NOV 15-23, 2007

Every year around this time the Shellmound Walkers pay homage to the Ohlone ancestors and in doing so remind the world that the First People still have links to this Earth, the Sacred Burial Sites - more the Bay Area.

18 treaties signed between the First People of California and the United States Government was never ratified. This is a crying shame - the strangers stole the land, killed the people, and do not have the decency to pay restitution and turn over what is not theirs.

Thousands of remains were unearthed from Shellmound Sites and else where and desecrated. Some folks have no shame. Even in death there is no respect.

The Native Americans Graves Protection and Repatriation Act mandates the remains of the First People are turned over to the Tribes and those kin that can claim the remains. We scream and shout and no one listens. How disrespectful can some human beings get?

Yet, in 2007 - thousands of remains are found in vaults of Universities and Museums when these Sacred Remains should be lying in peace on land blessed by the Ancestors.

The White Men is the only one in the whole world that will seek graves and desecrate what is Sacred, do it in the open, and come out with justification that makes no sense to possess remains and forget about respect and dignity.

Every year the Shellmound Peace Walkers walk from Shellmound to Shellmound - all over the Bay Area - and pay their respects to the Ohlone Ancestors. On the final day at 780 Mission Street - I met them, broke bread with them, and shared some Sacred moments with them. AHO.


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