U.S. Public Health Hospital.


Years ago when Martin Espanoza and a host of us declared the Commercialization of the Presidio of San Francisco had begun we underestimated how far the crooks would take in the bait to fleece the tax payer and fill their pockets through any means - greed. At that time the Presidio Trust Board did not come to be - now it is in place and if ever there is a corrupt organization that has no sound vision and leadership - one needs to go no further.

It took especial legislation to acquire the Public Health Hospital, which stood by the 15th Avenue Gate for a long, long time. Thousands of women, men, and children were treated at this hospital. Many of them from the Services but also special men who gave so much to this Nation - the marine seamen. The Special Legislation added the Public Health Hospital to the Presidio of San Francisco.

The Marine Seamen were instrumental in manning those ships that ferried fuel to the many warships in World War II. The also performed other missions some known to the world and others kept as a secret. Many Marine Seamen were treated at the Presidio Public Health Hospital. Many of them died and many of them were buried behind the Presidio Public Health Hospital.

Behind the United States Public Health Hospital in a makeshift grave lie over 500 Marine Seamen. Most of them indigent with no family members --they were buried because they could NOT meet the requirements to be buried further inside the Presidio of San Francisco at the Veterans Cemetery because technically they did not belong to the active components of the Department of Defense.

These men worked hard and died for our Nation. Some of them were citizens but many were not. They deserve better. They do not deserve to lie under that asphalt - disrespected every single day.

The area where they have been buried has been asphalted. At one time the National Park Service used this area to store fallen trees and the area was often covered with trash and mulch. Today the Presidio Trust uses the area much to do the same without honoring those who gave so much to this country. I have mentioned to them about this area but they are so involved in making money that they do not give a damn.

Two bidders were chosen from among many to build housing on the site where now stands the Public Health Hospital. The first presentation was given by Forest City Development. The plan they showed was much too grand. They are after all a filthy rich developer who feel at home with folks who shop at Bloomingdale and have no report what so ever with what took place at the Public Health Hospital and the general vicinity.

The second bidder was the well-known crooked developer who has made his money on the back of very poor people - the John Stewart Company. The John Stewart Company already manages the Presidio Housing and has NOT been kind to Park and Trust employees.

They have even given the U.S. Park Police the hoot when it comes to housing. They prefer to make money then cater to the needs of those employees who work at the Presidio of San Francisco. Yet they lied to the people - saying in so many words that they wanted to help the employees who work at the Presidio by reserving housing units for the employees who work at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Again mention was made about indigenous plants. I hope the two bidders, the NPS, and the Presidio Trust understand that what is really important when it comes to the Presidio of San Francisco are the indigenous people - the First People of the Presidio - the Muwekma Ohlone.

When the Muwekma exercised their Right of First Refusal in 1991 they could have technically asked for all of the Presidio of San Francisco. They requested the Public Health Hospital and the area around it that had no buildings.

Paradoxically now all that will be a dream. The crooks are all over the Presidio and now want the area that the Muwekma claimed as a BIRTH RIGHT because the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe feels strongly that the Presidio was STOLEN from them and that since they were Federally Recognized till 1927, then illegally removed, they have a RIGHT to the Right of First Refusal. Strange are the ways of White Folks who will do anything for a buck.

It makes one PUKE when these vermin talk about indigenous plants but give a damn about the First People - in this case the Muwekma Ohlone. Not a word was mentioned about the Marine Seamen nor any mention was made about the Military. Both these groups deserve some recognition and some consideration as part of any development at the old Presidio Public Health Hospital.

The Presidio Trust Board members, the Presidio Trust, and the National Park Service head of the Golden Gate Recreational Area Brian O'Neill do not give a damn about the Marine Seamen. They do not give a damn about the First People. They are more into Quails; some freaking tiny so called endangered plant species, the Crissy Field Lagoon that is a CESSPOOL, and other such projects bordering on nonsense. The fact is that the strangers killed thousands of animal, plant, and other life that once made their home on the Presidio of San Francisco. Today daily they insult the First People by not doing the Right Thing.

