Hunters Point known to many that live there as the HILL has over the many years contributed a lot to society. Going seventy years back many worked hard at the near by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Butchers Town, the City and County of San Francisco, Macyıs that once employed so many, the Schlage Lock Company, and the many Military Bases some in San Francisco and in the Bay Area.

Others worked at the San Francisco General Hospital, the San Francisco Unified School District, and the many hotels and restaurants that employed the hard working constituents of Hunters Point. There were still many more jobs at other hospitals, local, state, and federal facilities. Home was the Hill and has been for many all these many - years.

On the Hill it was a pleasure at one time to see Samoans and Blacks live and work and make good things happen. The few Whites and Asians too joined in the camaraderie that today seems to have vanished. There were also Native Americans and others that today seem to shy away from Public Housing on Hunters Point and in general all over San Francisco.

When the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard closed its doors in 1974 the area as a whole suffered. Many that earned a living where forced to seek employment in other areas. Many found employment but gradually the small grocery store, the one of kind tailor shops, the theater, the fishing bait store, and the many good restaurants on Third Street - closed down.

Before that the grocery store and a few vital establishments closed down on the Hill itself. The children felt a void and more so the adults but they had to survive while the SF Housing Authority did nothing much to maintain the many Public Housing units.

The City and County of San Francisco for the past twenty years especially has done nothing worthwhile to help folks in Public Housing - be it Hunters Point, Sunnydale, Army Street, Potrero Hill - nothing worth talking about.

It has done everything to bring it the drugs, especially crack cocaine, guns, and divided the people much like the Colonial Powers have done all over the world. Closer home we know what happened on the Plantation - well, there are more then willing scum bags and most of them Black willing to the Mastas bidding.

Joining the fray the many Black Pastors and the one Group that no community gave their blessing to - the Tabernacle Group.

If anyone visits the Public Housing on the Hill - the panoramic views always impress the visitor. The Hill has the best climate but there is this dark cloud that hovers above the Hill and that is the adverse impacts from the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and its past history. It is a Superfund Site and must be mitigated so that all of it attains residential standards. Simply put read Proposition P that 87% of the constituents of San Francisco voted for in the year 2000.

You do not expect to experiment with radiological elements and Depleted Uranium and find the environment cooperating with you without abatement and mitigation? Cumulative pollution - the result of heavy metals, methane gas, radiological elements, and dangerous particulates - has adversely impacted the health of many and will so unless the present leadership takes some progressive action.

The two major groups to suffer on the Hill - the Blacks and the Samoans and in recent years the Asians, Latinos, Whites, and other minorities living there. The San Francisco General Hospital, Saint Lukeıs Hospital, and the neighboring hospitals including Kaiser Hospital have all the Empirical Data linked to the serious ailments. The City and County of San Francisco and the thugs that controlled certain housing policies have with intent allowed this nonsense to go on. Spear heading the policy makers the Pacific Heights Mafia.

These folks think nothing of coming into your living room and rearranging your furniture without your permission. Making drab policies to adversely impact lives forever. Move thousands of people off the land to make room for another kind of animals that lacks compassion and more fairness. There is one corrupt Property Manager that was involved with the Geneva Towers Public Housing. If you visit the thugs web site it brags that it has over one thousands employees and that it started with but three.

The President of this company worked with the Housing and Urban Department (HUD), certain organizations that control low income housing with the ability to give large loans and so on. The Property Manager controls thousands of units at the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, and the Tenderloin, on the Hill and in many other places. Who could this monster be? A snake with many heads!

The Property Manager makes money for the thugs that have invested in his company. During the Nixon Administration an investment company called the Presidio Partners was formed. As the military bases closed this Investment Company came in and raked in the millions. I remember this monster coming in at the Presidio of San Francisco in 1994 before taking over in 1995.

At the Presidio of San Francisco for example a house that one would rent for $500 now costs $2500. And one that one would pay $1000 now rents for $5000 - there are homes that are rented for $10,000 and few in San Francisco know about this.

