There is always a lot of talk - mostly hot air when it comes to career jobs in San Francisco. The City and County of San Francisco has 26,000 people on its pay roll, but when you add some others - temporary works and so on it amounts to and swells to a large number - 36,400 employees.

Our City and County of San Francisco has a population of 816,000 and it seems excessive to have so many City Employees, most of them living outside San Francisco - making fat salaries here and laughing all the way to the bank in other areas. Not contributing much to the local economy - except the trash they leave behind.

If you go to the Controller Website you can review the City and County of San Francisco's Annual Salary Ordinance - File Number 110386 and Ordinance Number 146-11. You can study this convoluted document and come out with an average salary of $100,000. But, it is more like over $175,000 with benefits for over 80% of the City Workers that work for our City and have it very good.

These are the same people who do not pay their fare share into the Pension System. We have a $7 Billion unfunded train heading in our direction - and we really do not want to address the situation. It is like a Balloon Payment - that must be paid and no one wants to address the situation at hand - accept Jeff Adachi. Health benefits that are out of whack and creating more problems that we must pay because we assure our City employees too much and must adhere to our commitments.

The Enterprise Departments the San Francisco Airport, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the San Francisco Port Authority - all enjoy good salaries and sound benefits. They bitch all the time when called out because no one bothers to evaluate their work performance annually - if this was done half of them would be history.

So why are so many San Franciscans suffering? Why are there hot spots in our City of San Francisco with high job unemployment and no one really doing anything about it?

Why all the talk and no action?

The City Build program is a Joke. The crooks that use to have their way are jumping ship at City Build. The best day will be when Rhonda Simmons who has been having a great ride leaves San Francisco. City Build has the worst track record - simply because it has no sound mission objective - no accountability.

Most of the workers working for the City and County of San Francisco have tenure. Now, tell me City Build when you place some graduate with an average grade of an General Education Certificate (GED) - how do you expect these students to have a career job? Who is fooling whom?

It is the same with the ploys and machinations at the One Stop so called career centers that promise you the world and shaft you. They help you with some drab resume and whisper some pretty things in your ear - but beyond that - hot air. You have this in the Mission, in the Western Addition, at China Town, and others in the Visitation Valley and Bayview.

Young Community Developers is the worst of them all. Imagine - we cannot hire a director from the community but have to get one from Vallejo? What is happening to the Black Folks that are controlling Young Community Developers - folks like Toye Moses and others? Stop fooling yourselves while you are sinking!

In the Bayview we have a flood of young women and men who were once incarcerated and are now looking for jobs. Some of them have been looking for jobs for years - many five, six, and seven years. Do not ask me how they survive? I leave it to your imagine. If you follow the incidents reports in the Bayvew and the surrounding area - you know why we have so much crime.

Hot spots with 50% and 60% percent unemployment spells trouble. Our past Mayor and our present interim Mayor Ed Lee with his funny looking mustache is no help. Time he wears a red ball on his nose - and play the role of the clown - in toto. With sell out in the neighborhood following him and pandering - pathetic.

It does not help to have the grinning Malia Cohen in District 10 who is useless and has no sense what so ever - what, it really means to address work force. She still has the staff in her office at City Hall that worked for Sophie Maxwell - carrying on the evil operations and has been no help to the community at all.

Judging from her comments here and there at City Hall meetings and the general Social Network - this woman is lost and shallow on every single level. A disgrace to anything decent and what is more she is fake - she has no clue what it means to put a plan of action and carry it. Why?

Malia Cohen really has not consulted the right people, does know how to work with those that know - and loves to sit on the fence and see which side is green. This stupid mentality is not going to help her - ever. She follows Ed Lee who as you know has not done right by the Ethics Commission, is harboring folks that need to be fired, and works and is controlled by Willie L. Brown Jr. and Rose Pak two very corrupt people not respected in San Francisco.

This City of San Francisco once cared for people and there was compassion. Now, what is have is RACISM and those that help keep it alive sadly are Blacks the likes of Willie L. Brown, Amos Brown, Sophie Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Doris Vincent, Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Calvin Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt, Malia Cohen, Willie B. Kennedy, and a host of others that I will name - when I write a especial article on this topic. These Blacks are a disgrace to humanity and more to those that are Black and to the empowering of the colored community as a whole.

