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The Bay Area is the home to many people from all over the world. It is primarily the home of the Ohlone, the first people of the Bay Area. Most Whites do not know that this land was stolen by them - so it is appropriate they be reminded from time to time of this pertinent fact.

One of the reasons why Whites keep on destroying and wasting is because they got most of what they enjoy for free - they either stole, robbed, or took that which did not belong to them using force and often killing the First People.

The vast lands, the resources of the United States, the buffalo, the coal and the gold, the other precious resources like the Redwoods all belonged to the First People. How ever some one stole it and continued to waste the resources of this Nation. Now, that some greedy folks have come to the tail end of their addiction - they find it all so very confusing.

Of course they are bankrupt - bankrupt and devoid of spirituality. Most have no morals and yet when it suits them they will kill, pillage and pollute. It is a fact that until 1924 - one could kill a Native American and get $5 for a scalp no questions asked - all this done by Christians who profess in a god that is compassionate, supposedly.

The Governors of California would send out edicts to go and kill the First People. Stealing land that belonged to the Ohlone, the Piute, the Muwok, the other hundreds of California tribes and claiming it, was no big deal.

Hundreds of children from the various California Tribes were removed from their parents and sent to White Boarding School - to be reformed. These children were conditioned to learn the White Man's ways that were evil and shun the good way of the First People that stood the test of time for thousands of years. Many died and some one has the blood on their hands. Some one has to pay the retribution and pay it now. Today, Mother Earth is crying for justice - justice for all California First People. Perhaps Climate Change and Global Warming is that warning. Today, nothing much has changed - except, that the thieves will not admit to their guilt. So, they blame others for Climate Change and Global Warming. Just like the blamed the Native Americans for being honest and not been able to read English and stole their resources like gold, cutting the redwoods, destroying wet lands, eliminating thousands of plant, animals, insect, bird, fish, and other species.

Climate Change and Global warming has got the asses of those that never, ever paid attention to the goodness of Mother Earth and always abused the abundance that was here in California and across the Nation for future generations. Notice how some greedy folks never think about the future but live for the future.

It is always amazing how Whites want everything now. The more they get - the less it is. So called third world countries have suffered because of a fake economic matrix that is controlled by crooks from the so called first world. Indigenous people all over the world have suffered from invaders that took their land because they had the power, the weapons, but not the spirituality and the understanding of harmony and more balance.

Now, at last it is all changing and some are feeling the heat. But, what is most interesting is how Global Warming and Climate Change is making the Whites paranoid. We know for a fact that fossil fuel from the millions of vehicles that ply contribute to over seventy percent of the world "green gases". All we need to do is eliminate the use of vehicles and encourage public transportation. We could have set the example in the United States. But we chose to be greed and go seek oil in Iraq and have been caught in the dilemma of some greedy folks bankruptcy linked to spirituality and fairness.

If the United States has a Blue Print and we were really concerned about a Spiritual Order to bring balance and respect to Mother Earth we would never, ever, go to Iraq or some other lands and cause devastation and pollute the land with our five thousand pound bombs. The British, the United States and those nations who have poor judgment chose to kill fellow human beings, destroy Mother Earth, for only one reason - greed. Bush may not agree but he is on Fire. He claims he speaks to a god but he is the devil. He is a disgrace to the world. For thousands of years the Bay Area was pristine and then in the last 150 years - greed and so called development tarnished all that was pristine. Particulates and other pollutants propped up every where adversely impacting humans, other living beings but most of all contributing to Climate Change and Global Warming.

Here is California for example we have Hetch Hetchy. The waters of Hetch Hetchy are Sacred. It has never occurred to White Folks that this Sacred Water should be respected.

San Franciscans have taken the Hetch Hetchy water for granted. Many in the Bay Area have no idea how this Sacred Water is mixed with other water and treated with the worst chemical such as chlormine and all in the name of progress.

It is a shame that millions of gallons of Hetch Hetchy water are used to flush our toilets. It is a shame that the aging over seventy year sewer pipes some 900 miles in the City and County of San Francisco need replacement and leak. So too the nearly two thousand miles of clean water pipe that are old and leach into the watershed.

California has no law that can be used to enforce and penalize those that pollute the water shed. In this case the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. One has just to read the Raker Act and how powerful thieves convinced Congress to steal the Sacred Waters of the Hetch Hetchy.

Thousands of people have been working to save Mother Earth from the on going destruction for many years. We know for a fact the United States leads the world when it comes to the contribution of Green House Gases. China and India are low down the totem pole - though, the recent Gurus of Global Warming and Climate Change in the United States - would like to impress upon us that is not so.

The Bay Area with all its Universities and intelligent people can create a model, a matrix, a vision that could help the world - reduce Green Gases and come out with solutions complete with goals and time lines. We have a track record and have contributed much to the world in terms of good, sound ideas. Some of our best ideas have come out from our Universities and now is the time to put our best foot forward. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), the Bay Conservation and Development (BCDC), the Bay Area Air Quality Department (BAAQD) have all contributed and adjudicated some of the development, infrastructure, and control of our wetlands, the air, our forests, our roads and freeways, and other pertinent issues affecting Quality of Life issues in the Bay Area. I have dealt with these four agencies before as the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy.