Among the investors Nancy Pelosi and her husband and Richard Blum and his wife Diane Feinstein. Go to the Presidio of San Francisco and check for yourself.

These scum bags perpetuate the Slave Plantation - rake in the millions and laugh all the way to the bank. The paradox these units were paid for by tax payers many times over. Some one comes - uses ploys like the Presidio Trust a quasi-federal entity and scams the public at large. While hard working, decent folks wait and wait - waiting for Godot!

Hunters View will be torn down and those that now hover and think they will have an opportunity will be run out - faster then they think they ever will. The sell outs those that attended some meeting with the Property Manager and the other thugs - are history. Never, ever turn your back on the community and think for a moment- all is well with you and your evil actions.

This pattern of a take over could have happen at Fishermanıs Wharf at the Public Housing units there - but the residents united and many got into brand new units - because they were united and had a written agreement. The few residents at Hunters View including the sell outs have no clue what is going to hit them in the head. When they awake all they ever had will be gone - they will be forced out of this City and County of San Francisco.

I was at a SF Planning Commission meeting and saw how the Property Manager who is going to develop the proposed units - presented the case - despicable. The conceptual plan has no consideration for proportional Open Space, cares less about Cumulative Pollution, even less for facilities like a school, supermarket, and a church to pray for the redemption of these scum bags.

These developers and architects mostly White think they are actually on a Plantation. The Blacks that take the crumbs and play evil games and we know who they are - should be ashamed of them. These fools could have formed a strong Tenant Association with leaders that know what they are talking about - educated on issues. Well, they are so damn stupid they could not bring themselves to the SF Planning Commission meeting to defend their community.

Early on, we saw this with the Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) using City Build and making a fool of themselves. We, the community stepped in and put things on track. AIMCO will pay a price and what is more we will monitor AIMCO for a long, long time. The State of California knows what is happening. And the time has come to put the developers at Hunters View on notice - not after the fact but before anything - starts. These thugs have not seen anything - yet.

The same holds true for the Conceptual Plans at Hunters View. Very little qualified input has been ascertained from the residents and still less from the community that lives in the vicinity. The thugs propose some gated-community and think all will be well. He laughs best who laughs - last.

Recently, we dealt with Lennar BVHP LLC and Lennar Urban. Both entities same snake different head - are on the verge of bankruptcy. The thugs linked to Hunters View are backing on State Loans to build this project but we intend visiting Sacramento just as we did with AIMCO and ratifying the situation at hand.

For starters we want the community working and giving qualified input. If you have the jobs let us see what you have and you may want to take a look at the present AIMCO operation linked to Rubecon a sound, decent, fair, contractor that we can trust. More so vetted by the constituents and who has helped the community find good UNION paying jobs and contribute to the community in more then one way.

Fake contractors that have joined the thug developer and never mind if your ass is black you still have not come to the community in the light and we know that if you are in the dark - no good will come from your asinine slave mentality. I heard you speak in generalities at the SF Planning Commission and what I heard betrayed all that is good and with the community that is educated on issues.

Gone are the days have the thugs thought they could use Gang Injunctions and get away with murder. We saw the thugs coming and studied their modus operendi. When we see a skunk - we know more - and you know the stench precedes it presenting itself. Such are the dubious characters - so called thug developers with far reaching tentacles and absolutely no moral compass.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya the land of the Mau Mau. Have seen in my life time the worst types of thugs and more in San Francisco the types of a rogue company Lennar and more. Trained well at Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco and earlier on at institutions all over the world to seek and find the scum bags that do poor people in and those that cannot defend themselves.

You thugs cannot fool all the people all the time - even if you have thirty years of thievery behind you. According to the Book of Justice your time has come and you will have to pay a heavy price. Your hell will be on this Earth - so just imagine what await you all scum bags once you close your eyes for all eternity.

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