Since the year 2000 I have worked hard as the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy and the Director of the Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation to address Quality of Life issues. I can speak my mind because I am not beholden to this corrupt RACIST City and speak my mind at City Hall. My constituents are Nationwide and I like to think Worldwide.

I have taken a stand when the Third Street Light Rail was being built. A $700 million Light Rail project starting from 4th and King and ending in the middle of nowhere in the Visitation Valley - the worst project ever to be built with no sound planning - it would be practical to connect it to Balboa Bart Station.

We worked hard to shut down the Hunters Point Power Plant but others took credit. That is what happens - folks arrive at the end of the culmination of someone's hard work to steal the show. Then, they think all is right - but, each of these fake idiots have fallen by the way side.

The TRUTH always - prevails. And truly speaking when you serve the community no one really worth the salt waits for such praise and accolades because that it not what makes you work hard daily for years. That is not what sacrifice is about. Where there is genuine love there is sacrifice. Ask a mother who cares for her child what motivates her to love and nurture her child.

We worked hard to take on Lennar, a Rogue Developer to task and now have Lennar in a casket. Lennar has been dead for years - the determination must be made where to bury them or throw them in the deep Ocean - somewhere - where they cannot be found. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Lennar is so corrupt and so vile that anyone that receives and has received any money from Lennar should NOT have anything to do with our Bayview Hunters Point community. I am talking about those that were on the payroll and paid by that sordid person that worked as a lawyer; and worked for a well known construction company by the Caltrans Station, was White and divided our community. If you recognize who you are - pay restitution - you already have BLOOD on your hands.

Think of this each time you sip your Starbucks Coffee at the Bart Stations and remember you are in bed with the person who facilitated this opportunity - a well known California Speaker who is very corrupt and always on the take.

In San Francisco to do business and get any contract you have to be certified. We you are BLACK you have to be certified. The process is tedious and those that created the system want to keep competition and progress out. If you are brought in on a contract by a Prime contractor and are a minority - you are given bread crumbs. What injustice.

Here is the JOKE if you ass is White you are certified as a Minority! Wonder why so many White women act as fronts and have Blacks working for them and making millions at the expense of minorities? Who do you think came up with this fucking gimmick? What a screwed up mentality?

I once brought these facts up before the Board of Supervisors they did not like that I exposed the hypocrisy of this City and County of San Francisco.

White whores know that it is wrong to make money this way - but have been doing it for the longest possible time - causing untold harm to those that need some help and are qualified to do business but happen to be BLACK and minority. Shame on those who are Black and minority as work for these fronts.

Our City has a Human Rights Commission. I have know personally many of the Directors - they have no clout. The Big Developers and politicians control them. Each and every one of them. I remember the SF Human Right Commission - keeping one talented Compliance Office the most talented in fact - Kevin Williams in an office where he clocked in every day and clocked out every day and was given nothing to do - regularly. This as a punishment for being a Whistle Blower when a noose appeared on a Black Contractor's Office step - this at the San Francisco Airport.

On occasion some drab work was dumped on Kevin William's table and he was told to make sense of it. Anyone who went to visit him was monitored. I went to see him and had to answer some nasty questions at the reception desk - but I always succeeded in my venture to see Kevin Williams and admired his tenacity. The many years he was penalized for being a Whistle Blower. Just a little history on the past Human Rights Commission and what really transpired before.

The Local Hiring Ordinance is good - allows one to rock the boat - but where is the clout. People who backed the Local Hiring Ordinance want the person who initiated it Supervisor John Avalos to do most of the acting, it is not going to happen - nor the dream that John Avalos will be the next Mayor of San Francisco. It simply does not work like that.

I remember working hard to elect Matt Gonzalez as Mayor of San Francisco that was when the Green Party had some sense and astute leaders who could hold their ground. No more. Shallow folks who are scatter brained and all over place - without any meaningful objective and no strategic worth its salt - good luck Greens wait to turn - Brown.

