Crissy FIeld under the Army.


Thousands of years ago the Ohlone roamed what is now the Presidio of San Francisco and Crissy Field freely. What is now Crissy Field was a real wetland. Now, the authorities headed by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) and the inept Assistant Superintendent Mai-Liis Bartling under whose jurisdiction Crissy Field falls is messing things up. This woman is inept, ignorant, and very arrogant.

Inept Mai-Liis Bartling who policies have failed with building 102 which was named after Mott is now in moth balls. This woman who has NO experience has been working with crooks such as Susan Hurst, retired Barbara Jo Griffin, and that perennial good for nothing Brian O'Neill forever. Mai-Liis is a parasite and has cost the Federal Government millions.

Mai-Liis Bartling has denied many essential employees including Mike Crahnan who is the President of LIUNA 1140 essential housing on the Presidio. The woman has been pandering to the Presidio Trust because of her silly and stupid mistakes. She has failed by retrofitting building 102. The Federal Government continues to pay a scumbag like her over $140,000 in pay and benefits and this must stop. She should be investigated for wasting taxpayers money. The same with Susan Hurst and Brian O'Neill. Also the head of Contracting Leo Guillory this pompous AH has not seen the end of the tunnel - yet. Jail is where they belong.

Saturday, March 6, 2004 the two essential pumps that maintain the water level of the lagoon failed. There was no essential NPS employee on site as most of the essential employees cannot stay on the Presidio and cannot be on call when there is an emergency. The lagoon was taking in water much of it filled with feces and other toxins. The lagoon that the GGNRA prides and calls a rehabilitated lagoon.

Crissy Field a cesspool under NPS.

The inept Mai-Liis Bartling on course will not learn of this incident. She may learn of it after reading this article. Some White scumbags who work at the Presidio really do NO work - all they do is get a paycheck for doing NOTHING at all.

Soon the GGNRA will learn another lesson. The Golden Gate Club, which is now under the National Park Conservation Association, will be taken over by the Presidio Trust. I will watch this dog eat dog match.

After all taxpayers money was spent to rehabilitate the old Non-Commission Officers' Club now called the Golden Gate Club. I know for a fact that money was wasted on the Golden Gate Club and I have documents to prove the fact.

The GGNRA with Susan Hurst, Mai-Liis Bartling, and Brian O'Neill have wasted millions of dollars. There has been NO accountability and transparency. Thousands of dollars worth of inventory linked to computers, furniture, and appliances, have been missing and cannot be accounted for. These scumbags should go to jail but here they are making things difficult and messing with NPS employees that do their work. Power has gone to the heads of Brian O'Neill, Mai-Liis Bartling, and Susan Hurst. I also will include Leo Guillory the Contracting Officer at GGNRA.

Now back to Essential Housing and to the employees who should be given this accommodation. Essential employees are on call to help the Park in times of emergency. Mai-Liis prefers to pander to the Presidio Trust so those mistakes made by her can be covered up. Right now the NPS should be occupying building 102 but they cannot because they destroyed this historical building by gutting the insides of this building. This is a crime.

Now Mai-Liis has to occupy a couple of 200 series buildings because the NPS has no where else to go. Craig Middleton should send this scumbag woman packing but being who he is - he too is catering to the whims and fancy of this inept stupid woman - Mai-Liis Bartling. I knew her when she dressed like a hippie and thought like an imbecile.

Crissy Field Lagoon is a cesspool today. I challenge anyone to take a sample of the water and reveal the test to the Public at Large. Now think about the adverse affects on birds, animals, and human who come in contact with the polluted waters. Also the Bay which participates with the ebb and flow daily. Are these vermin in the business of Protection and Preservation? Or is it destruction of our Public Land.

Crissy Lagoon is full of feces it is a contemporary cesspool.

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