In the case of the MTC it differs all Land Use issues to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) the most despicable agency in San Francisco. The SFCTA has done more harm and spent more money without proper outreach and less contacting the people from the neighborhoods of San Francisco.

It is a pathetic site to see the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the SFCTA rubber stamps every single action. Real pathetic and so scum bag like. These CAC idiots have no idea of Climate Change, care less about wasting millions, some of the idiot CAC members have been on the committee for many terms - others there to do the dirty work of politicians. It stinks to high heaven but what can any one do with the very corrupt expect jail them or bring them before the courts for adjudication.

SFCTA knew well about its jurisdiction linked to Land Use but chose to illegally support the SF Bicycle Coalition that has a powerful Political Action Committee (PAC). The SFCTA contributed to the destruction of the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary. One of the culprits Sophie Maxwell, the District 10 Supervisor, who is ignorant, arrogant, and inept. Another, the SFPUC has wasted millions as much as fifteen million dollars on the conduits that are a failure and lie beneath the Force Main and near Islais Creek by 3rd Street in San Francisco.

SFCTA has aligned itself with the SF Bicycle Coalition and chosen to give them a carte blanche right affecting the General Plan of the City and County of San Francisco without an Environmental Impact Report. The matter went to court and still has to be adjudicated. This blatant arrogance by the SFCTA must stop and I hope future project are seen in a different light - the Geary Boulevard Projects come to mind. BCDC has aligned itself with some dubious groups in permitting fake wetlands to benefit the San Francisco Airport and the Oakland Airport. Perhaps the worst agency to adversely impact millions is the Bay Area Air Quality Department (BAAQD). I personally have attended some meetings and found the Directors to be pompous - pompous to the point that they flout their jerk like attitudes with arrogance and look down on any one that takes them on.

The BAAQD has been responsible in the killing of our babies at Bayview Hunters Point. They may think they do not have blood on their hands but the fact of the real matter is that they have. It is amazing how these folks act in public - especially, when hundreds are present - so docile - but these jerks do little to gather concrete empirical data and less to do enforcement linked to air quality and the adverse impacts.

Again and again the BAAQD has cooperated with the worst culprits aligning themselves with crooks pretending to be supporters of the people mostly minorities. BAAQD have with Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) and its former Director Dana Lanza wasted thousands of dollars and more adversely impacted the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. They continue to adversely impact millions of others, all over the Bay Area and beyond but especially, the innocent poor folks from the Bayview Hunters Point and surrounding area.

It is this pathetic track record from the four agencies that participated in the Joint Policy Committee Regional Climate Action Workshop on February 16, 2007 at the MetroCenter, 101 Eight Street in Oakland - brought me to the Joint Policy Committee, Regional Climate Action Workshop.

I came, I saw, I spoke and left having at least got an opportunity to address all the culprits in one place in front of the right audience. Many may have not liked what I had to say. But the fact of the matter is - I did speak with authority, without any fear - loud and clear for all to hear.

In general this workshop permitted questions. One had to write the questions and in some way the facilitator permitted those in the audience time to comment. I paid very careful attention to the deliberation and was astounded by the lack of spirituality and fortitude linked to Accountability and Transparency. Many did not like when I mentioned we all owed a lot to the First People. Of course thieves do not like to hear that. I love to speak my mind and remind those that stole that they indeed were thieves and need to respect Mother Earth.

Climate Change and Global Warming did not exist when the First People ruled supreme - but it does now. So, may be the First Peoples should be recognized and be given a Nobel Prize from the man that made his money selling dynamite an idea that he stole from the Chinese.

There is nothing natural good about Whites that accept to steal ideas, steal land, pollute the land, always impose on others, be it individuals or countries and of course blame others for the foolishness of their actions linked to greed.

The First People must be compensated and of course Bush understands that very well. The Department of Interior understands that when you steal from the First People you have to give it back. The four agencies do not talk to another today, they have no matrix, no Blue Print with goals and time lines. It is time these four agencies work as a team. It is late but too late to accept their follies and pay retribution for their on going mistakes and faulty policies.

The four agencies - the Gang of Four - have much to learn but time is running out. Global Warming and Climate Change is fast approaching and will bite them in the ass but the pity is millions will suffer because of poor planning and lack of fore sight and a clear vision san good leadership.

It is time the First People on this Nation be honored for keeping the balance and respecting Mother Earth for thousand of years. It is time the other greedy folks acknowledge their mistakes and repents for their misdeeds - learn to change their evil ways and stop speaking with forked tongues. Nothing much will change if there is no sincere will and intention to do the right thing. You cannot fool all the people all the time.

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From the old to the new - pollution.

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