We all remember the economic crash of 2008 but few of us chose to follow the details after that crash. And fewer still failed to understand the machinations and ploys that were perpetrated by the larger financial institutions and some chosen five banks that fleeced millions and all with the blessing of Wall Street, Congress, the Senate and the White House.

The TRUTH hurts - and our Nation has become like LIARS they tell so many lies that soon lying becomes part of their DNA. Five banks were given leverage to do as they please. How did this come about? These banks contributed to the campaign coffers of those in Congress and to those in the Senate but more corrupt politicians that roam freely today and do as they please - all of them should be jailed for long terms - three strikes thirty times over.

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase were part of this scheme. These banks could borrow money for less and then do as they please. This nonsense went for years and then came derivatives, sub-prime loans, and other types of corrupt practices. Complicated algorithms that even today the idiots cannot - fathom less comprehend.

We all have known for a very long time; banks would give you as much as you wanted to borrow. Some went to borrow $300,000 and were told that they could borrow as much as $600,000 or more. No questions asked and what is more no one asked you if you had a good job and how much you earned! Just hearing that amount would make the folks "giddy" - our materialistic world has got the worse side of us human beings - and the corrupt know exactly when to prey and shaft your ass.

Hidden in the contracts there was language about devious payments - more balloon payments - entrapments so deep and evil that after years most of it was never revealed. Crime was committed daily and Law Enforcement did nothing, in fact they could not comprehend the ploys and machinations and do not until today - these acts were so blatantly, pathetic that even today - no one wants to investigate the corrupt. Bernie Madoff is but the tip of the iceberg!

Congress, the Senate, the White House, the Nation's Attorney General, the Federal Bureau of Investigation can at a moment's notice put thousands of banksters behind bars for a long, long time. Do you think our Nation will do this? NO. Why? The reason is simple no one has the "moral tenacity" the moral will, the standards, the ethics, the guts to go after the corrupt.

We laugh at the Occupy Movement those of us that do not have the guts to examine what is right and what is wrong. Someone must stand up and most of us do not want to stand up. We prefer to throw stones at those that we feel we can throw stones at - and hide behind some fa├žade; but for how long?

Our elderly are suffering; many of them lost most of their savings in the 2008 financial debacle. Our young are suffering; many of them have student loans to pay, find it difficult to find jobs, and have to pay their premiums even though they get no income in. Now and then; some family member will step up to help; but in most cases - the students, the young, and those that took loans are at the mercy of corrupt banks - like Bank of America, Well Fargo, Citi Bank, Chase and it goes on.

No one asked the tax payers' to shell out and bail out the banksters. The corrupt Congresspersons, the Senators, others who took money to fill their campaign coffers came to the aid of the BANKSTERS. We have them here in the Bay Area folks like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer - liars and thieves. These vermin survive by bluffing and have not served the constituents. They must be removed from office - if we keep them for one more term - shame on us.

It is this immoral turpitude that we all must focus on. We must write and speak about these vermin and remove them from office. We must not vote for them like puppets - following some "corrupt glossy slate" with names - sent to our mail boxes by even more corrupt organizations that have sold out democracy and foster the worst type of corruption.

The middle class the backbone of any sound democracy has eroded in America. It all started when President Ronald Reagan empowered the Corporations to keep the profits and to get richer. The Republicans have since then taken our Nation to the cleaners. Out sourced and kept their billions abroad.

We know when President Bill Clinton was President our Nation fiscal house was in good standing. Then came the Republicans the worst of them George W. Bush Jr. and the Nation was spending, and spending, and spending - two wars and more and now we are in this debacle. Over one hundred and thirty billion a year just to fight two wars - and there is more. We are over fourteen trillion in debt - many do not know how to ponder that amount, less comprehend the details.

Our Nation's population about three hundred and thirteen million and over forty million joined the working poor. One in three children in our Nation go to bed hungry, one if our seniors the same, many seniors cannot afford health care, and many eat dog food to survive. What a crying shame!

