Susan Leal the inept Manager who heads the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission defies the community when it comes to the toxic, spewing, very expensive fossil consuming Combustible Turbines slated to be placed very near Pier 80 and closer to Bayview Hunters Point.

Today, March 8, 2005 Espanola Jackson and I went before the SFPUC to address the adverse affects linked to the Combustible Turbines. Item 9 c was pulled out and merged with items 20 and 21. With one evil action both Espanola Jackson and Francisco had no alternative but to leave since we had other important things to do. After 4 hours the items were cleared and passed by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commissioners.

Barbara Hale and Ms. Kubick have blood on their hands. They do well know that Combustible Turbines (CTs) spew toxins and what is more because they use natural gas - very expensive. The secondary effluents used to cool the system of the CTs will spew pathogens in the air. The community has been kept in the dark and the community has NOT seen an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

Barbara Hale and Ms. Kubick keep mentioning they have the blessings of the Power Task Force all appointments made by Sophie Maxwell. Sophie Maxwell has disgraced the Black Community and sold out the community again and again and again. She has done this at 5800 3rd Street, and again at 5600 3rd Street, she worked with Lennar BVHP LLC against the community on Parcel A at Hunters Point Shipyard, and now she has added the CTs to her list.

The true leaders from the community have clearly stated that they do not want the CTs in their community. The true leaders have spoken clearly about radiological elements and liquefaction on Parcel A. The dumb, inept, corrupt Sophie Maxwell cannot get it. We want to see an EIR on the Combustible Turbines slated to be planted closer to Bayview Hunters Point. We do not want any Combustible Turbines using fossil fuel in our community.

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