It is a shame that we permit; having no many Independents in San Francisco the San Francisco County Democratic Committee to create fake SLATES who try to coerce shallow candidates - we saw it with the District Elections the last time around and one sample is Malia Cohen. Pathetic.

Jobs are critical and the best way is to have enforcement. The Big Developers are like the MAFIA in San Francisco. At this time WEBCOR has all the major jobs, the Nibbi Brothers, Cahill - why give only these guys all the construction jobs. Outsiders Belfour, Parsons, AECOM, Black and Veatch, Shaw, others who pay under the table to get what they want.

The usual way is to contact Platinum Associates and pay them $5000 to $10,000 and in a jiffy you get what you want. That is a small glimpse of the worst type of corruption prevailing in San Francisco. Worse at projects like the TransBay Project, downtown San Francisco - patting themselves on the back while shafting San Franciscans in the ass all the time. Go figure.

The present economy will bring untold misery to those that once controlled the destiny of those that work for them. Right now those projects in the pipeline have allowed San Francisco to do well. More when the Democrats were in office. Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein all funding many pork barrel projects, with Stimulus Money that was wasted on many projects in San Francisco.

Today, we are at a stalemate. This will be the second time the House and Senate is deliberating to fund or not to fund to keep the Federal Government - working. We had Hurricane Irene causing a lot of damage some $323 million but the Republicans want to fund a measly $30 million or so. It is such a mentality that will destroy the goodwill and compassion that we had before in this Great Nation, we call the United States of America - the Republicans are nasty on every level and bring out the worst out off any decent human being.

The Republicans saw nothing out sourcing jobs and keeping profit in off shore accounts. They see no reason to help the aged, the disabled, and those in need. They do not care about those single mothers that have children to feed. They have no compassion.

They had no qualms taking this Nation to war killing thousands of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in other places where we had no business messing in the affairs to sovereign Nations. Who the fuck do the Republicans think we are - that is the Government Officials like Dick Chaney, Rumsfeld, and the other skunks including George W. Bush? These idiots have ruined our economy.

Finally let me say this about the Republicans and how they think. When it comes to the Government they say they do not want Government in their face. Yet when it comes to putting an innocent man to death - they want Government to commit a crime much as they participate daily in White Crimes and no one does anything about them. Troy Davis did not die in vain - his murder will haunt those that committed it. Mark my words - Georgia you have it coming.

White Crime is committed on Wall Street every day - even today, forget the woes of the year 2008 when the tax payers bailed the big financial institution like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase - then the smaller banks that today are failing Bank of America, Wells Fargo and more.

Machinations and ploys linked to hedge funds make billions for the Koch Brothers and other "thugs" ˆ they say they are investors but they are robbers.

It will take us a good ten years to recover and slowly incinerate the "toxic loans" that are floating all over the world and will come to haunt America - soon. The collapse of the Euro and Europe is connected to the hip of most large financial institution. We, here in American started with sub-prime loans and derivatives, we are the ones that encouraged crooks like Bernie Maddofff to create Ponzi schemes. We are the ones that ruined the 401 (K) pension funds of millions and have no qualms of conscience.

The economy is tied to jobs and here in the Bay Area and San Francisco our mixed economy - tourism, agriculture, information, technology, medical inventions, innovative start-up companies - are our saving grace. If one is educated then we have a chance. If not we must think outside the box.

Over $20 billion worth of project will come rolling our way in the next 12 years. Thousands of homes are planned. We must address clean energy on all fronts, drinking water which is like GOLD, less garbage are areas and we must feel proud about. We send less to the landfills and recycle - always recycle and say a prayer for Mother Earth. More open space and or course wetlands!

There is NO reason that each and every one in the Bayview Hunters cannot get a job. There are lots of jobs but no one really cares about those that need help. Judging from the statement made after the Phase One at the TransBay Project by Maria Ayerdi Kaplan - who would think San Franciscans are still unemployed?

