LENNAR is a rogue developer that has recently been challenged by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Commission. The Chair, Mr. Richard Swig making a statement that the documents produced in bulk makes him cockeyed. Further, admonishing the staff from the Mayor's Office of Economic Development to do their homework which they have not been adhering to. Leading the charge linked to this blatant neglect one Tiffany Bohee who will look at you in the eye and LIE.

At the recent San Francisco Planning Commission the Commissioners were not satisfied with the fake presentation made by Lennar. Lennar keeps producing glossy brochures and hiring folks to come to speak in favor of Lennar. Recently we have been noticing some Chinese who have no clue what they are talking about. Prior to that - it was some African Americans who did the same.

Lennar must remember that the conceptual plans it produces to make them look good like a dream is nothing but a ploy. Once you awake up this dream may be your worst nightmare. The architect Tom David is a good man and tries his best - but, really one cannot imagine building such homes on land that is toxic and what is worse prone to liquefaction. Hunters Point Shipyard is a Superfund Site contaminated, with the worse type of radiological elements that will adversely impact all life forms.

The City and County of San Francisco has the Precautionary Principle on its books - but, no one wants to pay attention to the Precautionary Principle. In San Francisco it is law and this law that cannot be avoided and shunned by anyone least a Rogue Developer - like LENNAR.


I have been following Lennar since 1998 when it registered itself as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in Sacramento. Today, it is a registered as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in Delaware. Over the years since 1998 it has changed it Corporation name - three times. Why is this so?

Lennar has with intent poisoned our children and our elders. Some of us will not forget nor forgive Lennar - because they poisoned the community with intent. Grading huge areas without the required Dust and Asbestos monitors in place and failing the keep the dust down by not using large amounts of water. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) fined Lennar - $515,000 for it's over 380 Notice of Violation - that fine should have amounted to $38 million.

Lennar has been touting about Proposition G. Lennar spent over $5 million on Proposition G. On Proposition F that opposed Proposition G - the community spent only $5 thousand. Lennar made a deal with ACORN that has since been shut down by the Federal Government. The SF Organizing Project and the SF Labor Council joined Lennar as partners in crime favoring Proposition G. So did Mayor Gavin Newsom, Senator Diane Feinstein, Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, Carmen Policy, Angelo King, Lola Whittle, Aurelious Walker and others - all today doubting if they did the right thing.

"No good ever will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard" - I said that a long time ago and I say it again. The United States Navy desecrated the entire Shipyard destroyed two large Shellmounds, spreading the remains of the Ohlone all over the Shipyard. This crime cries to heaven and those responsible will suffer. It is as simple as that.

Lennar promised to build 10,000 homes on Mare Island adjoining the City of Vallejo. After 10 years Lennar had nothing to show and as a result Vallejo declared bankruptcy - just like Lennar declared bankruptcy. Today, Vallejo is a mess with no money to provide sound Health, Safety and other essential services. San Francisco will suffer the same plight if we do not severe ourselves from the rogue developer Lennar. We have a very narrow window of opportunity and we must do the right thing now - send Lennar packing to where it belongs - hell.

Here some photographs of the San Francisco Planning Commission and more:


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