Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson. Photo: Dave Rice.


Today, April 1, 2003 Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson was laid to rest at the Fairmount Memorial Park in Fairfield, California. The Air Force gave him a 21-gun salute and full military honors. Over 100 people from all walks of life were gathered to give Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson his final farewell.

Earlier, at the Fairfield Funeral Home with the Rev. Ira L. Manning presided - the Buffalo Soldier Representatives and the War Veterans from World War II paid their respects to Mr. Ralph Hobson.

Here is a poem that was composed for the occasion:


Once a Buffalo Soldier
Always a Buffalo Soldier
No Buffalo Soldier dies
They just fade away
Ralph Hobson
A man of few words
A genius in what he did
He lived a rich life
Simple and Noble
Today we are here
To honor him
And remember him
As a man
And as one
Who earned the respect
Of all who came in contact
With him
Farewell dear friend
Buffalo Soldier
A man beloved - farewell
Till we meet again

Francisco Da Costa - April 1, 2003

Speaker after speaker had some gracious memories and comments about Mr. Ralph Hobson. Tributes were paid by his fellow workers and by his neighbors who loved him and will miss him.

Buffalo Soldier Ulyssies Moore from San Franciso was at hand - a live Buffalo Soldier who won the hearts of all those present. Many had not seen a live Buffalo soldier before and many were astounded that Mr. Ralph Hobson was a Buffalo Soldier.

Mr. Andrew Bozeman spoke eloquently about Mr. Ralph Hobson. So, did the officiating Minister. So many of his fellow co-workers including Elwood Wilkerson. Speaker after speaker had nothing but good things to say about Mr. Ralph Hobson. Many felt that with the passing of Mr. Ralph Hobson this nation and the world have lost a treasure.

Mr. Ralph Hobson died at the age of 84. In November his wife passed away and with the demise of his wife - I saw that Mr. Ralph Hobson was shaken up. He leaves behind two daughters Kitty and Jean. Mr. Ralph Hobson has left behind many good friends and memories - but most of all he has left his goodness.

Buffalo Soldiers do not die - they just fade away!

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