If you live in San Francisco go to the TransBay and demand a job. Find out how many outsiders work in San Francisco - while those qualified to work have to wait, suffer, starve and watch people make false statement and create a rosy picture on projects that have BLOOD written all over them. The TransBay Project being one of them.

BDI was given an opportunity to help minority firms and is situated in the Bayview and has done nothing. RDJ Associates and Dwayne Jones is pretending to do outreach and has teamed with AECOM/Belfour to do outreach and is not doing anything. We saw these vermin before Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, other all fake that work for RDJ Associates and think they have free reign. We are monitoring them and will take them to task. They have $150 million over five years to bring the right information to the community and are doing - nothing.

We are monitoring the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the Sewer System Improvement Project all aspects of it. Some convoluted training like the the recent opening of a training center by plumbers by folks that stole Union Dues and invested in a failed private real estate deal in Napa County.

Now backed by Interim Mayor Ed Lee and Malia Cohen grinning at this Mafia operation of sorts - a training center for plumbers. The training center near the Bayview Police Station and closer to the SF Housing Authority by Williams Street and closer still to Egbert Street. We are watching.

We the people must be united and demand for jobs. The UNIONS are bought out and those in leadership in the Unions have in the past backed Lennar and other dubious entities and have lost. They have no soul - the Unions have lost over 60% of their memberships and are figuring out why? Well, the Union Leaders have a cozy job and the workers pay their dues and get nothing in return.

The Unions all of them have no long range plans. Comprehend little about the world economy, less about production at home. If they understood some they would stop the bleeding and not permit large production of home made goods to go abroad. Nipped it in the bud - but, they were sleeping busy using Unions Dues for nefarious purposes. Let the TRUTH be told.

We can stop buying trash that says: Made in China. Do not tell me we cannot manufacture pins and flags with the American flag stamped: "Made in America". Do not tell me we cannot start again manufacturing clothes and shoes in America. Do not tell me that we cannot encourage buying and producing things made in America.

We spend two billion dollars a week on our wars aboard. Eight billion dollars a month. Over hundred billion a year and we the people do not have a say. Fuck the representatives; we do not need aged Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, George Miller, others that have a low IQ and do not have the heart for the people at large - representing us.

As long as we have this nonchalant attitude we will be drowning in the cesspool of our own creation. Wake up America we can do it and do it at home. Bring our troops back and stop interfering with other Nations - waging unjust wars, selling sub-prime loans and devious derivatives and more.

Today three percent of the filth rich control ninety percent of our assets or equity - think about it? We have the filthy rich and the very, very poor. The middle class is eroding. The middle class is eroding. The middle class - gone.

Our Founding Fathers created a Sound Constitution - they learned much and incorporated much from the Six Nations and the Iroquois Tribe.

Of course the sordid, lethargic Republicans - would not know that. Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein and there minions have been slow to recognize the Muwekma Ohlone ˆ here in the Bay Area and San Francisco.

The First People of the Bay Area and San Francisco - listed on the Federal Register until 1927 and then illegally removed - by a rogue Bureau of Indian Affairs Agent - LA Dorrington - this history is NOT taught in our schools.

Why? Because recognizing the Ohlone would expose them - thugs, they steal and conceal, lie and sell their mothers for a dime. All of this land belongs to the Ohlone. It is that simple. Thieves stole it - much like they do today - think hard about the foreclosures. You paid for your home, thought for a moment you had it good - but daily you are stressed because some bank owns it now - and we the tax payers bailed the banks!.

What a joke, a parody, so much confusion and more to come. Most people have lost their sanity and cannot think straight. Why? They are always listening to disinformation in the Main Media. They cannot comprehend simple things. Why? Because they are NOT educated on issues and cannot connect the dots. As simple as that - it is not complicated if we keep it simple.

We must be united to fight for our jobs and there are plenty in the Bay Area and more in San Francisco. Pray to God that makes things simple and of course - humility.

Both Environmental Justice Advocacy and Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation have facilitated over the years - creating jobs, certifying minority companies - and creating innovative models to create opportunities. We embrace the future with a kick ass attitude. Aho.

The land belongs to the Ohlone the First People of the Bay Area.

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