May 25, 2010

Bill Wycko
1650 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Francisco Da Costa
4909 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94124

REF: Final EIR linked to Comments and Responses to HPS and Candlestick Point.

It is shame that after spending hours researching and evaluating a lot of empirical data my comments do not appear in toto in the four volumes sent to me and part of the four volumes of Comments and Responses linked to the Hunters Point Shipyard (HPS) and Candlestick Point. I hold Stanley Muraoko and you Bill Wycko responsible for this glaring, injustice.

As you know this City and County of San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - the present Director, Michael Cohen and the previous Director Jessie Blout do not have the better interests of the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point, Candlestick Point, Little Hollywood and beyond. They are all in bed with Lennar.

The same can be said of the former Director of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Marcia Rosen and the present Director of SFRA who fails to listen to us advocates but follows the dictates of the Mayor. In the case of Marcia Rosen it was Willie L. Brown Jr. and in the case of Fred Blackwell - Mayor Gavin Newsom.

At a recent SF Planning Department we learnt that large areas at Candlestick Point and some large areas within the Hunters Point Shipyard have not be mapped and therefore cannot be zoned. This defies any decent Environmental Impact Report where large areas known to be very toxic, more radiological in nature are now in the twilight zone. Recreational facilities are planned on them.

United States Navy documents reveal large areas mostly linked to industrial operations during World War II have been contaminated and are prone to cancer and other diseases to all life and that includes humans. Our City and County has an Ordinance called the Precautionary Principle. This Precautionary Principle has not been used to highlight the hot zones and large areas that the U.S. Navy and the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report reveal in detail as contaminated. The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is after all a Superfund Site. Only the most contaminated sites are put on the Superfund List.

It is a shame that we are given over 6000 pages of Comments and Responses linked to the Final, EIR but only a few weeks to review such a lengthy document. The SF Redevelopment Agency staff, the Mayor's Office of Economy Development and Workforce and one Tiffany Bohee - others so called experts continue to defy logic and common sense by spewing diatribe and lies.

At the last SF Planning Meeting held May 20, 2010 - new amendments were stated to the SF Planning Commissioners but the new amendments were not made available to the SF Planning Commissioners. They were promised to be in their packages later - but discussed with the public at large - present. We, the public do not have them. And when we ask for them - we are told to go here, there, and everywhere and no one seems to care about such important factors.

As the key authorities linked to the Final, EIR to the HPS and Candlestick Point are fully aware, the last time around very little was stated about Cultural Resources and the First People and in particular the Muwekma Ohlone that have appointed me to evaluated all matters linked to Base Closures, EIRs, CEQUA, Cultural Resources such as Shellmounds, and so on.

A number of Responses and Comments have been forwarded to the SF Planning Department and to the SF Redevelopment Agency. The responses to the comments are vague and often defy logic. In short SF Planning avoids the issues at hand and there are State and Federal Laws that guarantee Rights and Privileges to the First People, the Native American - in this case the Muwekma Ohlone that exercised their Right of First Refusal in 1991.

I know for sure Stanley Muraoko and Michael Cohen had first hand knowledge of this fact but chose to side step the Cultural Resources issues and this will come to haunt the entire process. Let me state clearly the Muwekma Ohlone have Patrimonial Jurisdiction and the stranger, the White man who stole the land and thinks he can do as he pleases - will have to answer to a higher calling.

It may be of interest to those of little or no understanding that ninety five percent of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is landfill and once there were two hills that were destroyed to use this dirt to fill the large areas that became landfill. Unfortunately, the U.S. Navy desecrated the Shellmounds, Sacred Remains of the Ohlone. The U.S. Navy went one step further and spread the remains with the dirt and this act calls for restitution and an apology. Of course the White man's EIR and CEQUA does not mandate such orders or regulations but as I said a long time ago: "No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard". Someone have BLOOD on their hands.

The Comment and Responses speak of some vague Transportation Plan and whenever the so called expert tries to justify the "fake transportation" he points to the Municipal Transportation Authority that has no money and less is in a mess. The present MTA is an abject failure and for one to point to that dubious agency to stand up and do what is right - is a far cry from any standard.

There are State Laws that encourage twenty percent of conservation be incorporated in the use of electricity, water, sewage and so on. Over 10,500 homes are planned and there is little if no concrete plan about conservation. There is absolutely no plan about schools, hospitals, fire station, model for recycling, and a proven system that will not burden the existing sewage system, and so on.

The responses to some of the above factors are vague at best and reveal some very low thinking on the part of those responsible for the responses. The caliber of the comments on the part of the commentators linked to the above mentioned factors reveal some deep thinking and rightly so.

