The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) under the famous Berber Woman Susan Leal and her lackluster leadership has led San Francisco and the 2.4 million customer that depend on Hetch Hetchy down the messy road of ineptness and fiscal irresponsibility.

Susan Leal makes $300,000 a year plus perks a cozy contract that she and Mayor Gavin Newsom carved out as a compromise after Susan Leal's very poor performance in the last Mayoral elections.

Susan Leal loves to play games behind the scenes much like most closeted folks who cannot face reality. We have many of them as Department Heads in San Francisco - slowly but surely eroding the standards that were in place once but now are thrown to the wind.

The resources that we all enjoy in California and more Hetchy Hetchy belong to the First People. Over a year ago - I went beyond my call of duty to bring the First People from around Hetch Hetchy to represent their concerns about the Sacred water from the source of Hetch Hetchy.

The First People came and spoke before the SFPUC and even met Mayor Gavin Newsom who came out of his office in Room 200 and met them. We did not have an appointment with the Mayor but he graciously accommodated the First People.

It is critical that we take a holistic view when it comes to Global Warming and Climate Change. The consequences of our stupid actions are because of greed and materialism. The First People did not waste and respected that what they considered Sacred. The resource from Hetchy Hetch is one of them.

Right here in City Hall we use Hetch Hetchy water to flush our toilets. The paradox is while most residents are forced to switch to low flow toilets and showers - City Hall continues to waste water by having the old system where the water gushes like a water fall. Time for Tony Irons and Susan Leal to do something about this nonsense and stop wasting water at City Hall and do it now.

The impending drought is here and a lesson to all of us is to conserve. The paradox is that most residents conserve while the filthy rich cats waste water. The penalties must be imposed on the home owners that waste water and most of them can be found in the richer neighborhoods of San Francisco.

If decent residents that conserve are penalized this time around - a class action suit should be filed against SFPUC and based on the empirical data we have - we will win.

Every year there is some scheme to raise the sewer bill and the clean water drinking bill. The Rate schemes are so manipulated that they defy fairness and each and every year - the constituents, allow SFPUC to shaft the constituents of San Francisco with a fight for what is right.

We have over 1900 miles of clean water pipes all over San Francisco and most of them are seventy five years old. Millions of gallons of good water leaks through these pipes as much as fifteen percent of the total water that passes through the pipes.

Susan Leal thinks she can fool us but she cannot. I have stated this fact again and again and Susan Leal will not listen. On a war footing we much first address the major areas - find out where there are leaks and stop the millions of gallons of water leaching into the watershed.

In a related issue the over 900 miles of sewer pipes all over the City are leaking too. We have to fix this mess before it pollutes the watershed.

We must accumulate data from those homes in the Pacific Heights, the Presidio, the Recreation and Park facilities, the major leaking sites to first establish time lines and goals to stop waste of clean drinking water on an emergency basis.

Susan Leal must learn to walk the walk before she talks the talk. Let us see our Berber Woman stand tall and address the task at hand. Forget that cell phone and the calls you make to some crooks to cozy up to you. Forget all the pussyfooting. Forget the inner circle of feline cats that purr and do nothing at all.

The drought is here and one will follow another. Climate Change is here and has been here for some years now. We have a speeding train and we can slow it some but we cannot stop it dead in the tracks.

Respect the First People and learn to treasure the resources they left for all generations. It is NOT our call to waste the resources.

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