Our City is in a crisis and the San Francisco Police Department needs a trust leader who can rally the SF Police Force and also bring some law and order in this great City - we call San Francisco.

Police Chief Heather Fong has moved up the ranks and understands the drastic measures that have to be taken to bring measured changes working with the Deputy Chiefs and the various Captains who command their forces at the local level at the various Police Stations.

The death of Isaac Espinoza puts most of the department's state of affairs in perspective. The San Francisco Police Department has to come out with a unique system and vision to deal with the crime issues that are endemic. We have so many young women and men released from juvenile courts roaming the streets with anger in their hearts because they have come out of the system worse then when they went in.

Right now we have no system in place to address the issues that plague young people who have got into deep trouble. Mostly single parents cannot deal with issues and the court system does not substitute any parenting model. Community Based Organizations and Social Workers have to step up - but there are very few who have the experience to do so. The City has not cared for our children on a war footing - quality extra curricula activities with experienced supervision are lacking all over the City.

We cannot afford to neglect our youth. If we do so millions of dollars will be spent incarcerating instead of prevention. Jails are Not the answer.

Our San Francisco Police Force now has a leader but it is paramount that the community supports her at this time to help her bring change and a better understanding at ground zero. There is NO way that the SF Police Department can manage and control crime without the cooperation of the community at all levels.

While Faith Based leaders can provide some leadership - it is wrong to put too much emphasis on Faith Based Leadership because they are far removed from the issues that have reached a saturation point - crime. Many Faith Based Organizations are into the money but not into the service of the youth and the community at large.

A case in point Bayview over 58 Faith Based Churches and very little done to support our youth. Most youth do not have any extra curricula activities. The support that should be there has not been there for years. It is even worse for those who are released on probation. These youth go back to the streets and selling drugs. Once into drugs - crime and killing follows. The rest is history. This is not to paint a negative picture but reality.

San Francisco Police Department has some excellent police leadership and I count Deputy Chief Gregory Suhr among them. I know he will rally behind Chief Heather Fong and with the other Deputy Chiefs support her one million percent all the way. We can control crime if we lay down the ground rules. It is important that the "thugs" understand that they cannot rule the streets with their " thug " ways. No way.

Many good people were in a shock when Officer Isaac Espinoza died. The San Francisco Police Force should understand this. Police Officers do not come from another planet. They come from families from our community. Police Officers have a unique role as Professional People they serve and those who serve always pay a price - sacrifice. There can be no genuine sacrifice without love. Because Police Officers serve most people respect them - just as they respect a teacher or a Minister who abides by the dictates of a higher calling or a doctor.

We wish Police Chief Heather Fong all the best in all the years she serves our City. We support her all the more in this time of crisis and assure her that our City and our Police Officers will bring about measured change for the good of the Community at Large.

We wish all our Police Officers and personnel the very best. We are one big family and should stay like that. Now and then there will be one of two who will need help because they may not live up to the standards - we understand that. At this time we have a new Police Chief and we look forward to excellent leadership with change of heart and the ground rules in place to maintain law and order.

Chief Heather Fong this City loves you and will support you.

Link to "It's Final: Fong Made Police Chief"

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