We must believe that before the White Man sat foot on this land we call America - the First People were here. In fact we have proof that the First People known to many as Native Americans lived here in America for thousands of years. The discovery argument does not hold anymore.

The world marvels and mostly the institutions that deal with fair play and justice - as to why the First People of America have to live on Reservations. They world also knows and often enquires why the First People are tortured and killed. Plagued by drugs and alcohol and other adverse elements - to slowly kill the innocent First People - drugs planted on the Reservation by Law Enforcement and the Government itself.

The Department of the Interior, the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the other phony Governmental Agencies has throughout the decimated the First People. Many treaties were signed and fewer then one has fingers on one hand kept.

It is a well known fact that the Six Nations and the Iroquois Tribe had an efficient government - a matriarchal system that was known throughout the land - Turtle Island.

It is a fact that the Founding Fathers observed and met the leaders of the Six Nations and incorporated a lot of what Americans hold to be noble - many concepts incorporated into the United States Constitution - from the Six Nations. It is a fact that while the First People were noble in their ways - the majority of the Whites at that time - were unkempt and uncivilized.

There are Nations like India and China that have a civilization going back thousands of years. Far richer and much more complex then many so called European civilizations and Europeans that ventured to Turtle Island.

Today, we think that with our concrete forests that Society has made progress. Daily we are facing cumbersome issues and the pinnacle that confronts us today in our current and on going Economic Crisis. On one hand we call America a Super Power on the other hand we crawl daily to borrow billions from China.

For years the Government that is supposed to be democratic and help the constituents of America - has with INTENT raped, killed, and stolen land belonging to the First People. The paradox is that in subtle ways it is still - on going.

Vast reserves of gold, uranium, coal and other precious materials have been stolen illegally by the United States Government. In the act of committing such atrocities - millions of Native Americans were slaughtered in a cowardly manner. All this on Native American land - ancestral land - Mother Earth. The Great Spirit sees it all and when the Spirit adjudicates those that are GREEDY will see the light and perish.

Here is California over sixty percent of the California Tribes are not Federally Recognized. Some Tribes that were recognized were removed from the Federal Register. Other Tribes that are in pipe line and about to be recognized cannot have jurisdiction over Land in Trust. A recent judgment by Supreme Judge Clarence Thomas - has put in jeopardy many Native American Tribes.

For over sixty years the United Nations that was founded here in San Francisco has not helped the many cases that have come before the many United Nations bodies - asking for adjudication. When - the United Nations has ruled in favor of the Native American Tribe as in the case of the Western Shoshone - the United States Government has provoked the victims with - terror of the worst order.

Here in California numerous Tribes - some Federally Recognized and others attempting to join the list have been treated as second class citizens. Being on the Federally Recognized List gives some solace to those that need help and can have access to vital services. Reviewing - the many cases and the thousands of innocent Native Americans waiting for these service is like - Waiting for Godot.

Over the years a raging Holocaust has been committed on any and every Tribal Land. Many Tribes were moved from their ancestral land and moved to barren property with little or not fertile land. Millions killed since the arrival of the White Men.

Paradoxically - in many cases Tribal land now has the largest gold, uranium, coal and other needed resources. Now that the Government has seen that the Tribes sit on a Gold Mine - any and every evil excuse has been used to steal the land and abuse the resources. The Department of the Interior is the key Department that must be cited for these injustices - followed by the many Law Enforcement Agencies.

As with the Black Panthers many Native American Organizations fighting for Tribal Justice have been penetrated by sell outs - that have taken blood money - acted as moles and snitched on their sisters and brothers. Many Native American Leaders have been murdered. Others framed without proper trials and are now lingering in jails. Shame on those that have perpetrated such crimes - blood in upon them and those that helped them put innocent people in jails.

Leonard Peltier is one glaring example of this injustice crying to heaven. Closer to the Bay Area we have members of the Black Panther Party - framed. Some served years in jail - only to be arrested again, tortured and forced to fight for their lives. Amnesty International has thousands of files linked to such cases. It bothers those in the know to study these cases and know the injustice - meted out to so many that are - innocent.

For thousands of years the Native American has lived on her or his own land as free persons. T hey have owned their land and do not have to prove to anyone that the land is not theirs. It is only the White Men who have gone to Brazil, South Africa, and New Zealand, come to America and stolen land from the Indigenous People.

All over the world the White Men has ruined vast lands, destroyed forests, polluted watersheds and aquifers, lakes and rivers, mountains and all that was once pristine. As the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy I have travelled and witnessed with my own senses the pollution and devastation perpetrated by some evil White people- for Greed. All over this world.

In recent years there is talk of Global Warming and Flooding. I have written about this phenomenon some ten years ago - much before Gore saw a vision and decided he had first witnessed Global Warming. The White Men world is full of Spin and Media and too much fakeness - dubious ploys. Gore also said he invented the Internet. Go figure.

In proportion the First People are tortured will those who have perpetrated the crimes - suffer. In simple terms it is called - Karma.

The Hopi and other Tribes have prophesized the future. In short it does not bode well for those that are full of GREED. One look at the current Economy Crisis will reveal layers and layers of deceit. Wait until you witness restitution in the near future.

You will often hear the respect for Mother Earth announce by the First People. This notion does not come as easily to the greedy. In past years the GREEDY have slaughtered thousands of Buffalo not so much for the meat but for the skins. Taken more then they can eat - stolen more to make - money.

The Greedy have gone to the Congo and other places and devastated land to steal gold, cobalt, diamonds, forest and so on. The air is so polluted that the affects of dangerous particulates, mercury, lead, and carbon-dioxide have depleted the Ozone. Global Warming is here to stay - as much as the FOOLS say they can reverse the phenomenon. They pollute the Lakes, pollute the watersheds, pollute large aquifers, pollute mountains - and speak with forked tongues that they can reverse the adverse impacts - never.

Today in these the United States of America - thousands have been harmed. Here in the Bay Area thousands of Native Americans were given a one way ticket to other States including California. In many cases a brother was sent to Los Angeles and the sister to San Francisco. And in many cases these were little children.

In California one could fetch five dollars for a scalp. Governors sent edicts to kill Native Americans each and every one of them. This sordid trade was in operation until - 1924. Thousands have blood on their hands. In the year 2009 eighteen treaties signed between the United States Government and California Tribes were never ratified. The injustices go on and on and on.

What started on Alcatraz as a MOVEMENT spurred thousands of Native Americans to fight for their rights. Today, we have a President who knows a lot of the trials and tribulations. He name is Barrack Hussein Obama. The President of the United States - has the facts and has promised to look into the sordid crimes.

We will be watching. But - even as we watch the chain of events - we want all people of color to take a stand for justice. For sure first on the list must be those on whose land we live. In Unity is Strength. Here is that clarion call - Aho.

Indigenous Peoples' Struggles

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