The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been given a BLANK CHECK and there is no one body or entity that can and be capable of monitoring and evaluating the actions, goals, dead-lines, and time-lines on projects linked to this Enterprise Agency that has gone amuck.

Some years ago a large bond measure was passed over $2.4 billion the purpose to address our Clean Water and Waste Water. San Francisco were bullied and told the Big One is here and we must do something to address our Clean Water Infrastructure and our Waste Water old, leaking, failing- infrastructure. We, the tax payers fell for the PLOY and the rest is history.

None of the major projects linked our Clean Water are on track. Every excuse has been found to hoodwink those in the know and the lack luster San Francisco Public Utilities Commissioners pass Resolutions just like water that flow under any bridge. With the demise of Richard Sklar and letting to Dennis Normandy there is no one to take care of the store. Anyone can enter the store and if caught with one's hand in the cookie jar - it does not matter - those making the policies are corrupt. The Mayor of San Francisco who makes and endorses the appointments of the SFPU Commissioners has no clue about the pertinent factors that are linked with Quality of Life issues. What the Mayor is really interested in - is filling his campaign coffers. He wants to run for Governor of California but will fail as I said from the inception. The man is corrupt, has no morals, and anything he touches - fails. Mr. Dipstick will not go anywhere!

This land that we call San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone more correctly the Muwekma Ohlone. The land was stolen from the Ohlone. As one representing the Ohlone of this area called San Francisco, on matters of Infrastructure and related issues - the San Francisco Public Utilities (SFPUC) do not like what I state but I have to say what the TRUTH is. The SFPUC is an abject - failure.

The SFPUC thinks it can fool all the people all the time. This time around the TRUTH will prevail and the prevailing corruption will hit the ceiling. Most of those in Management at the SFPUC make good money over $200,000 plus benefits. In relation to what they earn, most of these so called Managers are NOT worth the salt. The test - none of the Major Project are on schedule. Before 2011 the Calaveras Project will adversely impact a large area - the SFPUC is playing with fire.

Close to the Calaveras Project is Sunol and all that land belongs to the Ohlone. Dubious entities have made a pact with the SFPUC but not a single Ohlone has been consulted. This KARMA will come to haunt the SFPUC. Near by long leases have been doled out to private companies to mine and quarry. It is wrong to abuse the land and more not to respect Mother Earth. There is no one entity that can speak to Native Plants, endangered species, things Native then the Native People. The Strangers will never, ever learn the fundamentals. More etiquette and decency - they love to talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Closer to San Francisco the University Mound supplies more then twenty five of the City's Clean Water to the Financial District and beyond. It is situated in the Portola District. This large water reservoir is undergoing a total make up and there are jobs but few are given to those in the community.

Recently the SFPUC held a workshop to review Environmental Justice Issues. As usual it was a Dog and Pony Show. The same old nonsense of patting oneself on the back when someone else must do it - first. The Garden Program is good but what has that got to do with Environmental Justice in the Bayview and surrounding areas? The Bayview Hunters Point has been treated like excreta - the air is foul, with a Raw Sewage Plant at Phelps stark naked in the middle of a Residential Area. What is that that SFPUC fails to see, smell, and act upon?

The SFPUC with intent sends eighty percent of the City's raw sewage to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. Imagine all the sewage from the Presidio of San Francisco coming all the way from the Presidio to Bayview Hunters Point? The Sewage from all of China Town. The sewage from the Financial District and the millions that come to the area from all over - during the day time, when the population is the greatest. The Phelps plant is very old, the digester tanks faulty, methane gas flares are released daily, and other toxic elements, into the air - that adversely impact the constituents that live near by.

San Francisco and Mayor Gavin Newsom will often brag that we are a Green City but the fact of the matter is that we are not. San Francisco is a Racist City and the SFPUC sees to it that it perpetuates such an EVIL policy.

