Balboa Student at the Presentation.


Balboa High School Students are moving ahead with guidance to address pollution issues and other adverse impacts that adversely affect thousands of constituents in San Francisco. This problem is all the more acute in Public Housing and the most impacted those that live in public housing at Hunters Point.

Initially Peter, Andrew, Karla, and Sergio came to me with an appetite to learn more about pollution. What they had in mind I did not know. I saw a twinkle in their eyes and something told me to go for it. I know Peter and Andrew well they are my dear Samoan warriors that I guide and do what is required for them and others to excel. Karla and Sergio were just introduced to me but I was not afraid to embrace them as my family because I saw in them the good that is in all humanity.

January 12, 2006 at 12 noon in Room 224 I was invited to Balboa High School. The students that some weeks ago I had taken for a tour and lectured on some of the adverse impacts as a result of the Hunters Point Power Plant were now ready to explain to the classmates and other guests what I had tried to do my best to convey.

In the interim between the day I took the youth for a tour and my visiting Karla's classroom on January 12 I got an opportunity to meet Karla and her mother. They came to visit me in my office. I learned a lot from her mother and her mother's desire to give the family she and her husband can. It is such noble aspects that aspire me to serve humanity while teach as best I can respect for Mother Earth.

Andrew and Peter my Samoan warrior Andrew have always done well in their studies, on the sports field, and when they come for our All Islanders As One meetings. Today I was very proud of both of them and those others that supported them because they presented facts about pollution in a real way. The youth loved it and I will treasure very moment of the presentation in Room 224 at Balboa High School. Karla and Sergio did well as well as two other classmates that I have not met before. The team of six brought some great presentation to the level of the youth and from the applause I gathered the message went to the heart. Kudos to the teachers both met me and it was a pleasure.

I had an opportunity to sit in the Principal's office and meet Ms. Gray. I got an opportunity to speak to security. I got an opportunity to feel the ambience of the school and I felt that it was all good. Earlier John Nauer made sure he signed me in and had all the protocols in place.

I even had a chance to meet Wenda Takuda the anchor on KRON channel 4. We spoke about some issues and if all goes well - you never know some of our common issues may air on KRON.

My dear friends my hats off to Balboa High School
To Peter, Andrew, Sergio, and Karla
To the other two classmates and others too
A presentation on pollution to make aware
Of suffering, death, and polluted air
Peter the preacher and Andrew the warrior
Sergio the quiet one and Karla the special glow
To put some light on an issue
Low on the totem pole
The environment is ours to respect
The land, the water and the air
To the youth I say be bold and learn
And when you see injustice stand in unison
As a team anyone can address and win
One battle at a time this war and unwanton killing
Of children so innocent they know not what
Makes them breathe so heavy and cramp their heart
Again and again greed kills the poor
While the filthy rich and polluters look the other way
Stand as one and make a difference
You all at Balboa have shown the way
I shall remember January 12 and Room 224
Glory to God, to you youth, and to all humanity
Fight for what is right with humility

Francisco Da Costa       January 12, 2006

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