The Fire of Spirituality of the Indigenous People.


The epic Sacred Shellmound Peace Walk culminated on Thursday, November 24, 2005 at Alcatraz Island with the gathering of the Tribes. It has been learning experience for many this first one of kind Shellmound Peace Walk and I must congratulate the organizers for their hard work, love, and sacrifice. Kudos to you all my friends.

The annual International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People of America embraced the Shellmound Peace Walkers and many speakers were proud that such stalwarts took the time and paid respects to the Ohlone long gone but never forgotten. This celebration which began around 5 a.m. took the participants by ferry from San Francisco to Alcatraz for prayer, speech making, and unity of all people.

The occupation of Alcatraz Island first took place in 1964 when 6 Lakota men took control of the island. And again in 1969 for a longer period of time that spurred the conscience of the Nation and together with the Civil Rights Movement brought to the fore the injustices meted out to the First People of this Nation. The struggle goes on and on.

There was a spiritual rebirth because a few chose to take a stand and took control of an Island that was vacant. The Hopis were incarcerated on Alcatraz Island and so were many other people many of them without due justice. Today after years of striving some tribes have been put on the Federal Register but many are still treated as second class citizens by the Whites that stole the land from the First People.

In California we have many tribes that do not have land and have lost their culture. Up until 1924 edicts were sent out by the California governors to scalp the Native Americans. Anyone that was not White could be indentured and not paid for her or his labor. Children were removed from their mothers and fathers and sent to boarding school to be brain washed. Thousands of California Indians were killed for no reason at all. A crime crying to heaven and asking for retribution. All these atrocities took place in California and no history book teaches it to our children. The history books paint a picture of lies told by folks with forked tongues. It is a shame that we have a government that has disowned the very people that welcomes them with open arms only to be stabbed in the back in the course of time.

The symbol crying for justice and the Alcatraz Island that stands for freedom for the First People and reawakening of a renewed hope brings the First People to Alcatraz Island on so called Thanksgiving Day since 1976. Today more then 3500 gathered in solidarity and paid homage to the Grand Father and the Great Spirit.

Missing in the line up of speakers the Ohlone leaders - again and again we see that other tribes that make their abode in California, all over the Nation, and in the Bay Area are quicker to gather in strength, take a stand, and speak up. This is Ohlone land and there was NOT one single Ohlone representative to welcome the other tribes and clans here on Ohlone territory.

Ohlone means Western People in the Miwok language. The Ohlone considered Alcatraz Island possessed by evil spirits. Legend has it that members banned by the Ohlone were sent to this island. Legend also has it that often times the Ohlone would go to this island to gather food.

Today as I have stated all over the world it has come to stand for the freedom of the First People and a new reawakening of the First People of this Nation to bring about genuine freedom where those tribes that have no land have it and with it bring back the culture they have lost because of targeted persecution - often indiscriminate killing of women, children and men.

Much before any strangers set foot on this land we now call Amerika there were the First People. It is on Thanksgiving Day that this paradoxical pilgrimage is made to Alcatraz. In reality there was a massacre of the Indian people on this day but history is slow to inform the world about the event. At Alcatraz today a couple of speakers referred to Thanksgiving Day as Thankstaking Day. For sure much has been taken from those that offered hospitality. Millions have been killed and millions today live on Reservations when the land belongs to them and did for thousands of years.

Originally, Thanksgiving Days were observed by serving corn. Some how wild fowl and turkeys turned up and the whole meaning of Thanksgiving associated with a good harvest was lost. Leave it to some folks to screw up a celebration that today is linked with parades, gluttony, and materialism. In reality Thanksgiving marked the end of fasting and prayer.

The time has come to give the First People of this Nation their land back complete with all the Rights that they deserve. The time has come for the Department of Interior to give back the billions of dollars kept in Trust that today is missing. The time has come to stop the lies and tell the truth. The time has come for those that have blood on their hands to surrender and accept their evil deeds. The time has come for retribution.

The Great Grandfather and the Great Spirit spoke of a time when there would be much confusion all over the world. Also, of a time when everyone would come together and make sense of the confusion and better the situation. Perhaps for the first time in many years because of cyber information and fast communication we can spread the word and stop the lies from spreading. This is a time of the gathering of Nations.

Every tribe has its prophets but the Hopi seem to have it better spelt out for those that want to comprehend the future. I have been studying and I have been listening to the Elders. This is a time for unity and spirituality. It is really not a time for compacts and gambling but some see that is the way to go. Money brings some power but more the downfall of corporations and organizations. It could bring the downfall of Tribal Nations after a short time of false sense of wealth and security.

I look forward to the Shellmound Peace Walk in the year 2006 and again culminating on Alcatraz in celebration with the International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People of the Americas.

Teaching About Thanksgiving

Pomo Dancers.

Aztec dancers.

Palestinian Children participate.

A tepee on Alcatraz.

A message in song.

Ranger George a good man.

A leader amongst leaders - Walking Foot.

Shellmound Peace Walkers on Alcatraz.

A gathering of the Tribes.

Buddhist Nun - Tu San.

Wave upon wave of good folks.

Feather galore - Aztec Dancer.

Till we meet again in 2006.

A meeting of the Tribes.

Tribal Village.

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