We continue to aid Israel and we must stop giving them money. We must put Saudi Arabia on notice and other nations that take and deceive us. We must not give these countries any military aid - no arms, no military training, no nothing that aids them to flex their fake military muscles.

Our Nation's foreign policy is a JOKE. We say we are a Super Power but we are not. Our Nation is hurting and the only way we keep our fiscal house floating is by printing money. The dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on - some three to four cents on a dollar.

We think the Federal Reserve Bank has something to do with the government. It is a private bank, a kind of Mafia Bank that works with the Treasury Department. Our heads in the government that deal with money matters and all connected with crooked large financial institutions like Goldman Sachs. In fact Gold Sachs and JP Morgan Chase launder money for our United States government. This fact can be unfolded anytime - Congress knows this and so does the Senate. The White House is beholden to the corrupt.

We look at the OCCUPY MOVEMENT and we think - what a bunch of idiots? At least these folks have something to stand for and it is the truth. The crazy ones, the indigents, those that live on the street and have been living on the streets for ages have joined the Occupy Movement many say - but all of this is transparent and truly being less harm than what the ONE PERCENT has done to our Nation. They rob and continue to rob and now have bought the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch and control Law Enforcement.

Of course we do not know how to handle such a movement as the Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, and Occupy San Francisco and so on. Our Nation has lost its soul and does not know how to handle the truth. We have forgotten about our Founding Fathers and what they stood for. All of them did not favor large institutions and especially banksters. They did not endorse Representatives that are corrupt like our present Congresspersons and our Senators. Some of them; the worse ones have gone to jail. In reality half of them have to go to jail - right now. All of those faking to Represent us in the Bay Area must be sent to jail.

In a recent pool less than twenty percent favor the Congresspersons and Senators. Most of those that favor them must be insane or have an IQ of less than fifty!

It is these Representatives the "worst scumbags" prodding Mayor Ed Lee in San Francisco and others to remove any signs of the Occupy Movement. The same in other towns, cities, and principalities.

The Occupy Movement because of the fluid nature and the many odds against it most apparent "logistics" and a "sound strategy" - cannot stand up to any force that is available to the government on the local and national level. These governments are there and operate by using tax payers' money. It is like David facing Goliath. In recent days we have seen students at University of California, Davis, well kempt tear gassed and we think nothing of it.

Protesters pepper sprayed

We have seen students at U.C. Berkeley beaten by Law Enforcement and excessive force used when it should not have been used. This fact will come to haunt and has prompted millions the world over to take a deeper look into the affairs of those in power. We have seen the same in New York and in Seattle, Oregon. In many other places to many to mention but we know the facts.

For decades two monkey making financial institutions with funny names like Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae controlled the mortgages of millions of home owners - as much as eighty percent if not more. How did so many million get used to these clowns and why should we not send these "crooks to jail" more send them to the gallows.

Recently I saw the heads of both Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac testify before some Congressional Committee. These bastards were arrogant much like Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein. Why do we tolerate such nonsense? I heard these bastards lie to the Congresspersons and I could not believe what I heard and saw. It is such hearings that must be made available to the public at large and replayed again and again to ferment a "movement against the corrupt and in favor of our Founding Fathers".

There are some elements in the Occupy Movement that may not be savory but by far they have not hurt millions in our Nation and in the world. They have not blatantly told and spread lies, not stolen billions, have not hurt our Seniors and those that need help most.

The One Percent must be put on notice and it is time to prepare the list of names and post them for the entire world to see. We know the names of the Banks and the large financial and insurance companies.

Now, we need to post the names of the individuals - town by town, city by city - here is San Francisco let us start; by naming Willie L. Brown Jr., Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Richard Blum, the nasty Fishers, Shoresteins, Getty's and so on. We need more Public Toilets to be built and named after these vermin.

Occupy San Francisco

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