mention this. LAFCO does not know about this and now that I have told them will they send the SFE initiators to jail? The City Controller has not audited SFE.

If ever the City and County of San Francisco generates clean Solar energy we do not have the contracts with PG&E to tie the energy to the GRID which is controlled by PG&E. The small Mickey mouse projects here, there, and nowhere are minimal and far behind the projected goals.

When Ed Smeloff was working at SFPUC we set down against the protestations of Barbara George and some others and figured out the Load Forecast for the present and future.

We put out the numbers for everyone including LAFCO and SFPUC. The dumb fools have no clue how to read the Load Forecast much less implement the program. It is a shame how San Francisco listens to fools that do not live in San Francisco. All these loud mouth jerks do in hover around to make money off the backs of poor people using them as a ploy when they apply as intervenors. Time to bring in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and time for CPUC to check into the crooks.

The CPUC should not allow outsiders to act as INTERVENORS unless they live in the community for over 5 years. Also pay their taxes in San Francisco. Again and again Whites come in San Francisco act as intervenors - use poor folks that have no clue as scapegoats and make money.

LAFCO gave R. W. Beck thousands and got nothing in return. There is not one single LAFCO member that has brought any reasonable benefit to San Francisco. LAFCO as it operates today is a sham - the same can be said of SFPUC and clean energy programs.

Link to "Draft Consensus Statement of the Load Forecasting and Power Flow Analysis Work Group"

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