The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) has served its purpose for the longest time ever and done justice to those that challenge a dubious, fast tracked project and help deliver fair adjudication and justice - in the long run.

In recent times; we have seen the San Francisco Planning Department and the SF Land Use and Economic Development Committee - pass on some projects heavily influenced by Big, mostly Rogue Developers - fast tracking Environmental Impact Report (EIR), CEQA ˆ and these few cases have been brought before the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) as appeals.

In past years; we the people have had some astute San Francisco Board of Supervisors who truly understood the finer points of any EIR and CEQA. In recent years - we have seen an erosion of our SF Board of Supervisor (BOS) - fail our constituents again and again; by not being educated on issues.

Failing many a time to see; in these changing times - Cumulative Impacts that some projects bring to bear - and which adversely impact thousands of innocent people. Some CEQA experts following mundane, shabby processes that have not stood in court. The Injunction on the SF Cycle Plan comes to mind; the SF Housing Element with fake information and there are other pertinent cases.

We clearly witnessed this with the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Now; we know the Chinese are infusing large sums of money and evil forces that are controlling our present City Hall both the Executive Branch which includes the City Administrator and of course our inept, spineless, shallow SF BOS - in particular Malia Cohen from District 10 and Scott Wiener from District 8 who will pander and take orders from these evil forces. Time will tell.

This land - all the land; belongs to the Native Americans; I prefer to call them the First People. Closer to San Francisco the land belongs to the Ohlone. Less than 300 years ago some strangers came and killed the First People, robbed their land, spilled innocent blood; more murdering and raping women and children - and stole the land. We fail again and again to first acknowledge who this land belongs to; and some have the audacity to lax rules to contaminate more. This is a crying shame; coming from someone who is not fit to represent.

What was once pristine land is now a concrete jungle. The so called advocates; some sane environmentalist take a stand against increasing the Carbon Footprint, point out land prone to flooding and liquefaction; push for clean transportation as opposed to vehicles spewing particulates, push for child care, sound education, good hospitals, career jobs, good training for sound jobs, services for the physically challenged and seniors, recreational facilities, open space, churches and so on.

In the last 30 years recently a study found out over 60,000 straight families have left San Francisco. The main reason - those Representing the constituents be they the SF Planning Commission, the Department of Building Inspection, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the Department of Health, the Mayor's Office, the City Administrator, the SF Board of Supervisors, the Committees and Commissions appointed to represent the constituents of San Francisco - like the Land Use and Economic Development Committee - lean towards campaign contributions, rampant corruption, and blatant injustice - favoring Big Rogue Developers. Lennar is one of them.

What makes the situation even worse are Consultants such as Platinum Consultants who have been taken to task in New York - but have been given a pass in San Francisco. I guess it pays to know a former Black Corrupt Mayor and a very corrupt advocate who has found favor with Room 200 and is in bed with the Communist Chinese government and our present City Administration.

If you study the progress of a company that builds named Swinerton some five years ago - you would see that this company was in the doldrums. Not anymore; for those who have eyes to see and are educated on issues; millions of dollars all Chinese Communist money - has embolden this company with the help of the former corrupt Black Mayor - Swinerton; is of late singing the blues. Just visit their website and review things for yourself.

Let me reveal to you how deep the corruption is. You see this huge building at 10th and Market. This company was bold enough to use the name of another company to bid for this project. Use data and take credit that was given to Swinerton as part of a task; but the small company was not compensated; many process broken; in open defiance because Swinerton thought it could do so.

When Compliance Officer from the Human Rights Commission - found this discrepancy and other injustices and brought Swinerton to the adjudication table - Swinerton was bold enough to intimidate the owner of the smaller company that it had done injustice to.

The owner is a good friend of mine. Swinerton; a Rogue Developer is now grabbing contracts left, right, and center; getting permits and other favors without much effort. Our Mayor is praising their efforts without truly understanding and knowing how all this is coming about. Perhaps he loves the taste from the corrupt cup of soma - it is addictive but it can lead one to one destruction. There is nothing like the truth - and those that play with fire mostly do not have the time to extinguish it - when it gets too close to them.

Swinerton; accepted it had done wrong and paid a fine to the small company. Anyone; can file a request and find out more about the 10th and Market project which will soon near completion. No one really knows how it all came to be. And really no one knows; in this dog eat dog world - how many innocent people were hurt and will continue to be hurt.

I have qualified experience and my name appears on the many EIRs, and in the Federal system Environment Impact Studies (EIS), CEQA reports, other statements given orally and in writing on so many projects all over this City and County of San Francisco, on Federal land, and our Region the Bay Area.

