We said it was coming! The Crooks from Colorado have filled their pockets with taxpayers' money. They were brought in to save the Presidio of San Francisco and what they have done is bled it dry.

James Meadows with all his Mafia connections and smooth talk hoodwinked the Trust Board. James Meadows established himself and his redneck henchmen and all of them made a lot of money at taxpayers' expense.

It is a shame that in San Francisco we the people still allow the likes of Steve Hood and Bruce Anderson to roam scot-free on the Presidio of San Francisco. These vermin not only fleece the Presidio, treat the Trust Employees with spite, but now want the innocent hard working Trust Employees out. Out on the streets when we are all facing a dire recession.

Soon hundreds of innocent Trust Employees will be on the street. No one seems to care. The Trust does not recognize the Union. It bluntly states it can Hire and Fire. Imagine a quasi-federal agency that does not want to bargain with its employees. Imagine an entity that Congress gives money and yet it treats the taxpayers with scorn.

So, the Trust is all its poor wisdom is offering the Trust Employees buy out packages. The Trust Management will keep the good jobs and offer themselves bonuses. They will get rid of all the Trust employees many of them had worked for years for the Army and the National Park Service. Good women and men and God Bless them and their families.

The Presidio Trust does not care about its employees. Never has. The African American Trust employees especially are treated with scorn. Much like the days when slaves worked in the cotton fields. Bruce Anderson and Steve Hood bring valid experiences from Correctional Facilities. They love hunting dogs and guns! They can look you straight in the eye and lie. Time these vermin were sent back where they came from - they should not manage good innocent women and men for one second. Enough is enough.

James Meadows wasted millions of dollars. The Trust Board was fully cognizant of this fact. In fact as I had predicted a long time ago - the plan conceived was to "fail" the Presidio of San Francisco. Allow some government entity to take over like the General Services Administration. This would allow and give better access to bring in the big developers and turn the Presidio of San Francisco into a Commercial Disneyland over night.

I have got many e-mails asking for help. My friends, we should stand united. The best idea I have at this time is to sue the Presidio Trust. Report the management to the Internal Revenue System - those that live for free on the Presidio will get the shaft by their you know what. You all could share millions of dollars. You could all do it or some of you could it - under the Whistle Blowers' Act. Now is the time to give these bastards a dose of their own medication.

And remember at this time we should not let the National Park Service be selected for sainthood. They knew what was going to happen. They could have seen that accountable and transparent language be included in the Trust Bill - but they let it slip. They shirked their responsibility too.

They were happy to transfer hundreds of innocent NPS employees to the Presidio Trust. They have blood on their hands too. They likes of Mai-Liis Bartling, Susan Hurst and Barbara Jo Griffin. Notice I did not mention Brian O'Neill - he goes with the flow and has allowed these evil women to ruin the National Park Service morale at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. I have stated it before and will state it now for the whole world to hear.

My dear Trust employees I know most of you and I sincerely feel for you all. But, please do not waste time. Write to your Congresspersons and Senators. Let us get rid of Nancy Pelosi who has allowed all this to happen. This is a worst act of terrorism perpetuated on our families - worse than acts that have been committed abroad and on our blessed soil.

Some of you know what ENRON did to their employees - now WE see it in our own backyard. Shame on the Presidio Trust.

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