Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson second from right.


Ralph Hobson was a Buffalo Soldier with the 10th Calvary from 1937 to 1941. Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson passed away at the age 84. I had the opportunity to talk to him once or twice a week at home by telephone. Recently, I invited him to the Officers Club at the Presidio of San Francisco so that he could join with the other Buffalo Soldiers so that those gathered could pay their due respect to all the Buffalo Soldiers gathered.

Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson's funeral will take place on April 1, 2002 at 1 p.m. It will be held at the Fairfield Funeral Home, 1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, Fairfield, California 94535. Telephone number (707) 425-1041 - Point of Contact Mr.Gipson who is the Funeral Director.

Every Black History Month in February we try to gather as many Buffalo Soldiers and remind everyone and the world what they stood for. It is always an honor to stand before a Buffalo Soldier and some of us feel very proud of those still living. They are very precious to us.

A couple of months ago Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson lost his wife. This took a heavy toll and every time I talked to him he mentioned the loss of his dear wife. He leaves behind two daughters who love him and I have spoken to one of them and hope to speak at his funeral. We are making arrangements at this difficult time to give Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson Military Honors. We also hope to have other Buffalo Soldiers at his funeral.

Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson worked for over 58 year as a mechanic at Travis Air Force Base and could repair engines that others would dare not touch. He was so much respected that he won every possible honor and award in his field. He received commendation from the Presidents of the United States, Generals, and Federal Organizations - at his home his private museum is full of awards, trophies, medals, certificates - you name it.

We will miss Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson. May his soul rest in peace.

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