Recently, the SFPUC openly declared that it wants more money and a larger Bond Measure to deal with the Master Waste Water Project. So what happened to the first Bond Measure in the amount of 2.4 Billion that had declared to take on the Waste Water Project but some how someone decided to divert all the money and waste some of it on the Clean Water Project?

Hetch Hetchy belongs to the Native Americans, the several tribes that surround Mariposa and Yosemite and beyond. No one speaks about the theft of the land and the water. It is as if - if, you are a thief, a robber, and a skunk - the White Man loves it as long as he makes money. It is all about GREED the underlying element that will bring the destruction of the GREEDY CIVILIZATION as experienced by the on going Economic Crisis. The signs of the times.

Some years ago I brought the First People to the SFPU Commission, so that the Commissioners could hear first hand - what the First People had to say. It is pathetic how these ignorant, immoral fools behave. Nothing goes unheard on a different level where spiritual values matter. There is so much pussyfooting going on at the SFPUC that those that care and know have stopped attending the SFPU Commission meetings. Ask Joan and Steve Lawrence and they will tell you the TRUTH?

In San Francisco over thirty thousand housing units are planned and in the pipeline in the Southeast Sector. Today, we are asked to conserve water and many do but many do not. The Presidio of San Francisco uses our clean drinking water when they have their own resources. And even if we give them our water they do not pay us a fair rate. Million of gallons are wasted daily. Our over 1200 miles of clean drinking water pipes are seventy five years plus old and leaking. Add to that the over 1000 miles of waste water pipes leaking and polluting our water-shed. The Citizens Advisory Committees that are supposed to address such issues are busy pussyfooting around seeking personal gratification and pandering to the evil designs of policy makers that do not have the better interests of the constituents of San Francisco. Aho.

The SFPUC has permitted dubious Big Developers such as Lennar to build Infrastructure on Parcel A at Hunters Point that is contaminated with Asbestos Structures. Recently on October 15, 2009 there was an exceedance of over 400,700 structures per cubic meter. The cap set is 16,000 structures per cubic meter. Where is the SFPUC on this one?

I have stated that the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant takes eighty percent of the City's Sewage and all of the Sewage from China Town and the Presidio of San Francisco. But, would it surprise you to know a hundred percent from Brisbane, Daly City and the near by cities too! All this was agreed upon by the Racist City in 1972 as part of a deal with the Federal Government. The Federal Government agreed to fund the upgrade if they would take more raw waste. Never mind, if it adversely impacted the community. As far as I know NO Environmental Impact Report or Study has been done linked to the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant in recent times, even going five years or more. Time to sue the SFPUC.

The Weirs that hold the secondary effluents - that are long, wide concrete trenches are worn out. In recent times we have had the secondary effluents backing into the pipes and heading for the operation system. So far not all the way but most of the way. It is just a matter of time before it backs up all the way and the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant at Phelps - fails. Flooding of Raw Sewage is very imminent; impacting the Residential Area is a high possibility but what is more and is happening all the time - spills of Raw Sewage into the Bay. Recently, a freak saturation of rain in San Francisco where a mere one a half inch flooded some areas, within an hour or two, adversely impact several areas. One being Folsom Street, adversely impacting some businesses. Raw Sewage inundated the businesses and of course the SFPUC has to pay for the damage.

The SFPUC has no clue about the real state of affairs linked to Quality of Life Issues. For one thing I have noticed they do not respect Mother Earth and the First People. A lot of immoral folks that pussyfoot around make their abode at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The first priority seems to take care of themselves, these immoral folks that seem not to favor family values and children. I have noticed this since the time Susan Leal the last General Manager was in charge, polluted the place and now we the constituents of San Francisco have to deal with the secondary effluents.

On another note of interest and vital to our Master Planning and Housing Element are issues like. Where are we going to get the clean water to service the over 30,000 housing units in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco? An increased population a quarter of a million - plus. How are we doing to deal with the waster water situation and the clean water services? What about recycling? Fire and Police services? Child care and schools for our children? What about Open Space and stores and markets and stuff like that? What about the population generated from the all the vehicles and plain living that generates toxicity. The Southeast has over four hundred and fifty toxic hotspots that the City and County of San Francisco has failed to abate and mitigate. Besides, there is the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and it is a Superfund Site. Only the worse of the worst toxic sites are places on a Superfund Site.

