Protect Medicine Lake - generation to generation.


Thousands of years ago, among the pristine landscape and living near the rivers, lakes, smelling the crisp air, hiking up the mountains, picking up fruits and everything nature was blessed and a sacred time.

Often time we forget to understand that when pollution as we have it today tarnish most everything - that essence of spirituality and whole some feeling is lost. When we humans pollute nature we destroy everything.

Talk to the Elders and they will tell you that spirituality is deep within everything that is Mother Earth. Then, they will try to explain to you and with hurt - the pollution that is person made and how this act defiles most everything. You will not find this among those that do not respect Mother Earth - more among those that are materialistic.

The Great Shellmounds stood tall and acted as acupuncture points to keep a balance and heal and remind everything that requires respect - Mother Earth.

The same with the Holy and Sacred Places like Medicine Lake.

The stories of the ancestors told in reverence by many of the tribes that are linked to Medicine Lake - speak of the Creator using the waters to bathe and more to bring peace, healing and serenity to Mother Earth.

Those that are Greedy forget that many minerals were found in plenty in California and that includes Mercury and Gold. But some think that mining the minerals and depleting minerals - is a norm, forgetting that for thousands of years everything that was created was used in moderation. Most First People do not waste and pollution is not a norm.

Strangers are just beginning to comprehend the Wisdom of the Ancestors. What does it profit if you steal, kill all the buffalo, take all the gold, mine all the Mercury, rape and rob, clear cut the forest, and in the end have no spirituality? What does it profit to roam this Earth and fail to enjoy the pristineness that the Creator meant it to be? This Earth was meant to be taken care by one generation to leave it a better place for the generation to come. Here we have some fools that in two hundred years have destroyed what was kept and held Sacred for thousands of years?

Medicine Lake is Sacred Ground and all those that defile the area will suffer serious consequences - please heed the warning while the there is time to listen and choose the better path.

There are those that with intent choose to destroy the Shellmounds by developing homes that will topple down.

There is a deep and sacred relationship between Shellmounds and Mother Earth. There is no relationship between homes and the Sacred Shellmound none what so ever.

The area around Shellmounds is all pristine. Nature bounds in its purest state. Similarly, if one chooses Sacred Sites like Medicine Lake - more, before the Strangers came you would encounter the pristine nature and an ambience prone to sacredness, good, respect, healing, peace, and strength.

All over the world the First People have chosen sites and have revered their Sacred Sites. Most of these sites are surrounded by Nature. Unlike the places of the Strangers far removed from Nature and prone to things materialistic and linked to wealth and money.

All over the world the indigenous people have chosen Nature as their Sacred Sites.

In California the same holds good for the Native Americans, the First People of this land, the tribes all noble and attached to their Sacred Sites around Mother Earth. Getting their strength much like a child gets it from the umbilical cord.

For over 25 years I have met so many Elders, many of them no more they have gone to the Great Spirit. I have sat down with my Native American friends and listened to them with intent. Enough is enough - the time has come to defend the Sacred Sites and sacred sites like Medicine Lake. It is ridiculous for the United States Government with its Constitution and Laws to force Native American most of who do not have millions of dollars to waste money and more precious time in Courts. The Court in this land is as polluted as those Edicts that were sent to kill the First People and gather their Scalps that fetch a measly five dollars.

Imagine fetching five dollars for a life.

It is such historical actions that led to a premise of a culture that is more barbaric, more unspiritual, more illogical, totally callous, and yet such minds choose to adversely impacts millions by their actions, their laws, their behavior, and their mind set defeating balance, failing to adjudicate, and using false pretences and power to rule against those that have no connections. It is who you know that matters with the Palefaces.

You can forgive and forget. You can cajole and suggest. You can plead and ponder. You can wait and see some of your own dead and trodden upon. You can suffer the long walks. The trials and tribulations. Then, a time comes - a saturation point - much like the Spirit told - the five generation turn over.

No one should permit their dignity to be trodden upon. Especially not by those that do not care about Mother Earth and are Spiritually Bankrupt. Aho.

Protect Medicine Lake and listen to Wisdom of the Ancestors. The Spirit lives and the Spirit will guide those few warriors. It is not numbers that count but the strength and purity of the Warriors - children, women, and men who can defend that what is - Right.

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