There is no doubt in the mind of those that are cognizant of the law more International Law who was behind the 2008 economic collapse of large financial institutions - all unregulated - and each of them stealing huge sums of money from decent investors. The result the ongoing financial crisis we experience today, all over the world.

The United States of America must own up as to the fact of the country of origin that initiated with "intent" to "defraud" using sub-prime loans, derivatives, algorithms and other dubious ploys and machinations - to defraud billions of innocent people here in the United States and all over the world.

It was wrong for the United States Government to absolve the large banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America - the larger financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase and others of billions of dollars - entities that stole from innocent, mostly hard working people all over the world.

Right now the many protests held are spot on and right on. The guilty have to be brought to task - and America must APOLOGIZE for their grave mistakes. If President Barack Hussein Obama does not publicly apologize then he will fail in the short term and the long term as well.

The President, Barack Hussein Obama must fully understand that when most of us independents and others voted for him - we voted for fair play and we voted for justice.

The raging war in Iraq and Afghanistan is now raging in Libya and unrest has been instigated in Syria and other places. We, few who understand the dynamics of this policy, the ways of the Zionists and other entities that encourage war and confusion, fully comprehend who is behind the behind.

J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sacks today enjoy full freedom and many others that perpetrated the crimes with "intent" to hurt so many millions were let Scott Free and why I ask? Is it not a paradox that J.P. Morgan Chase manages the Food Stamp Program for the United States Government? Why are these billionaires who deal with trillions of dollars- given more easy opportunities to make so much money? Who will ask and where is the justice?

We all remember the time when Ronald Regan gave huge tax breaks to the filthy rich around 1984. Suddenly, in a few years we saw the Middle Class erode. Today, as the protestors and the world acknowledges one percent of the filthy rich cats control the destiny and lives of ninety nine percent.

The Republicans have no compassion for the poor and detest those that are protesting by Wall Street in New York and in places all over the United States and the world. Here in San Francisco and Oakland we are doing our share.

It is important to note that while many bloggers openly declared war against the banksters a long time ago. Our U.S. Government was dragging it's legs - worse the Main Media - putting down the protestors and demanding what reasons did they have to protest?

The reasons are many and the despicable Main Media has been too slow to do any investigative reporting. Now, that the people detest the Main Media - the Main Media have chosen to put down the protesters who speak the Truth. We know the SPIN of the Main Media - the Main Media will drown in the cesspool of their own creation.

Well, it has become fashionable for the Main Media and the corrupt politicians to "think" they can speak for the American People and now in recent years "think" for the American People.

One must remember good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. The corrupt politicians the likes of Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, others the more despicable ones - are not leaders - they called themselves "representatives" - and most of them do not represent as they ought to - and most of them are for sure NOT - leaders.

The present monetary system has failed the world.

Soon huger and riots will be the norm. We already see it in many countries.

Here is America we continue to waste our resources including food - and it is not fair to permit - thousands of innocent children, child bearing women, our elders, others that need nourishment - to slowly die of hunger.

This situation is worse in Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. In India, and in other places too and it does not help when Texas is on fire and Thailand has major floods - these scenes can be repeated all over the world - in small and large measure.

The paradox is that here in America one in three children go to bed hungry. One in four Senior Citizens do to bed hungry. This is a crime crying to heaven for justice. Our Senate, our Congress, and our White House has NOT addressed this situation on a War Footing - if they do not - the protesters will grown in numbers and those that are now running away from their responsiblities will have no place to hide.

This system of giving the larger financial institutions all the power to borrow large sums of money and loan it for large profits is a crime. It is more when we see that the Zionists are closely associated with such crimes. Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bernie Madoff, the many other crooks have one thing in common - they are closely associated with the Zionists who have no ethics, no morals, and have hatched a plan - to bring down stable governments.

In the last elections millions of Independents voted for President Barack Hussein Obama and the President, Barack Hussein Obama - let us all down. The present protests is a cry toward fair play and other promises made by President Barack Hussein Obama which he with "intent" - chose not to fulfill and now will have to pay a huge, price.

In these dire economic times - the Republicans are no help - the Democrats are especially no help. We need a person who steers away from these two diabolical parties - that have made Greed and Money their gods. These two parties that until recent have challenged the people of the United States - especially those that have fought for this country and sacrificed their lives for this Great Nation - these corrupt politicians are a disgrace to the human race.

I spent a couple of weeks in Washington DC and saw things for myself. Met with some high ranking officials - having worked for the Department of Defense and having participated in Desert Shield and Storm - and at every level I saw blatant arrogance, stagnation, largesse, and an abject lack of respect for the American People.

It does not help the long lines you have wait in - undergoing shameless body searches and other types of humiliation - all created to put one in place and project an image like as if you are going to see and meet some holier than thou - folks. Pathetic!. Politicians by far are the scum of the Earth.

The banks in the Unites States the likes of Wells Fargo and Bank of America stole trillions of dollars - and joining them large financial institutions backed by Insurance Companies and Credit Purveyors such as Moody's and Fitch each playing a major part and raping innocent people all over the world with sub-prime loans, derivatives, and algorithms - all created to cheat, steal, rob, and manipulate.

The United States owes the world a formal apology and those that stole, cheated, and broke the law - must be held accountable. Those found guilty must be sent for very long term jail terms and housed with our worst criminals. For the first time in their lives they will witness real life and the dog eat dog mentality with the present shelter they get from corrupt- politicians who have let down the people of the United States. Aho.

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