Sacred Shellmound who will fight for them?


The Shellmounds have stood the test of time for thousands of years. Just like the monuments built round the world by indigenous people also known as the First People.

Shellmounds are the Sacred Burial Grounds of the Ohlone here in the Bay Area. Like acupuncture points these Sacred Points played a role that those with Greed in their Eyes will never, ever, realize.

The Sacred Rituals performed around these sites have not been written in books and on paper that is destructible. The Sacred Rituals are imprinted in the DNA of the Ohlone and as much as those that stole their land would like to call them Middens - great disrespect is shown to those that opened their arms and welcomed the strangers that have spat on the plate that fed them. What can one expect from those that speak with a fork tongue?

I have great respect for the Sacred Shellmound Walkers. These women, children, and men walk from Shellmound to Shellmound and all they want is that these Sacred Places be revered and left undisturbed.

San Bruno Mountain contains the largest intact Shellmound and comes under the jurisdiction of the Muwekma Ohlone. While all Ohlone and other Bay Area tribes always respected one another - in recent years strangers have tried to create discord because the enemy sees that in creating division he can slip in and steal that which does not belong to him.

On March 30, 2007 lead by my very good brother Wounded Knee the Sacred Shellmound Walkers walked the walk unlike the strangers that talk the talk. My duty when I am available is to provide the nourishment and take care of my sisters and brothers. In the performance of this duty I take care of one of the many duties and the others do more and bring hope where others have created injustice.

The developers have now intruded near the largest intact Sacred Shellmound and have challenged the decency of those that have chosen to protect the last remaining intact Shellmound. This David versus Goliath battle is not something new to the First People of California and for sure not the first for the First People of the Bay Area.

Again and again, Shellmounds have been destroyed by the Cliff House in San Francisco, at Crissy Field at the Presidio of San Francisco, on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, at Emeryville, in Berkeley, in so many places it would take pages and pages to detail the crimes of desecration committed by some most despicable vermin.

The developers intruding by the San Bruno Mountain will suffer - much as every developer has who knowingly and with intent chooses to desecrate the Sacred Shellmounds. It is mind blowing to see how Greed blinds those that are materialistic - moving them to build homes on Sacred Ground and Burial Sites revered by the First People who pay respect and every lasting homage to their ancestors.

Once the Great Spirit spoke through the Shamans and revealed through spiritual revelations the evil designs of certain entities that would desecrate but then this would bring about their own end. The thinning of the air is one that I have heard of and now we hear of Climate Change and Global warming. The Cumulative Pollution of the air, water, land, the watershed, and the ozone layers are the after affects of greed and materialism. Soon you will breathe no more and it doing so your end will be near. You will repent but it will be too late.

Closer to home we saw thousands of Buffalo slain by senseless shooting and waste of everything - knowing well, that the Buffalo was a Sacred animal to the First People of this Nation.

For thousands of years Chiefs and Religious Leaders have faced the Four Directions and called upon the Great Spirit to bless this land. The chanting of cries and pleas to the Great Sprit are unique and go back thousands of years. Much like the unique cry of the Eagle - the feathers of the Eagle are used on auspicious occasion to ward off evil and bring harmony and blessing on all those that reside on Mother Earth.

In California we brag we are the fifth largest economy in the world. Yet, we should be ashamed that sixty percent of Native American Tribes are NOT on the Federal Register and treated like third class citizens. There was a time when Tribes were given a one way ticket to travel to some City in California and the family torn asunder. It was not uncommon to send a sister to Los Angeles and a brother to Oakland. It is a shame what this Nation has done to the First People of this Nation.

In California children were torn from parents and sent to boarding schools to learn the evil ways of a people that to this day have not repented. In the White Men System contradictions are accepted - pollute and then remediate. You will never ever see the First People pollute the land, the air, and the water - they can never understand this concept of the White Men.

You never, ever see the First People go to cemeteries and steal and open graves. This disgraceful behavior favors the evil ways of Whites that have lost spirituality and follow and mimic hypocritical ways that will lead to the death of all living beings on this Mother Earth.

Global Warming is here and Climate Change is here. For generations no one has paid attention to detail revelations by many First Nations in the United States of America and especially the Hopi Nation who reside in the Arizona State.

Many years ago - I spent hours understanding the signs of the times. I have spoken out and written and I am not afraid of those that are materialistic and in favor of materialism, that pollute and bring about the slow death of all people, who do follow the ways of the pale faces.

The Catholic Church has participated in the genocide of the First People and cannot run away from this shameful act. Much as it cannot run from the pedophiles and other illegal sexual acts that have come to haunt the many Bishops and the Vatican.

The same holds good for the Protestant Church infested with illegal sexual acts that have legions of sexual victims most of them not of legal age. False beliefs and hypocritical ways have brought about their demise. False premises have proven them wrong but it is too late. Stay away from the Sacred Burial Grounds known to the First People of the Bay Area as Shellmounds. Aho, to the Shellmound Walkers and those that walk that path that demands sacred ceremonial and respect.

The time has come for unity and to respect all that is good of which Mother Earth has taught us through out history and from generation to generations.

Some folks can try to kill the human body but they will never, ever, kill the Spirit. There are too many great Native American leaders that have put the living fright into those that were better armed but froze when they met the real warriors. We have the spoken word and it is not spoken by those that speak in fork tongues.

Of course the cowards even today will not write about the forces that defeated them. Much like the Awe and Shock that has brought this Nation to its knees in Iraq. Lies, in the White House reign supreme to this day - what else can one expect from thieves? This Nation and all the land belongs to the Native American - only a scum bag steals the best and offer some shelter to his guest on land that is not the best.

Some jerks first started at home by stealing and killing. Desecrating Sacred Sites and doing that which their own laws say is not right. Then the fools went to other countries trying to pull wool over the eyes and teach them democracy. It will never, ever work.

Why? Because the fools do not come from a better place they do come from an evil place and at the end of the day - destruction is written on the wall.

The Six Nation practices Democracy for thousands of years. The Founding Fathers stole the concept and the language - to this day this Nation is slow to accept and acknowledge the model that belongs to the Iroquois Confederacy.

Entities that made money of slavery and entities that made money by killing innocent Native Americans, stealing their land, raping women and children, doing the meanest things have BLOOD on their hands. Slowly but surely as the day comes to an end the revelations are bearing fruit those that use fire for the wrong purpose will perish by the fire of justice.

It is right that those First People that live on this land be given the rights they deserve. Even as the living First People should be treated fairly and respected so should those that have died and protected this land. No good will come to those that desecrate the Shellmounds. And if they do it with intent - for generations to come the vermin will pay for it and suffer the worst of consequences. Aho.

The San Bruno Mountain and the surrounding area should not be developed. It should be left as Open Space intact and will little intrusion by those that lack genuine spirituality.

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