It is August 26, 2003 and I am away from San Francisco in Maui and enjoying a much-needed vacation. I have been meeting many of my good friends catching up with some important issues and projects mostly linked to the indigenous people here on the many islands and California. Online I read about Stanford and some White Trailer Trash Archeologists, and find the story so out of sync. Rubbish.

They say Stanford University has some standards, some decency but not with the drab misinformed crappy new report about some archeological find that really has nothing to do with information that leads to sound education. I read the news report in the San Francisco Chronicle and not one word was mentioned about the Ohlone or more precisely the Muwekma Ohlone.

I find it amusing that Voss who purports to head this investigative archeological study with some novice White students dares to mention the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service as sponsors. I know for sure the Presidio Trust does not know much and I know for sure the NPS knows little when it comes to sound reasoning, and dishing out the right information with qualification. Very little about history and it is a misnomer that they are about Protection and Preservation. Leo Barker, the NPS archeologist who may lose his job, had a nice quote, which was as vague as that dragon with many heads in the Crissy Field Lagoon, which I call a Cesspool. The finds on this site have everything to do with the Ohlone and nothing to do with the strangers of yesterday or today.

Folks let us be real. When the strangers landed by the Presidio of San Francisco the Ohlone welcomed them in the 18th century. About 50 clans lived all over the Presidio of San Francisco. A white man who had some knowledge of archeology found a couple of shell mounds. In 1972 there was another find and those that know are aware of many shell mounds all over the place we now call the Presidio of San Francisco.

We have some real shell mounts by the Cliff House - no one seems to care about them. No one talks about the indigenous people with respect. It is as if when the stupid White Folks landed then as if by some strange coincidence - civilization begun. Our Educational Facilities are not educating our youth they are teaching them stuff that we should be ashamed of. No wonder again and again our so-called centers of Higher Education are low on the totem pole of World-renowned Universities. Now Stanford with its band of Archeologist bandits has joined the fray.

One does not need to be a rocket scientist to know that those who wanted to live around the Presidio during the pre-European days would choose to live where there was fresh water. Hopefully, they would have to ask permission from the Ohlone who were there for thousands of years. They just did not help the strangers they saved them. At that time much before Venereal diseases were introduced by the strangers - they were more Ohone and less whatever. Later as is typical with the strangers they bit the hand that fed them.

The El Polin Springs are well known and often mentioned in numerous Spanish writings and the famous Russian traveler and painter who painted some choice murals at the Chapel which sits next the Presidio Cemetery also acknowledges the Ohlone and testifies to it in his paintings. Today in many Great Russian Museums there are lithographs of the Muwekma Ohone. California Berkeley has some copies too.

They were similar painting at the Presidio of San Francisco Officers Club but some ignorant people chose to deface them and hide them from those that can see through deceit, ignorance, and arrogance.

Stanford University sits among Ohlone burial grounds and that is why I am so pissed. If you jerks sit on Ohlone ground at Stanford at least have the decency to acknowledge that the territory that is the Presidio of San Francisco with El Polin Springs included, once belonged to the Ohlone and now the Muwekma Ohlone. But how would Stanford know when the state of affairs as far as higher learning is so low?

I can say categorically that the Muwekma Ohlone are much more civilized and honest then the bunch of trailer trash white kids pretending to find some historical and archeological finds in some digs that is all pervading - ignorance.

I would like Voss whom I have met in person focus on reality and acknowledge a time line of civilization giving the indigenous people of the area their due. In this case the Ohlone but more precisely the Muwekma Ohlone.

I visited the site recently and met with some White kids and talked to them. I was shocked they knew very little about the Ohlone or the general history of the Presidio of San Francisco before pre-European settlements.

I was shocked that on that day I visited the site with my friend Andrew Bozeman there was no Supervisor on site - no Voss, no Boss, no one that could take responsibility. I have photographs and a video of that visit.

Stanford University should be on the forefront to study the 18 treaties signed between the United States Government and the California Tribes, which are not honored to this day. Stanford should investigate if the White People stole the land from the indigenous people. Stanford should be more interested in telling the factual truth prior to the strangers coming and screwing things up for all of us. Stanford should be more forth coming about the Ohlone and the Muwekma Ohlone at the Presidio of San Francisco.

The Presidio Trust has no credibility. The Golden Gate National Recreation Area has no credibility. And now joining them I can say on this very important issue of Archeogical finds at El Polin Springs the Stanford Archeological Team of White Trash Students who knows most nothing about anything. They would be fit to be thrown in a trash area, which I hope is not mistaken for a midden, which some white archeologists often refer to the Shell mounds, which are Sacred Burial Grounds.

Folks let us get real and be like the Canadians. The Canadian have given the 4000 member Digrib Tribe an area, which is 15,000 square miles. This tribe is also known as the Tlicho First Nation.

Now they are a Nation. When will we learn to be civilized and educated? Who may I ask were here 10 thousand years ago at El Polin Springs? Even a plaque memorializes the site at El Polin Springs. In spite of all this not a word about the Ohlone.

Do the Stanford White Trash Archeologists know that the Muwekma Ohlone were federally Recognized till 1927? Voss should have informed her charges that the El Polin Spring is Sacred Ground that should not be defiled.

The Strangers, who once lived in the area, lived there because they were welcomed and cared to share their resources. They were of Spanish origin including the friars, which is to say a far better breed, then the White Trash Trailer Archeologists from Stanford University of today.

I hope this article will open the eyes of those who should be educated and inform others about the truth. Let us NOT deal with vague information and educate the Public with drab information, which is not becoming of any good University. Stanford should remember that is was San Francisco that built it and that it sits on Ohlone grounds.

If Stanford cannot fathom this simple language it ought to delve and dish vague information about other sites further away from those who know better and can address the issues at hand. Hopefully, in San Francisco we will keep trash out and zero in on sound education that comes along with sound information.

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