Now it not the time to water down the CEQA process by a person who is NOT respected Scott Wiener. This man is positioning himself to be the first Mayor who is a homosexual and this will NOT happen. He is not Harry Britt nor Harvey Milk - as I have stated many times this man is corrupt, will lie, and fake power has gone up his head.

He can play with fake ass legislation now permitting folks to roam about naked and insisting that we they cover the seat with some cover; stopping direct contact with their naked butts - that is all the requirement they need.

Demeaning decency; having no regard for family values. Imagine young children exposed to such nonsense in the Castro. I was shocked when I saw a wrinkled dang and told the man that he should cover up. He told me that the law permitted him to be naked. Pathetic and disgusting - it was by the Castro Safeway and there were parents and children in the vicinity.

Then after some time, under pressure Scott Wiener finds out it is not a good idea for these mostly old man with their wrinkled dangs hanging - to expose themselves at all. So, this man then initiates legislation to nullify what he already put in place. Many other legislators preferring not to speak up and tell the truth; permitting this pervert; to do - as he pleases.

White America did not tolerate such nonsense for a long time. And in recent years we accept same sex marriage with some trepidation; but the younger generations does not mind what the deviants do; as long as they do not interfere with their daily morass.

Some like Scott Wiener should not be a representative at all. His character is flawed and if some cannot see evil, nonsense, illogical act that is evident to anyone who is normal. This man we call him in private circles "tinker bell".

Not satisfied with fooling around like a buffoon; with drab, antique legislation -getting rid of some; tweaking others - Scott Wiener now wants to play with the Big Boys - he wants to mess with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and make it less cumbersome for the Big Rogue Developers to go through the process, break ground and make big money.

Putting forth examples like the 8 Washington Project. This will not happen in San Francisco and if he; Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen blatantly defy the constituents they will be removed from office. That is not a problem; especially Malia Cohen winning her election with over 23 candidates in the fray; and by a meager 200 votes. This closet lesbian wants to move in circles like a straight person; but we know how convoluted she is when she opens her mouth and how corrupt she is when it come to standing for - right.

This woman wants to place a Wellness Center in the middle of a contaminated site to treat children at Third Street and Cargo. Now, this can only come from someone who does not care for life.

In the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi case we saw a lot and we are seeing despicable so called Representatives being controlled by outside forces, some of them very evil. This is not how San Francisco works; much as you may think that just because you belong to the LGBT community; you have a carte blanche path to harm the majority.

The LGBT community has failed the Transgender community. You may think that I do not support them; but I do. I even testified once openly; years ago in Room 250. Let us see the SF Board of Supervisor give the Transgender Community permission to fly their own flag, have their own day - and recognize the many contributions the Transgender constituency has contributed to Society all over this Nation.

The paradox is that you would think some segment of the population - like the one Scott Wiener; a transplant from New York who be considerate and represent all fairly; but, this man has chosen to speak against the queer youth gathering in a private park, targeted the poor with the carts and recycling, favors those exposing their dangs and butts - what is really going on in this deviant man's head?

In most countries all over the world he would not be able to represent. And I am not talking Hitler's world but today's world. Here is San Francisco our City laws and ordinance give him a chance but this man is abusing his freedom and focusing on license. Simply put; License in the abuse of Freedom.

In San Francisco we have an ordinance the Precautionary Principle. No one applies it to any of the projects. Let us apply it to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard a Superfund Site and one of the worst contaminated in the Nation.

The Precautionary Principle; which is law simply states that if we find that there are any "adverse impacts to any life" - we must stop the project; reevaluate the process. Our SF Board of Supervisors in recent times has - never, ever considered doing that. Why? The Precautionary Principle is City law!

Let us do it with Treasure Island. Right now; innocent children and others are being exposed to the worst contaminants. Much of it radiological in nature - dangerous contaminants from all the "jettison" orders given by the United States Navy; an entity that must clean up what they have polluted on Treasure Island and Hunters Point.

Scott Wiener wants to give them a pass. Scott Wiener is not an environmentalist - his actions call for this man to be admitted to some rehabilitation and a serious mental evaluation - he should NOT be representing.

The Environmental Impact Studies and Reports, the California Quality Act, the many other studies done by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the Regional Water Board, the California and San Francisco Health Department; other agencies local, state, and federal - should assist Quality of Life issues and our society.

Here we have a moron like Scott Wiener trying to play God - thinking as a gay man who does not have the respect of the "queer" community, for sure not the "queer advocates" - Scott Wiener thinks he can down play the California Environmental Quality Act - that is not going to happen. Not is San Francisco.

It is time to send this despicable man back to New York. Let Mr. Bloomberg put him to some sordid - use.

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