When Martin Espanoza and I a long time ago sat down to think about the Presidio and what was going on - we said many things and we thought about many things. The Bay Guardian wrote extensively and tried to warn the people of San Francisco. The Commercialization of the Presidio of San Francisco has gone beyond the beyond; crooks such as James Meadows, the Presidio Trust have violated every law in the book. Millions of taxpayers money was wasted and they talk about being self-sufficient by the year 2013.

My advice to anyone reading this article is please read the article by Kerry Tremain and his article about James Meadows and the Presidio Trust. Kerry Tremain has spared the National Park Service and the old National Park Association now going by the name Parks Conservancy.

These crooks have wasted millions of taxpayer money; they have exploited the volunteers who give so much of their time to plant, so called indigenous plants. Practically NO MENTION is made of the Muwekma Tribe and the Shellmounds. Right on Crissy Field is a Shellmound which was preserved because of my efforts. Originally the National Park Service, Brian O'Neill, Barbara Jo Griffin, Mai-Liis Bartling denied there was a Shellmound. When one was found they had to eat their words. And then there was Leo Barker the NPS archeologist who always sides with the crooks.


The Presidio Trust Board Chairman Toby Rosenblatt the Mother of all Crooks, the man who put in place James Meadows and still plays games with his inner circle of crooks should be removed at once. This crook has been personally responsible for many mistakes. In the end the Presidio Trust employees and former employees of the NPS who transferred to the Presidio Trust paid a price - the price was very heavy - they lost their jobs.

The Presidio Trust wastes millions of dollars of taxpayer money and the Presidio Trust employees lose their jobs. Think a moment about this fact.

Even today the Presidio Trust Employees live in fear and do not know when they will lose their jobs.

At yesterday's meeting held at the Moraga Room at the Officers' Club at the Presidio of San Francisco on October 29, 2003 there were very few Presidio Trust Employees. Most of those present were employees who belong to the inner circle. Much as the inner circle of crooks who worked with Bruce Anderson, Steve Hood and the biggest crook of them all James Meadows of Lowry Air Force fame. Now all of them dismissed and long gone. Good riddance of very bad rubbish. Rednecks.

We really do not need developers with close ties to the likes of those who are near to the shoppers of Bloomingdale or the likes of John Stewart who made his money on the backs of poor people. John Stewart once managed most of the Public Housing in San Francisco - the old Geneva Towers and so on. Now he manages rich properties and all of the housing at the Presidio of San Francisco and Treasure Island.

How much more does this scumbag want to manage? Where is he going to take all that money? Tell me scumbags and now I am addressing the Presidio Trust - are there no other developers from San Francisco and the Bay Area who will do justice to the old Public Health Hospital?

The Marine Seamen lie on some desolated land and perhaps I am the only one revealing to the world that they need some respect. The remains of these men should be unearthed and they should be buried in a place that honors their service to this Nation we call the United States.

We should honor and respect the Muwekma Ohlone. The Presidio of San Francisco was stolen from them - all of the 1480 acres plus. We honor the Holocaust Victims yet it is a shame that the Presidio Trust Chairman and others who have a link to the Holocaust Victims DO NOT honor those who endure the disrespect and lack of honor they do not deserve. In this case the Marine Seamen and the Muwekma Ohlone.

It is right to honor the Marine Seamen. It is very right to honor the First People the Muwekma Ohlone. It is NOT right to allow crooks such as GREEDY developers to make money on land and over bodies that is disrespected.

There is more to come on this issue and more at the appropriate time more will be revealed. The Nike Site at Battery Caulfield has Atomic Waste and needs special Environmental Abatement. The Presidio Trust does not have the ability to address this concern. The Presidio Trust wants to build more housing but does not have the ability to treat its raw sewage - it sends it all the way to Bayview. The Presidio Trust does not have the ability to have it own Energy it wants the City of San Francisco to accommodate the Lucas Digital Center which will consume a lot of energy.

Right now the Presidio Trust has NOT revealed how much of the taxpayers' money it has wasted under the administration of James Meadows and after. It has NO blue print that is in sync with the General Management Plan that mandates the Presidio should be a Park more a National Park. A National Park is NOT in the business of making money by building new housing. A National Park does not pander to George Lucas and his Letterman Digital Center. Such projects have no place in a National Park. Crooks such as the Presidio Trust Board members cannot see beyond the beyond and that is a shame.

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