LEJ before the SF Port Authority.


Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) does not have the mandate to represent the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. Again and again Dana Reid Lanza who does not live in the community and lives in Oakland will use the community to write grants and make fake moves to diss the community of Bayview Hunters Point.

The two main culprits that help her are the Sophie Maxwell who purports to represent District 10 and San Francisco Environment (SFE) which is the most corrupt Department in the City and County of San Francisco. It's Director Jared Blumenfeld.

We have stated many times that our innocent children should not be taken to a toxic dump at is Pier 98. Again and again soil tests have proved that this site has over 40 dangerous toxins. The latest test done by Geomatrix once again proves to all of us that this site will adversely impact the health of our youth and children. In short adversely impact the health of all the constituents of San Francisco and the public at large.

It makes no sense to build a Living Classroom and more a Park that is fifty feet away from the Hunters Point power plant. This old toxic power plant spews lead, mercury, dangerous particulates, and over 40 dangerous toxins into the air, the land and the water. Daily dangerous toxins wash on the shores of Pier 98 that is Heron's Head Park. When it rains all the toxins land at Heron's Head Park and saturate the water, the land, and the water. The plants, the birds, the fish, any life form is prone to the toxins generated by the plant that has been there for over 60 years.

No one in their right mind would want to build anything for the Public on this toxic dump - daily bombarded with dangerous toxins as I have described above. Yet Mayor Gavin Newsom, SFE, others that do not care about our youth wants to go ahead with this plan to build a Living Classroom on Pier 98. Pier 98 is landfill and once dangerous radiological dredge was removed from the Bay and dumped on Pier 98 when the pier and the site was well know as a dump site. Earlier the Pier was neglected by the SF Port Authority for years. People came from all over and dumped dangerous materials on this site - batteries, tires, chrome residue, lead paint, dangerous pesticides, and other dangerous toxins.

Dan Lanza is White and really does not care for people of color. She has this mentality that she is on some plantation and taking the lead to save some slaves that need her help. She is a racist and her every move is fake. She will lie and use the most dubious tactics to get her way. She cannot comprehend logic what she focuses on is - money. Money and greed are her focus.

She once wanted to build her Living Classroom on McClaren Park. The constituents rose up and sent her packing to her evil cave. Now she wants to resurrect the old plan that failed at Pier 98 and still pursues her evil ways just so that she can have the millions set aside by SFE and some other agencies that grant her money.

She should take the money and go build her Living Classroom and take her dubious evil plans to some White community. Oakland for sure can use a person like her. I have tried to convince her that what she is doing is wrong. She does not get it. From time to time she will conduct workshops - more dog and pony shows - where she and her cronies are in charge and she personally leads the discussion.

She first got hold of her grant because her husband Parin Shah was the Chair of the San Francisco Environment Commission. The SFE was instrumental working with Sophie Maxwell to distribute large amounts of money. LEJ got $900,000 and more from other organization because of this evil grant. Jared Blumenfeld knows about LEJ and has personally told me that the Living Classroom should not be built at Pier 98. She once created a yahoo e-mail using my name and I had to investigate the situation and put an end to her evil designs. She knows this to be true. She will go to great lengths to make money and compromise principles.

This woman Dana Reid Lanza should not be given any money. The grant should be taken away from her. Again and again SFE will extend the time line on this Living Classroom project - which has passed a long time ago. Granting this evil person an extension helps Dana Lanza to carry on her vicious ambition that is purely linked to money.

Recently at the San Francisco Port Commission Dana Lanza as she is prone invited her supporters. For all the wrong reason the supporters who are paid by her - support her evil designs. The Bayview Hunters Point community is sick of Dana Lanza. One can go to find this out from Mayor's Gavin Newsom's office. This woman has got so many complaints that it is mind boggling. Kristina Palzone from the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services can vouch for my statement.

I have got numerous telephone calls and e-mails - this woman generates bad vibes because she uses people and money for all the wrong reasons. People of color are fed up with dubious folks mostly Whites trying to be saviors and purporting to save people of color. Espanola Jackson, James Morrison, Rene Gonzalvez, John Nauer, Rodney Hampton, Lynne Brown, and many others have personally asked me why is this woman in our community? And more why is she leading the youth astray.

When the State grant was first made available some $13.3 million - the money was to mitigate the adverse impacts to the community from that the present Mirant power plant. Before it was sold to Mirant Pacific Gas and Electric that operated it.

No one is there right mind had plans for a Living Classroom. It is ridiculous to give some White person $900,000 to build a Living Classroom while daily innocent children - mostly of color are dying. That $900,000 can be spent to address the health of our dying children and their parents. Imagine a Black person being given $900,000 while all around this Black person White children were dying. The impacted people of color at Bayview Hunters Point are not fully aware of the facts. If they come to know about this evil woman her plans and her evil projects will suffer some very serious consequences. This woman is pushing buttons and SFE and Mayor Gavin Newsom better pay attention. She has moved her office from 3rd Street to 800 Innes and works with like-minded folks to adversely impact others.

At one meeting Mayor Gavin Newsom was told about this woman - Dana Lanza. Mayor Gavin Newsom agreed with the speaker only this time the situation was LEJ trying to build a Living Classroom at McClaren Park. Today, it is Pier 98 that a toxic dumps - with little or NO meaningful dialog with the community at large.

At the recent San Francisco Port Commission public meeting June 14, 2005 - most people were shocked to hear the topic about the Living Classroom being discussed. People are wondering why so much money is wasted and why is so much money given to projects that make no sense. Why would anyone want to go to a cesspool? Who would anyone want to spend any time near a toxic power plant? Why would anyone want to go to a toxic dump? Why would anyone want to take our children to a toxic dump?

Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) does great injustice to humanity, to all environmentalists, and worse still to the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone. I know - because I represent them. So does Espanola Jackson.

This evil woman Dana Lanza talks about wetlands, marshlands, and other lands and has no clue that the real marshlands, wetlands, and good lands were pristine. What we are dealing with are toxic dumps, places like Yosemite Slough with high concentrations of PCBs, Pier 98 has radiological dredge, lead, mercury, nickel, and over 40 toxins.

Anyone with common sense will not take our children to such a toxic dump. Dana Lanza is a loser but more very evil in her ways. She will not listen to reason - but some one will fall very ill and all of a sudden this evil woman will be sued and become liable for the health of all those exposed to the toxins at Pier 98. It is already happening but soon the victims will come forward and this evil plan will deserve the death that was already reserved by those that know better. Wake up environmentalists and tell this woman to do the right thing. Wake up Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Espanola Jackson testifying against LEJ.

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