Sophie Maxwell and Jake McGoldrick have been at it again - introducing fake Resolutions claiming them to be just policies but having every intention to use them as Ordinance without due process. In the bargain hurting small contractors and driving thousands out of San Francisco.

Not one of these Resolutions have been whetted in the Public because Sophie and Jake know it all - guess what, both of them have found a partnership and have been claiming that they are Blue Collar workers.

One worked as a roofer so no wonder his brains are fried. The other as an electrician the Electro Magnetic Field has reduced her IQ to some single digit and she shows it every time she opens her mouth and squarely puts her dirty foot in.

At the March 5, 2007 it was interesting to see so many American Chinese constituents from San Francisco take on the two Buffoons - on Land Use issues. I will name them Sophie Maxwell and Jake McGoldrick.

How many times at previous meetings have I stated that these two fools do not understand - less comprehend, Land Use. Just because these two stupid fools are Supervisors - does not mean that they can initiate drab legislation - that has NOT been whetted by the public at large.

Any amendment linked the Housing Element and General Plan demands an extensive research from the Planning Staff and then an endorsement from the SF Planning Commission. Two fools look at it the cesspool way because that it where they belong.

The demographics of San Francisco have changed and Asians are now a growing force in San Francisco. So, for two dumb Supervisors to care less what impact their stupid policies, resolutions, ordinances have on innocent people and adversely impact thousands in wrong. Asians for sure are watching and time will tell. It requires some meaningful dialog among the small building contractors and of course some clipping of the wings when it comes to large developers. We know that Sophie Maxwell is on the take.

In recent years we have seen the faulty Better Neighborhoods Plus Ordinance fail. But, then again the Visitation Valley profited from the clone Better Neighborhood Plus Plan. Sophie Maxwell is quick to use any Resolution and Policy to make a fast buck.

It was a pleasure to see and hear the American Chinese completely understand the faulty Resolution introduced by Sophie Maxwell and Jake McGoldrick and call a spade a spade. It was great to see two fools put their heads down and finally understand their shame.

Speaker after speaker reminded the two - about the foolishness of their acts and how they have adversely impacted so many decent constituents living in San Francisco. Many, very hard working constituents.

The Residential Builders Association (RBA) has had it with Sophie Maxwell and Jake McGoldrick. These two clowns have driven sound businesses out of San Francisco and now want to stifle the little freedom that some small contractors have. You two clowns have seen nothing, yet.

Of course the Residential Builders Association (RBA) will not take it from anyone that has no clue about what they are talking about. The many RBA members that came to educate the dumb Jake McGoldrick and Sophie Maxwell taught the two fools a lesson. The fools put down their heads in shame and called in the Sheriff as most cowards do.

Immigrants are here because they seek a better life. Small contractors, those in the construction business, people trying to own their first home, all speak to immigrants trying to make the best in this American Society.

It is a shame that folks like Jake and Sophie have no mercy and compassion and will stoop so low to put their egos first and the hard work, sweat and blood of innocent folks low down and far away from the reality of this contemporary world and the American way of life. Jake and Sophie are two dumb, inept, and very arrogant folks. They know less about fair play and shame on them for taking on innocent, hard working, every day folks who care less about politics and just want to live a decent family life.

Land Use policies, interim amendments, ordinances, should help decent families and serve Quality of Life issues - not thieves, crooks, Uncle Toms on the take.

Jake McGoldrick and Sophie Maxwell you have seen nothing yet - thousands will come to the meetings and confront the nonsense that you two seems to embrace as part of your stupidity and haughtiness. This is the City that know how and you fools need to take a bow and get out.

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