Matt Gonzalez they say got beat by Gavin Newsom in what few consider a fair election ripe with voter fraud. I thought for a long time that voter fraud was something that took place in so called third world countries. Now, even the London newspaper dealing with the Economy mentions about Voter Fraud in San Francisco. We surely have made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

I wonder how Gavin Newsom will relate to the news to the SF Chamber of Commerce and to the other business entities who support him with big money. I am sure some of the dirty money went to buy votes and for sure the "thugs" who destroyed MattÕs posters and intimidated so many innocent voters at polling booths in the Bayview Hunters Point and elsewhere.

SLUG under Jonathan from Nigeria who I believe is not even a citizen chose to garner some support from Nuru another Nigerian to carry out what is common in Nigeria - intimidation and bribing others to vote. Brotherman keep that crap off our streets. If it thrives in Nigeria keep it far away from our shores we call America. No Nigerian should be allowed to teach 101 how to vote in American. Especially not anyone from SLUG known for its rampant corruption and bankruptcy.

Young Community Developers is now experiencing an earthquake from the various tremors that have been reported in the Chronicle about Voter Fraud in San Francisco which made it to the newspaper in London. Now I suppose most people will recognize San Francisco first for Voter Fraud and then for the salty Fog!

What annoys me is hiring young people, our future leaders to perpetuate crime in the name of electing a Mayor or some official. This is plain wrong. In Nigeria dictators rule but I am not aware of dictators in San Francisco. Of course Willie L. Brown Jr. thought he was a mini one but he is history. Long gone and forgotten. His cronies are now aiming for that same dirty hole that Saddam was found in.

Voter Fraud in San Francisco now that should awaken the Gettys, Don Fisher, Shorestein, Cattelus, Blum, PG&E, DŽjˆ vu Strip Clubs, and a lot of filthy rich crooks who want everything only for themselves.

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