The System is in a Mess.


In the year 2010 all of our Treatment Plants in San Francisco will fail us because of the raising tide from Global Warming. As a result the Salt Water will corrode and bring all operations at the treatment plants to an immediate halt. This will cause a Health and Safety issue in San Francisco.

Around 1972 the City and County of San Francisco was mandated to provide an operation that maintained some standard linked to our Treatment Plants and the standard of effluents the North Beach Plant, the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant, and the Ocean Beach Treatment Plant could discharge into the Bay and Pacific Ocean.

We have two huge outfalls one by Pier 80 by 3rd Street and another by the San Francisco Zoo. These outfalls are over 40 years old and will fail us within a few years as I have stated.

The last bond measure some $2.4 billion passed by the constituents of San Francisco mandated an immediate fix linked to the Clean Water and the Waste Water. The constituents were very concerned about the Big One.

Patricia Martel the former Director of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) decided to focus on the Clean Water and put the Waste Water projects on the back burner. This was a huge mistake.

Susan Leal the present Director decided to focus on the Clean Water and has messed up the system. We now have three main pipes that bring us our clean drinking water all the way from Hetch Hetchy. We had four and this huge mistake will come to bite SFPUC in the butt.

The over 1900 miles of clean drinking water pipes within the City of San Francisco are over 70 years old and in many areas leaking pipes are causing Health and Safety problems. For many years a band aid job has been done repairing these clean water pipes and this is totally wrong. It is a crime to pollute on Water Shed but Susan Leal is no engineer and more lacks the leadership that any large infrastructure project should possess. So far Susan Leal has been playing with fire but soon she will bear the consequences and will be forced to resign.

Susan Leal thinks she can line up the various projects and prepare some cost estimates and deal with the Waste Water Projects. We have over 900 miles of Sewer Pipes in the City of San Francisco and they are in worse shape then the 1900 Clean Water Drinking pipes in San Francisco. We have thousands of hot spots that need mitigation.

Added to this our pump stations that are critical to our dual system that deal with waste water and also the run off are in very bad shape.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant is situated in the middle of a residential area in the Bayview. Any District Supervisor would have done something but Sophie Maxwell who in inept, ignorant, arrogant, and uneducated on issues continues to permit Susan Leal to pussyfoot with District 10 and the surrounding area.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment must be removed as soon as possible. In 3 years this Treatment Plant will adversely impact the residents that are living close by and impact a radius of 3 miles around the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. Innocent constituents are slowly dying from cancer and other respiratory diseases.

The last time around SFPUC was given a Blank Check by the constituents of San Francisco by passing a huge Bond Measure in the Billions. No bond measure should be passed giving SFPUC a blank check as was done in the past. In the future clear objectives and time lines should be stated. How ever Susan Leal must go first.

Susan Leal continues to use life style appointments and stupid consultants that are fleecing the tax payers of the City and County of San Francisco in the millions. The SFPU Commission meetings are a joke. Again and again the diatribes spewed at these Commission Meetings are a waste of time and very boring. It is time that the SFPUC be censored because they have failed San Francisco and the 2.4 million rate payers that are held hostage by SFPUC all over the Bay Area. No where in any discussion is anyone talking about all the added housing in Daly City, Colma, Brisbane, Burlingame - thousands of homes that send their waste water to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. Over 20,000 housing units in the pipe line in San Francisco to add to the mess.

Is there going to be a cap on the amount of waste water that will be sent to the Treatment Plant in the Bayview in the middle of a residential area? Why adversely impact thousands of innocent constituents for so many years? Where is the Justice? Would this happen in a White neighborhood? Why this blatant Racism?

The Raw Sewage Treatment Plant was upgraded around 1972 but never was it designed to treat the millions and millions of gallons of waste water that flows to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant by gravity from such an over expanded area and thousands of added homes.

Daily, the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point have to suffer from the stench and the flares that is a NUISANCE that the City Attorney has been notified about and has done nothing to enforce laws including the Precautionary Principle that does not permit living beings be put in harms way. Causing a Health and Safety issue.

The SFPUC has created some Citizen Advisory Committees that have no clue nor do they feel the pulse of the constituents that have been suffering before 1972 and after and to this day.

It is only in the last year SFPUC has realized that it really has to deal with the Waste Water operations. SFPUC was given the money and the green signal way back in 2000 but has failed us in a major way.

I have attended the many long winded meetings that one has to go through at the San Francisco Public Utility Commission in Room 400 at City Hall. These jerks really think that they can fool all the people all the time. Under Susan Leal the good folks have left SFPUC. Life style appointments most of them making over $100,000 and consultants are making hay while the sun shines. SFPUC is worse off today then it ever was. At the last meeting the SFPUC was requesting for 7 City Attorneys to help them with the added litigation and addressing infringements brought about by the mistakes of SFPUC.

Bottom line the constituents of San Francisco should NOT pass any bond measure to aid the present leadership.

If most of the cronies are fired and replaced with good people - the constituents may decide what is good for SFPUC and giving them some bond money with very strict restrictions. The constituents of San Francisco demand strict Accountability and Transparency.

The SFPUC has failed the over 2.4 million rate payers in the Bay Area and the over 760,000 San Franciscans that live in San Francisco and are fed up with SFPUC and the very poor leadership.

Can you imagine these idiots permitting the Public only two minutes of Public Comment after the Public is forced to listen to the idiots for hours? Enough is Enough.

Treatment Plant in the middle of Bayview.

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