The developer, LENNAR even as we speak is working to dump the assets it has on Parcel A. Looking forward to use the "Land Banking" model to jump ship after it gets the necessary permits and permission from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and other authorities. The SF Redevelopment Agency has taken thousands of innocent people for a ride before and it will now and in the future.

Lennar the Developer that is behind the ploys and machinations is a Rogue Developer. It promised the City of Vallejo to build 10,000 homes on Mare Island, the site that the City of Vallejo gave Lennar. After 10 years, Lennar the Rogue Developer had nothing to show. The result Vallejo declared bankruptcy and the same will be the FATE of San Francisco the evil folks that are in bed with Lennar.

The present dire economic straits have left thousands of homes empty and in foreclosure in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Thousands of condominiums are vacant. No one has money and in many areas including the Bayview Hunters Point more then forty percent have no jobs and there is a cry for good jobs but none to be found. Yet, without any compassion gentrification is going on and thousands of homes are planned to be built on toxic land that is radiological in nature.

For sure no one in their right mind will buy homes that are built on toxic more radiological saturated ground. There will be waiver that you cannot dig dirt in your backyard. There will be waiver that if you go near the Bay and the beach you will be adversely impacted. The plan is to sell innocent home buyers homes on toxic land, prone to liquefaction and flooding. If this is not the DEVIL work - I ask what is. The Sell Outs the many that receive bloody money from Lennar could not care less. This City and County of San Francisco is irresponsible.

In the interim there is over $40 billion in projects ready to roll and the City and County of San Francisco and the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce do not have a plan. They have no empirical data and have only recently got raw data and have hired a good for nothing consultant that has got a measly one hundred and twenty thousand contract to help - Citybuild. It is the blind leading the blind. Outsiders, coming into our Living Rooms and rearranging our furniture without our permission.

Deals are made that defy logic and folks without any valid experience, less transparency and accountability are given contracts. Luster, once made a deal with Lennar but were thrown in the cesspool when Lennar chose to reorganize. Lennar has incorporated four times, the first time as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in Sacramento, in 1998. Then again and again finally incorporating in the rogue confines of Delaware where all the Credit Card companies make hay while the sun shines. Go check out the facts.

Luster once thought they would make millions - but the company has been bought by some one else - and what the elder Luster left, (who spoke to me often) - tried to leave a legacy but the siblings find themselves in a quagmire. Behind the scenes you have Willie L. Brown Jr. the ultimate "thug" wheeling and dealing - and messing with money most of it soiled and more of it BLOOD money.

Recently at the SF Redevelopment Agency Commission meeting over $1 million of Stimulus Money was doled to artists who were assigned works of art to be placed on the toxic Hunters Point Shipyard. If this is not an insult to the federal tax payers I do not know what is? We have thousands going to bed hungry, children suffering, our elders dying in misery - they have no one to bring bread and butter to the table.

Here in San Francisco we have the Pacific Heights Mafia, that ilk that brought about our Nation's financial collapse, still wheeling and dealing and shafting us all. When has art now been permitted to be associated with toxicity? Hunters Point the place where Depleted Uranium was tested, the place where a bomb left and was dropped on Japan and killed - millions. Karma!

The SF Planning Department has no Zoning Czar he was fired because he was watching "Porno" while paid by the City and County of San Francisco. Joining him three others all involved in the same activity for a prolonged period of time. Not unlike the Mayor who slept with his best friends wife in Room 200. Our City is going to the dogs - and the people taken for a ride. People that lack morals, less accountability, have no fortitude, cannot discern - are selling our City and destroying the last frontier that is the Bayview Hunters Point and Candlestick Point. The land that was stolen from the Ohlone.

Jun e 3, 2010 the joint SF Redevelopment Commission will meet with aged crooks like Leroy King and Darshan Singh (once investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation) linked to Lennar in Room 250 at 6 pm. There present, you will have the SF Planning Commissioners - some of them have the interests of the community. Those that care come out in force and speak up at this meeting. Thugs will be bused from everywhere, fed with cheap pizzas; others will be paid to say they want jobs and homes.

It is so sad to see so many, the living dead, sans spirituality, less morality, getting paid by monsters like Dwayne Jones and others - to do the devil's work. The coercion is not discussed by CEQUA, nor is Cumulative Pollution, nor are other principles that dictate norms and standards. San Francisco has lost its compassion but more its class. Thugs such the Pacific Heights Mafia rule and the rest just nod and look the other way.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy

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