Why is there NO sound Transportation Document? Why is there no current Economic Analysis mandated by an Ordinance, and is Law - linked to the proposed 30,000 housing units plus and related issues. Is there a plan to provide Clean Energy without impacting any community? The Pittsburg-Potrero under the Bay cable sounds good - but, as those of us in the know, knows - the folks in and around Pittsburg will bear the blunt of the adverse impacts. Now, that is not kosher.

SFPU Commissioners have no clue that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site. I challenge you none of the Managers have read the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report. More they are not aware that over 200 tons per year of Methane Gas is released into the air at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. That one ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. So much for all the talk about San Francisco being a Green City! Hog Wash.

SFPUC outreach is a JOKE. Let me repeat it a JOKE. While millions go into the pockets of SFPUC Managers most of them making over $200,000 plus benefits - the only drab show the community gets to see - are the Dog and Pony Shows. Those that pretend to be so called community leaders from the Bayview, working for the SFPUC are sellouts and harm the community. Some do not even live in the community. All they seek are opportunities to make money - while living far away. The Bayview has suffered a lot and this is a Clarion Call to the sell outs - be careful when I call out the suspects - it will NOT be a pretty sight. Your freaking know who you are.

It is just a matter of time before the Big One strikes and God Willing may those that deserve their share get it. I know some how God will protect the innocent and the poor. The SFPUC talks the talk but fails to walk the walk. It has become the "in" thing to speak and talk in "rosy terms" and FAIL to speak the truth. I know an idiot when I see one and SFPUC have the most idiots congregating in one place. Rarely, during Public Comment do decent people want to have anything much to do with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. I have been following the nonsense since 1982. And, before that the Water Department and the Public Works Department - nothing much has changed.

Diane Feinstein raped the General Fund when she was Mayor and most of the money that belong to the Water Department and the SF Public Utilities Commission. She still wants to divert our precious water that belongs to the First People of the Hetch Hetchy area to the Central Valley. Dumb jerks at the SFPUC and some of them that belong to the SF Democratic Central Committee do double duty and pander to corrupt, evil - politicians. In fact some are poised to run for the SF District Supervisor's Race and there are lots of other machinations all very dubious in nature but known to all of us that monitor the crooks - "remote control".

I have post a collage of photographs that take you to events and point to the First People. Take you up to the Twin Peaks where you should go and see for yourself how the City and County of San Francisco is expanding. Go check out Executive Park - lots of incriminating activity going on there beyond the borders? Follow the evil design of Lennar trying to build 10,500 homes at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point. More homes on Potrero Hill and more still at Hunters View up on the Hill. Still more in the thousands at the Sunnydale and over a thousand two hundred at the old Schlage Lock Company by Tunnel Street and the Caltrans Station and Old Bayshore bordering Daly City.

These greedy bastards have no respect for Mother Earth and more human kind. These jerks the same that managed AIG, Goldman Sacks, Lehman Brother, Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac - are found here in the Bay Area - they are known as Mercy Housing, Lennar, Bridge Developers, and John Stewart Company, CBRE, and more. One worse then the other. They have plans for building thousands of units not for those that really need housing but for those they can exploit. This time around their ploys will me met by the design of a Higher Power.

This collage of photographs takes you places - read between the lines. From Twin Peaks, to the Presidio of San Francisco to San Francisco City Hall. From Executive Park to the Mission Dolores Church and beyond to the Financial District, the Ferry Building and beyond. Here, there, every where. There is serious stuff happening, billion of dollars spent, millions wasted - mostly by corrupt folks that think that the layperson is ignorant and not cognizant of the facts. Time will tell:

Enjoy the photographs:


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